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  1. Hi is this government all against us pensioners first if you want to work after retirement age slaps 1,25% ni tax on scrape triple lock now looking after stopping free prescription s from 60 till your retirement age now they after your free Bus pass god Boris's army .cheers teddy
  2. Hi folks some good comments but this government is still looking at a double lock , pensioners paying NI on pensions ,and also lifting the age from 55 to 57 before you can even draw on your own private pensions wot a joke .cheers teddy
  3. Hi John I see your point but why bring a system in then when the going gets rough dabble with it .I have just retired haven't used my private pension as of yet because due to the pandemic my pension pot has fallen quite a lot as it stands it's the same as it was 8year ago . Cheers teddy
  4. Hi folks just a few lines on this . Tories promise to keep triple lock going but because they have to payout more than expected start to look at deferring it or suspending it . Then they looking at pensioners to start paying NI payments again . I have paid NI for 49 years and this government are getting above a joke . During the pandemic not a mention of help for pensioners . What's other members thoughts on this .cheers teddy
  5. Hi got a clulite Clubman CB2 lamp plus battery pack charger and in car plug plus set of filters 90 pound plus postage .cheers teddy
  6. Hi stunner it has the mil dot rectical sorry
  7. Hi up for sale a used Nikko Stirling gameking 6-24x50 AO 85 pounds plus postage .cheers teddy
  8. Hi got a Nikko Stirling gameking 6-24x50ao if ur interested 85plus postage cheers teddy 8
  9. Hi if that's the price for it may as well add 60 pounds get a nv008p. Cheers teddy
  10. Hi the new pard nv007s is at the moment at British standards if all's ok be rolling out in 5 to 6 weeks time .cheers teddy ps no prices yet
  11. Hi folks think I'm sorted . Ty teddy
  12. Cheers take a look at them . Thought I had 1 from Poland paid for it then they refunded payment said out of stock .
  13. Yh I did yesterday said they didn't have any . Wonder if there's a compatible charger on the market . Cheers
  14. Hi any one know where to get a battery charger for a nite site eagle in the uk . Cheers teddy
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