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  1. Thanks. The second hand market for 3 inch semi autos is a lot bigger than that for 3.5 inch. Just Cartridges has a good selection of loads in 3 inch that are suitable for use with geese. I'll go with a 3 inch chambered gun.
  2. Does one really need to use 3 1/2 cartridges for the average days wildfowling? Or even for taking on geese? In the same boat as the OP albeit with a budget that sees me looking more at the Turkish and second hand end of the semi auto market.
  3. If you've a fire and security alarm company local give them a call and enquire. The systems all use a 12v battery backup supply from which the batteries are replaced every 4 years regardless of the condition. The systems charge and condition the batteries for the duration so they will likely be as new. IME they'll have them stored somewhere and a scrappy will collect them in bulk and pay peanuts compared to the true scrap value. 7, 12, 18 and 21 AH were the most common sizes but batteries up to 120+ AH weren't uncommon for large commercial systems. The may well say no as you won't have a valid waste carriers license etc but it's worth a shot. Smaller, one man band type companies will likely not have an established waste management system in place and let you have some for beer money.
  4. Brand new car? Possibly some form of suspension transit block that's been thrown in the boot by the tech when the car was PDI'd. Fitted at the factory to stop the car jiggling about too much during delivery transit. Should be removed on delivery prior to collection by the customer. Similar to those little plastic things wedged in the back of a new washing machine. Either that or a jacking aid as mentioned above.
  5. Most of the west of Wales (all of the parts that rely heavily on tourism at least) spent most of last year telling us 'city folk' that we weren't welcome and to not even dare set foot in their lands. God forbid you spoke with a posh accent and happened to own some sort of property there. (I do not FYI). I'm not too keen on going there now that furlough is ending, their tourism based businesses are failing and they're begging people to go there for their 'staycation'. In the brief period last summer that restrictions were relaxed Italy welcomed us with open arms. I'd quite like to go back to Italy when allowed rather than be gouged by people who spent the last year telling us we weren't welcome.
  6. Willing to up my offer. I'll now provide the pints and the sandwiches! 👍
  7. Licensing very rarely (if ever) benefits the normal law abiding person. There is still the odd shooting by pistol in UK and they have been banned how long? The sort of person who would seek to do harm with an air rifle would very likely not give a damn about having the correct license for it but the average person who would otherwise be using their air rifle in accordance with the law now has another set of hoops to jump through to remain legal.
  8. It's worth putting a post out on Facebook (other social media not so effective) and asking friends and family to share the post. There are a lot of people who are still on furlough who may be willing to lend a hand for a decent days pay.
  9. Good afternoon. I'm kind of putting out the feelers amongst the PW massive for some assistance. It's a bit of an ask and I'm not expecting a great response but As per the title I'm relatively new to the sport and I would be extremely grateful for an opportunity to tag along on a days pigeon shooting, ferreting or similar. I'm not scratching for freebies or looking to scope out and poach someone's permission. The reason for this post is purely to try and gain some experience in the field before I go knocking on doors looking for permission of my own. Last thing I want is to gain the trust of someone and then let them down because I haven't a clue what I'm doing. I've been looking into joining a wildfowling club or similar and I will offer my services as a beater for any shoot that will take me when the season arrives. About myself I'm late 20s, responsible, sensible and all that. I've shot air rifles since a young age, clays for the last year and I fish a lot. I have an SGC, own guns, BASC member etc. Based in CF45 South Wales and I would be willing to travel up to a couple hours around Wales and South West for a days good experience. I'd even be willing to pick up the tab for a few beers afterwards as thanks.
  10. I know they can be sourced from a brass rifle or pistol case, they generally have more complicated actions that leave more marks on the case and the case itself is made entirely of metal which retains these markings. I'm not so convinced that a fairly simple OU shotgun action and mainly plastic cases can retain enough unique markings to accurately determine which specific gun fired that case. Especially when shot from something like an ATA or Silver Pigeon which may be one of several hundred produced as a single batch all to close tolerances.
  11. Had a similar letter appended to my certificate which arrived on Saturday. Honestly, I'd be amazed if you could forensically identify a cartridge fired from a specific gun which would have been 1 of hundreds, if not thousands of identical others which would have been manufactured as a single batch. I will be a good little certificate holder and retain a pair just in case though. Will probably need to replace them every thousand or so cartridges fired to keep pace with the wear of the gun.
  12. Three weeks and four days since the home visit and near to 12 months to the day since I sent off for the medical proforma (4 month nightmare of its own) the letter landed on the mat this morning. The whole process is nothing short of a complete shambles and needs to be thoroughly reviewed.
  13. No. To my understanding, while the DPF and GPF carry out the same function they operate under different conditions (gas particulate sizes, heat cycles etc.) So the GPF is a lot less likely to become problematic. Though I am not an automotive engineer or a mechanic. I do speak from experience having had 3 cars with a GPF filter with one of them being a toy that covered less than 6k miles a year for the three years I had it. The way in which it was used for short journeys would have been a certain death sentence for a DPF equipped diesel car.
  14. 3 weeks and two days on from my home visit and still no certificate. No issues and concerns on the day so I can only assume it's sat on a desk somewhere within South Wales police HQ awaiting a signature or someone actually mailing it out to me. A traffic offence would have been in the post same day..
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