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  1. Maybe that's the key then, more haste, less speed. As you so rightly put it were never too old to learn. I'm not bad but always room for improvement Thanks walker, it's how I was taught but just questioning my self while there aren't many about
  2. Hello all Have any of you tried those optic bead things for eye dominance correction? If so are they any good? Tia
  3. A fair few times jdog but not decoying. Never needed to until now
  4. Thanks ultrastu, sounds like experience speaking 👍
  5. 25 mm water pipe under ground will protect the cat5 and not be affected by lightning 👍
  6. As long as it's safe and you have permission you can shoot them how ever you like 👍
  7. Thank you, I'll have a look at those
  8. Yeah, I thought about that because I've got 1
  9. Thank you. I'll keep pondering over seats 🤣
  10. I've been looking at lots of seats but keep coming back to the buckets.
  11. I'm sure it's been asked before but what kit would you deem essential if you were starting from scratch?
  12. Had a fantastic day at purbeck shooting school yesterday. First time I've got at the clays for years so I was very rusty but had lots of fun. Really well layed out and something for all skill levels. Friendly helpful staff and a relaxed atmosphere. Even had a really nice bacon roll and coffee. All in the sunshine too!
  13. I was very impressed mate
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