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  1. For some reason, approval of my messages takes ages... OK, it seems, I am not the only one in this and it is (as expected) common problem. It is interesting that the opinions split between two options. I guess, I would go with a mix. Luckily, my local ground has several hire guns, which I can borrow and try. I will go with this option for several visits and try to shoot simple stable targets, but with tight chokes (as @enfieldspares suggested). I do not know why I did not think of it before, but I have a pcp air rifle and I can practice mounting it at home. It is different from shotgun in many ways, but one thing is common is how and where on the face and shoulder you mount a gun. I was almost always used it from bipod/tripod and a lot with night kit with a screen, so, I did not properly mount it before. So, the last couple of days I actually got to know my air rifle so much better. So, home practice (with what I have) to get more consistent mount and stock feel, a couple of sessions with hire guns at shooting ground and then buying a second-hand gun for further practice. Again, many-many thanks to everybody who took their time and actually gave fantastic suggestions and ideas for practice. If any of you local (Bedfordshire), I would love to meet at a shooting ground and have a round (I do not expect any tuition or help, just to meet more like minded people).
  2. Thank you very much for such a detailed plan of action. I had English Skeet in mind actually myself. And my shooting ground has one (if not two) layouts for skeet, so, I should be OK.
  3. I am from near Bedford. I know several shooting people, but they are way too far away and I do not know anybody here.
  4. Hello! I used to shoot semi-auto more than 10 years ago (in different country) and since then did not shoot anything. So, I loose any muscle memory in mounting/moving with a shotgun. I am now looking to buy an Over/Under shotgun. I have been to a local gun shop last week and tried about 15-20 guns. Some felt better than the others (overall, brownings and browning-like guns felt better than beretta and beretta-like ones), but the problem is that my mount is inconsistent, I find that I can mount a gun 5 times and get a good picture and good feel, then mount it 5 more times and get horrible feeling from it. So, after more than an hour I was not sure what actually fits and what not. So, I am in a vicious circle... I cannot properly check the gun fit without consistent mount, but to get the consistent mount I need to train mounting (at least at home with a mirror) and for this I need to buy a gun (ideally, which will fit me at least relatively well). I can see two (not necessarily mutually excluding) options: Go to a local shooting ground and hire a gun from them (try different ones over several days/weeks) and see how they will behave in action. It will contribute to mounting consistency and muscle memory, but will not be enough to get good consistent mount. Buy relatively cheap gun which feels OKish now, train with it at home in front of a mirror to get a consistent mount, then, decide whether it fits me well and either leave it or sell it and find one that properly fits me. I would assume, it must be a common problem for people, who did not start shooting from early age, so, there should be some recommendations, but I failed to find any. What do you think about the options that I listed above? Do you have any other ideas for what can be done to break the vicious circle? Thank you very much in advance.
  5. It is actually relatively close to me, but it sounds a bit fishy... And the prices are a bit low (ish), e.g. Browning 525 in good condition with original box, fitted adjustable stock extender and extended chokes (as stated) for £550 is a bit below the market, isn't it?
  6. It may sound strange, but I am looking for a Baikal shotgun. Let me be more specific... I am looking for one (or both) of the following (both in 12 gauge only): - Baikal over and under with 3" chambers and multi chokes, single trigger and ejectors. It is most probably would be either newer 27 model (MP-27EM-M-1C) or its successor MP-233EA (or other modifications). - Baikal semi-auto MP-153 (it is normally has 3.5" chamber and multi chokes) If it has a fleur-de-lis (steel shot proof), that would be a large advantage. As far as I know MP-153 all proofed for steel, MP-27/233 can be, but not all of them are. I am located in Bedfordshire and would be willing to come anywhere in Bedfordshire or neighbouring counties (Herts, Cambs, Northants, Bucks, possibly, Oxfordshire) to have a look and buy a shotgun. I obviously need to have a look at the gun before buying it. I would really appreciate both direct offers (private and trades) or any information about availability of these models in the area specified. Thank you very much in advance for any help.
  7. Hello, everyone! Has anyone used Runcam Scope Cam 2 4K (https://shop.runcam.com/runcam-scope-cam-2-4k/) on a shotgun? I know, it is made for more target shooting (rifles, air rifles, airsoft), but I do not see why you cannot mount a small picatinni adaptor (they even offer such adaptor on their website). Scope Cam 2 4K seems to be equal or better than ShotCam, e.g. it is the similar size, a bit lighter, has about the same field of view with 25 mm lens, it can record in higher resolution and higher fps than ShotCam, there is an app where you can see live/recorded video and control the camera etc. And it is more universal as you can take it off the shotgun and put it on (air) rifle and record different shooting effortlessly. The only downside is that as far as I understand, it cannot be triggered automatically by recoil, but it has a kind of rat tail cable to trigger recording and it will record 15 seconds before and 10 seconds after you press the button (I am not sure how much time before/after ShotCam records on detecting recoil). The problem is that Scope Cam is about 4 times cheaper than ShotCam. I have not found any reviews about using this camera on shotgun rather than airsoft/air rifle/rifle. So, any thoughts about and experience of using Scope Cam will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance. Yours, Vitaly.
  8. Pigrenok


    Have you considered Bedford rifle club? I am not shooting anything FAC but from the first glance they are a good club with nice facilities. I am not sure which one is closer to you though.
  9. Location, please? Also, can you give a bit more details about the gun (chamber size, chokes, etc) and its condition? Thanks.
  10. Hello! What is the chamber size? Is it multi or fixed chokes? If fixed, which ones? Thanks.
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