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  1. All you can do is ask around for a shooting buddy at your club, if your in one of course. ask for a loan gun from the club or if your club has a gun shop buy a cheap starter gun and ask for it to be kept in their armoury, only other option is if your shooting buddy has room for a gun in his cabinet till you get your cert. This is the way I went about it, at least you can get out for a bit of practice and the time passes just a little quicker.
  2. I learned the hard way long ago, Never, under any circumstance let someone test drive your car without you being in attendance. In my case the bloody idiot burnt out my clutch by riding the pedal, resulting in clutch judder. Needless to say, the so-and-so denied all knowledge of it despite the fact you could smell the burning, and that's not to mention the oily fingerprints left on the roof lining.
  3. Yeah, I would think this is the case for most shooting clubs/schools at present. For quite a while the loan gun of choice was the "Silver Pigeon", but as you say, loan guns tend to live a hard life so a good quality, cheaper alternative makes a lot of sense.
  4. Now't wrong with the Turkish guns George, they make good starters, However, a bit like new cars , they lose most of their resale value the moment you walk out the gun shop door. I would suggest you make a quick cheeky offer to your mate for the 525, they are great guns and you cannot go wrong with a Browning. As you say, if it's been in his cabinet gathering dust for a while he may well be willing to strike some kind of deal. Well worth a try.
  5. yippi, Feeling like a dog with two d***s, I got my cert, finally landed on the doormat today 15/6/21. So for Leicestershire the average process time is now 112 days for new grants, that's not to say it will be the same for all applications though, just a general rule of thumb. Once visit was completed it took 15 days to issue cert. Collected guns from Orston g/c and salted them away in my cabinet, now I can't wait for Sunday so I can get out there.😁
  6. Thanks HR, Yeah it been a while coming but hopefully now it's just a matter of signing it off, I bet this will be the slowest passing 2 to 3 weeks I've had for a while.😊
  7. Yeah OK I think, Female FEO, quick run through of my general property security, gave the cabinet a good tug, bit of a discussion about why I needed a shotgun licence and that was about it, she did say that it would be about 2 to 3 weeks before it lands on my doorstep, but at least I can make a few plans now.
  8. Unfortunately that may well be the case, ios 10 is apple's operating system, what usually happens is that updates will be available for any Apple Mac devices up to the point where the internal hardware of a device is so out of date that it cannot cope with the demands of new operating systems, unlike desktops or towers systems, laptops and iPads are so prohibitive towards hardware updates that in most cases it is unfeasible financially to upgrade them, to purchase a new one is often the cheaper option.
  9. Guys it's probably your laptops, If anything was wrong with PW then more people would be experiencing it. In any case I have checked the site and there are no problems.(see attached) The problem may be your security package, specifically your virus protection,(assuming you have any). What normally happens is this, over a period of time, as you visit sites and open links you can pick up malware or worse still viruses. Whilst you are still getting to use your laptop on other sites or open your mail etc, etc, it's more likely to be malware rather than a virus. Malware can take several forms but the most likely, judging from your descriptions is malware called PUP's, (potentially unwanted programs), these tend to hijack some of your registry keys and cause problems with sites not opening or functioning properly. However, all is not lost, with the aid of two bits of freely downloadable software you can clear the problem yourself. The first download you require is Malwarebytes from here : https://www.malwarebytes.com/ Click on the free for home use version to download and then install it. Secondly, download a program called Glary's Utilities from here : https://www.glarysoft.com/ again download the free version and install it onto your laptop. Now to deal with the problems , firstly run malwarebytes and when it opens click on "SCAN", this will scan all your files, folders and registry keys, anything it finds will show up in red and be placed in quarantine, simply follow the instructions to delete any unwanted item's from the quarantined area, then exit malwearbytes. Now run Glary's utilities and when it opens you will see on screen " one click maintenance " which is the middle of the 3 options at the top, if not auto selected click on this and then at the bottom click "scan for issues " this program will then scan your laptop or tower for that matter, finding any issues, when it has finished scanning you will again see in red issues it has found, the important one is registry cleaner as this fixes any broken keys left by the removal of unwanted software by malwarebytes. you can also let it clean up short cuts, spyware, temp files and start up. Then simply restart your laptop and it should now be fine. NOTE!!! both of these programs have a free version which you can continue to use, but they are not capable of stopping re-infection, for that you need a decent anti-virus. As a post note to this iPad's use the ios operating system, and older iPad's will not allow the installation of the very latest operating variants of ios so that is why you cannot get updates of the latest bug fixes, only option is to upgrade your iPad for a new one or better still buy a computer that runs on Windows or Android.
  10. I thought it was High Karate, Brute and Old Spice 😄
  11. Well for ADR tanker drivers, the bracket for earning potential is considerably higher than £10 per hour, for drivers with the additional qualifications of hazardous/chemical transportation (HAS PAK HAZ CHEM) it's higher still. But whilst the wage issue is a problem of varying degree's , it's the accumulation of all the other issues that has been the cause of the mass exodus of drivers from the industry.
  12. I would think somewhere in the region of 3k to 5k for Class 1 C+E assuming first time pass for theory and practical driving and ADR exam. Additional expenditure for medical, CPC, Driver tacho card and tanker training, again assuming first time pass. Time scale would be very hard to predict Due to Covid-19 backlogs, individual's speed of learning and availability of the appropriate course spaces. Obviously If an individual was lucky enough to have an employer pay for some of the above requirements, the cost to the individual would be a lot less and the timescale could be shorter. But be warned , The overall cost, plus ongoing re-training and refreshing of qualification's, compared with achievable earnings ratio would not be brilliant. Like I have commented before, commercial driving is more of a vocation, rather than a job in which you can earn mega bucks.
  13. Finally!!! FEO's Visit planned for 1/10/21 , At last, light at the end of the tunnel. 200w.webp
  14. Just goes to show, what goes around comes around, Firstly the DOT and the Government bring European drivers in to suppress pay rises and take UK drivers Jobs. Then Brexit forces the Euro's home and the DOT comes cap in hand begging UK drivers to return. PRICELESS😁
  15. LOL!! I got mine this morning as well. Went onto the website at the top of the page, got onto the contact section and let them have it. I now have a small bag packed, purchased some hand rolling tobacco and am waiting for the knock on the door.
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