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  1. This may be of some help if you want to have a go, or just take your forms into your local library I am sure one of the staff would scan them for you.
  2. Have found this D, not sure if it's what your after but it is def not animated and looks like the full series to date. (see attached)
  3. OH! ok sorry, Didn't realize this was an animated version, there is nothing in the link to say that it was.
  4. Not sure what the problem was, this was the first link to the full series on Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Halo-Complete-Video-Collection-DVD/dp/B074GTDXQD
  5. Yes, Well said and well done sir. May I take this opportunity on behalf of my self and our fellow forum members to say thank you very much indeed for taking the time and trouble to lobby the MP's concerned regarding this issue. I am also wandering if it would be a practical and feasible option to contact a member of the administration team with regard to the possibility of raising a petition to add the weight of signatures from the membership in support of your correspondence.
  6. Wow, Good spot, this is a new one on me. Great tool for anybody that needs to transfer data from SD cards regularly. Looks to be a bit pricey though, unless you can use it as an external drive for a laptop/computer as well.
  7. As I see it you have a couple of choices, you cannot directly transfer data from an SD card to a flash drive as without some kind of input device you cannot instruct the SD to transfer data to the flash drive. So, choice 1, assuming both your camera's have charging/data leads that are standard usb one end and micro usb the other. Purchase or borrow a small PDA that has a usb socket of the standard type (you will need this to connect the flash drive ). Create a file folder on the PDA to store your footage, connect a usb type card reader to the PDA and transfer the footage from the SD card to the PDA via the file folder you created. You can then insert your flash drive to the standard usb port on the PDA and then transfer your footage to this. "example of PDA is anything like a small Asus note book or pad " which will easily fit into a back pack or panier. However, option 2, will be a lot easier for you, you don't mention whether you are camping out in a tent or not but in any case I will also assume you will be, in which case, simply find an internet cafe close to one of your stops, have a coffee and a half hours worth of internet access on one of their computers transfer your footage to this computer as in option 1, then download it to your flash drive. If this all sounds a little to involved for you, you can always go into any McDonalds and just about ask any kid with a hand held to do it for you for the price of a burger of course.😁 ( see attached example of usb card reader and PDA ) PS I also believe any photo processing shop will be able to do it for you.
  8. Hi Smartboy Sorry but your pictures are not viewable for some reason, but it looks like they are in .jpeg format so you should just be able to drag them from their location,( presumably pictures folder ), into the bottom of your post. To do this, first open your pictures location , place the mouse cursor over the picture and hold down the left mouse button , then simply drag that picture into the bottom of your post, where it says " drag files here to attach " . You may also want to state the guns barrel length and length of pull, most buyers will require this info. Hope this helps.
  9. I must admit I tend to rely on my sat nav , most of the modern one's have a speed camera app built in. They also tend to get updated whenever you update your map corrections or change maps.
  10. After having two iphones break on me with swollen batteries , needless to say, just after they were out of warrantee. My recommendation is to throw the F/ing thing in the bin and get a good android.
  11. Yes, in theory there should be no problem with this. Apart from your solar cells you would also need the actual charging unit plus a charge control unit, this would prevent the battery from overcharging. I use this system myself to keep the leisure batteries for my caravan topped up, it works very well for this and best results are obtained by making sure the solar panel/s are angled towards the sun whenever possible. Shopping around will get you a reasonable priced kit, (see attached example) which are easy to assemble and wire up.
  12. Wow those wooded boxes would make a great cigar humidor, I purchase my Cuban's in a small wooden humidor but it works out very expensive as they are not refreshable.
  13. Yes I do have a Nurse, she comes to the doctors surgery every now and again to take my bloodwork samples and give me a check up. On her last visit she took me off Metformin (500mg) and put me on (750mg) prolonged release, I think it's these that are causing me problems. Gaviscon!!, Yeah will have to give that a try, didn't Glen Campbell sing a song about that, went something like " I clean my gun and think of Gaviscon.😁
  14. Thank you so much for your kind words TC, much appreciated. Hopefully the issue I have been having is a thing of the past. I have to admit it worried me, I thought that I was maybe starting to lose my sight, it never dawned on me that losing a bit of weight could make such a difference to a gun fit carried out less than a year ago. Thinking about it now, the warning signs were there , My watch slipping round my wrist, clothing being a bit looser but as luck would have it, the gun fitter at lakeside picked up on my facial weight loss from the photo on my certificate. Not sure about the long term benefits of this Metformin though, Doctor says it's keeping my cholesterol levels down to a dull roar but I am paying for that with night time indigestion, stomach ache and morning joint pains.
  15. UPDATE!! I have this morning (22/5) been up to Hadfield Guns at Lakeside and subject to a discussion about my issue I have had my gun fit and mount checked. The long and short of it was that the fit was out by a good bit, Since the original fit at Orston, which was done nearly 12 months ago, my face shape has changed quite a bit in that time and as a result this caused 2 problems with the fit and 1 problem with the mount. Due to my age (68), and medication for type 2 Diabetes (Metformin), my face has become more gaunt, this resulted in my cheek bone sitting lower and further to the right upon mounting the gun, this resulted in a subconscious canting of the gun to the right as my brain tried to compensate for my pupil looking down the right side of the rib. So, temporally fixes to cast and comb height applied and a realignment of my forend grip mastered, it was out to the pattern plate, four cartridges later confirmed both a 60/40 spread at 25 yards and that I was now hitting what I was aiming at. remainder of the box used on various stands resulted in 17 out of 21, so an immediate and vast improvement. LESSON LEARNT. Gun fit and mount checks will be carried out on a regular basis from now on.
  16. Again great advise W. When I took up shooting I purchased my first gun from Orston shooting ground. I had an initial fitting done in the gun shop to make sure the gun wasn't miles away from a good fit, I then pattern plated the gun with my instructor prior to taking a course of 6 lessons, during which the instructor "tweaked" the initial fit. Two thirds the way through these lessons I purchased a Browning 725, again from Orston , but this time the fitting was assessed in the shop and the remaining lessons were taken with this new gun without the benefit of pattern plating or fit tweaking as I appeared to shoot well with it as it was. It appears I would benefit from having a proper fitting of this new gun and again pattern plating it. Another club member has suggested that what may have happened is that my initial mount as a beginner has now changed and as something as simple as an altered cheek pressure on the comb can drastically change the mount and fit of a gun, that may be the answer. Thanks to all, some great advise and points made, definitely should be a cure amongst it.
  17. Thank you wymberley , that sounds like a plan. My assessment is the same as yours in that my eye is very low on the rib and as a result my line of sight is a bit flat. I have been told that ideally, I need to raise the comb and use a pattern plate till I hit where I am looking, then make a note of how much rib I see at that point and continue from there to set my mount seeing this same amount of rib every time. so many schools of thought though.
  18. Points taken TC. I think my mount is fairly consistent but it is still a work in progress that's for sure. But my problem is , I think, using the mid and tip beads as a front and back sight both to align and set gun angle. Now, having lost the use of a mid bead as a means of setting the barrel angle I am seeking an alternative method.
  19. Not been shooting that long anyway but on certain clays my line is good but the shot pattern falls beneath the clay. Rightly or not, I have put this down to my sighting picture, I have been told my mount and stance is OK so I have concluded it must be a sighting problem. To explain this thought train, my initial starter gun had both a mid bead and a tip bead, My lessons instructor explained to me that the purpose of the mid bead was to help with parallel alignment of the eye and the tip bead primarily, however, a secondary use of the mid bead was that for new shooters, it could also be used initially to set the rib angle in relation to the sight line. This was achieved by lifting the gun angle until the eye saw a "figure of 8", formed by the tip of the mid bead being the bottom loop and the tip of the foresight bead forming the top loop. After a while, when my gun mount became second nature, the functions of the mid bead would largely become obsolete as the angle of the rib would become muscle memory. This worked great for me and my scores steadily improved as I developed my clay sight pictures. Then I purchased a new gun with a tip bead only, thinking that muscle memory would kick in regarding the sighting angle, and for a while it did, but shooting once a fortnight plus any odd days that I could swing has not been enough to maintain this muscle memory. So guys, I would much appreciate any good tips or techniques to help with re-establishing a good sightline picture with a single front beaded gun. two tips I have been given so far are raising the comb or taping an object the thickness of a pound coin one inch along the rib and lifting the the forend till the tip bead can be seen over this object.
  20. Can only think of two answers for experts that are four letters ending in "S", they are dabs or boss. So boss would fit and give you the "B" in beetle
  21. Sorted now thanks
  22. Any members out there have a spare cap to fit the base of the pistol grip on an SKB 500 Sporter, The original has come off the gun but looked to be made from a piece of black ebony. Having said that, any generic cap will be fine as long as it fits, or can be made to fit. Cheers
  23. Tie a steel nut onto the pulling rope, then using a strong magnet on the outside of the pipe pull the nut through the pipe with the magnet.
  24. Yes agreed, a bigger SSD would certainly help, or even just deleting or moving some older data to a flashdrive. And yes, if the Chrome operating system is freeware, then it should be activation free, tbh I don't know as I have never used it. It may also be worth mentioning (for those that don't already know), never ever defragment an SSD drive. They are not the same as ATA or SATA drives, they do not contain the spinning data plates and nothing will shorten the life of an SSD quicker than defragging it.
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