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  1. Had a fantastic day at purbeck shooting school yesterday. First time I've got at the clays for years so I was very rusty but had lots of fun. Really well layed out and something for all skill levels. Friendly helpful staff and a relaxed atmosphere. Even had a really nice bacon roll and coffee. All in the sunshine too!
  2. I was very impressed mate
  3. Hello everyone Hope this is ok here. I visited Ladds in crediton today to pick up a new (to me) gun and just wanted to say what fantastic and helpful service I received. If you're in the area they are well worth visiting. I was like a kid in a sweet shop! 😂
  4. 😂🤣😂 I'd be very interested in how much they are! Thanks twenty 👍
  5. Hi everyone Just wondering how much I should expect to pay for pheasant chicks?
  6. I'm just applying now and they must be rushed because it took about 3 weeks just to get an email back 😂
  7. I watched a video the other day and they had put a clay on a wall then put an insulation tape line to it. Seemed a cheap way of practising and can be changed often enough to test yourself
  8. Well done that man! You need to earn brownie points to then use them 😂
  9. Looks like it was something small to start with like a seed of some sort. It's swollen in the crop 🤔
  10. I'll have to have a look around Rob, maybe try some different ones out. Good point farrier, I'll have to check when they open
  11. That's a shame, I was going to have a practice at some clays and they stipulate fibre wad
  12. Hello all With the 5 year transition to steel coming I want to get used to using steel cartridges. I use 1/2 and 1/4 chokes but my gun isn't steel proofed. Has anyone got a recommendation for a decent cartridge that they use? Thanks
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