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  1. Hi folks farmer just got the paper work thro With the go ahead to shoot greys and canada's. do I still have to shoot them with steel or can I use lead on the crops to be protected .cheers teddy
  2. Hi where in Durham is the shoot .cheers teddy
  3. Hi folks I see wide justice and Packham are about to challenge Defra over the classification of of pheasant and partridges as livestock. To try and provent the shooting of the birds added to protect them. Do you think they have any chance of winning ? .cheers teddy
  4. Hi did he get it from defra. Cheers teddy
  5. Hi folks been asked to shoot greylags and Canada geese out of season do I and the landowner need special license or is it not permitted. Cheers teddy
  6. Hi then why on all entrances on all nhs hospitals say masks must be worn at all times when entering all locations ?
  7. Hi folks just watched Boris walking around hexham hospital without face mask bumping elbows with the medical staff who are all PPE up without a care in the world sets out rules then breaks every one what an example he leads . Idiot
  8. Hi I'm up Montrose end of January won't be using 3 or 31\2 inch cartridges be using mini mags 23\4 40g 1s ,guns only chambered for 23\4 cartridges. Cheers teddy
  9. Hi that's some good info . That be a lot of pop bottles ☺️.cheers teddy
  10. Hi what's the legal side on storing petrol at home .cheers teddy
  11. Hi is this government all against us pensioners first if you want to work after retirement age slaps 1,25% ni tax on scrape triple lock now looking after stopping free prescription s from 60 till your retirement age now they after your free Bus pass god Boris's army .cheers teddy
  12. Hi folks some good comments but this government is still looking at a double lock , pensioners paying NI on pensions ,and also lifting the age from 55 to 57 before you can even draw on your own private pensions wot a joke .cheers teddy
  13. Hi John I see your point but why bring a system in then when the going gets rough dabble with it .I have just retired haven't used my private pension as of yet because due to the pandemic my pension pot has fallen quite a lot as it stands it's the same as it was 8year ago . Cheers teddy
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