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  1. I'm now 8 months deep with my SGC application with South Wales police with seemingly no end in sight. Their phone lines are shut down and emails to the firearms dept staff just get generic 'its COVID Sir' type responses. Close contact services resume next week so I assume they now have no excuse and must proceed with home visits. It's been almost a year if you include the time it took to get the medical proforma sorted out. I wonder if it would take this long if the whole firearms licensing thing was privatised. I'd happily pay a £150-£200 fee if there was guaranteed times
  2. Screwed by autocorrect once again! 😂
  3. Hi Vince. Based in Mountain Ash. A few minutes over the hill.. You've got that right! Shooting opportunities are indeed hard to come by. I've been invited out on a day as a guest to sindicate shoot in the next season which is a start. Hopefully I'll be able to put my name down for some beating on some local shoots this year. I did get chatting with older gent at a local clay shoot before the last lockdown who was willing to introduce me to a few contacts of his as he looked to 'retire' in the coming seasons. I'd quite like to join a shooting syndicate this year but they are prov
  4. Many thanks Tightchoke, Jtaylor and Newbie.
  5. Good evening PW. Glad to have joined the forum and look forward to learning from the more knowledgeable of the membership. My shooting background is somewhat limited. I was wildly into the sport when I was a youngster, had a few air rifles, a few ferrets and mooched the odd days ferreting from friends and family when I could. I wasn't born into a 'fieldsports family' so I never had the chance to keep anything more powerful than an air rifle and opportunities to get out on real permission with actual quarry to shoot were few and far between. I turned 17-18 and found beer and boob
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