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  1. A friend called me this morning he went stalking on Friday and found some on his dog and after whiping those off he went for a mooch local first thing this morning with his other dog and then found a couple on him but the weird thing is it's rare to find ticks on dogs were he lives you just don't get any bother but things must be changing not sure if it's climate change of what but they certainly see to be getting more abundant
  2. It’s not about if I want to or don’t want to it’s just a point of interest/discussion and if nobody thought n tried it initially then we wouldn’t be we’re we are now with our dogs, yes it’s not needed now but for someone who wants keep there own line and keep it tight before an outcross then some people still choose this method albeit do the necessary which involves such methods inbreeding to this level was common in years past when a breeder wanted to fix his or her own 'type' in a breed so it would be recognisable as being from a particular kennel. The successful matings would continue the type and the non successful would be culled. You can double up on the good stuff but also double up on the bad stuff. If you are interested in the subject, lots of articles at the Institue of Canine Biology site (free). Here is one for starters. https://www.instituteofcaninebiology.or ... hOr1HUEiH0
  3. Very sad mate n reckon your not far off the mark there.. It makes you wonder with all the inbreeding that goes on in the wild with wolves and African wild dogs etc etc yes nature will step in sometimes and obviously more potential problems with areas of smaller packs but in the most part they don't seem to have as many problems?
  4. 👍 It sure has its risks 👍
  5. Alright loyd it's nice to have them registered but it's what they do on the field that matters the most isn't it so from that point of view it wouldn't bother me to much👍 Thanks pal but could you elaborate cheers
  6. Mother to son worth the risk if willing to do the necessary or not at all obviously pros if it goes right but cons if it doesn't would anyone be brave enough if both parents ticked all the boxes for you and you wanted to keep the line as strong as poss or not worth it and has anyone known of any successful litters bred this way especially gundogs, iv only myself known of one litter of which was actually successful but they was running dogs..
  7. Great stories guys thanks for sharing fair play to those dogs and there owners for standing by them..
  8. Great story and outcome must have been a rewarding experience for both fair play..
  9. Thieving emotionless scum bags lowest of the low after pedos
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