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  1. Shame was only in Nottingham yesterday. Didn’t see your reply till today
  2. Does this have much cast and what’s the comb height
  3. Cheers Guys sort of tried all those but not over a prolonged period. I knew I should of kept the airing cupboard!!
  4. Need some Peltor’s sportac looking at crackling in one ear
  5. Well I have a lanber at the minute but it needs a repair and I thnk it’s going to be costly so was thinking browning 425 525. But open to suggestions if it fits ok
  6. Will do gunsmiths says quite a common issue. Hopefully not a new ejectors as they are blanks and need cutting so probably not financially worth it
  7. My top lander ejector is letting the cartridge slide past and getting stuck. Any ideas to get replacement?
  8. Yes thanks. It’s on my list to visit only 1/12 away. I’m very new to shooting so but just tempted to see if I find it easier left handed. I know sometimes it’s not all about what the left eye is doing.
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