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  1. You've got a few options who are all NSI accredited and have been around for a while. You have the likes of Ambassador, Protectorcomms, iSecure, SGD locally who have all been around for years and will all be able to offer a great service. As always, get a few quotes and go for the one that suites you.
  2. If you speak to Verisure again please ask them what happens when you no longer wish to pay the £29 per month? Will the installation still perform as a standard, audible only system? Ask them to detail their callout and service charges and committed response times. Also bare in mind that they aren't providing a police response but a glorified notification service. A Texecom (along with most other manufactures) system fitted with their Texecom Connect module will allow free, lifetime connection to your system via an app which will allow you to remotely set/ unset your alarm and most importantly receive notifications of an alarm. Though this does have it's limitations as it communicates via IP (your router) and will fail in the event of a power cut but you will get a notification of this. I'm not trying to prove that Verisure are con artists or anything, I'm just not a 100% sure as Verisure are relatively new to scene and target mainly domestic properties whereas my experience lies on the commercial side of things. Various companies have tried this approach in the past leaving customers with a sour taste when their £200 fully fitted alarm systems suddenly started costing them £100's per year in additional, mandatory service and maintenance costs. Some have even found that they we're only ever leasing the equipment and would need to pay additional cost to retain or return the equipment at the end of the lease. There's a reason that Verisure, ADT etc.. can charge relative pennies for an installation and it's not economies of scale. Depending on where you are based in S. Wales there are plenty of immediately local alarm companies who will provide a better service though it may cost more upfront.
  3. Any reputable company should be fitting dual path monitoring devices which will communicate with an ARC via a mobile sim in the event of a power cut.
  4. The extra mass and momentum out front helps to smoothen the jerks in your movement. Try swinging scaffold pole and then immediately stopping it or altering its course. It's not going to happen all that easily and, albeit on a smaller scale, that's the effect that having 32" barrels compared to 28" barrels has.
  5. Same here.. My local MP would probably (If the letter didn't find its way straight to the bin) suggest that if it were up to her, even water pistols would be banned and the very idea that anyone would wish to be within 100 miles of anything remotely resembling a gun was preposterous. She was a vocal advocate for the ban on snares in Wales despite having no real experience of rural living. Good on you Enfieldspares for taking the time to engage with this issue.
  6. I would personally steer away from the likes of Verisure as they don't technically offer an automatic police response (Only Type B) in the same way a conventional alarm fitted by a local NSI or SSAIB accredited alarm installer can do. They can phone the police on your behalf but only after they have phoned you and have confirmed that there is an incident ongoing. A bit pointless really.. These larger, nationwide companies can also have some weird contractual terms surrounding you ever owning the equipment installed and can be a costly nightmare to call out to fix faults, service etc.. I work in the security industry and have worked for a few S. Wales based installers. I can recommend a few but any NSI Gold accredited companies should do you well. There is a company finder on the NSI website. If you do end up engaging with an installer, request that they install a Texecom wireless system, one of the better and more cost effective options out there.
  7. I agree. Should we instead be asking why can't locals afford to buy homes in their own back yard? Where has the earning potential gone for those people? Why is the only option for a lot of young people living in rural areas to work part time, minimum wage at an ATV experience center or some such? Where have the careers in farming, fishing and industry gone? Homes in rural areas have never been cheap so this problem isn't a recent one.
  8. It's still much the same these days and many local authorities now levy an additional tax on second homes regardless of the nationality of the owner. Also a lot of resentment amongst the population for anyone who is perceived to be doing well for themselves and having a second home (regardless of its intended use, investment, BTL etc..) is like a red rag to a bull for some people.
  9. Sadly, I don't think it quite works in the way we would like it to. By paying in now you are effectively paying for this generation of pensioners. When you retire (eventually), the next generation will be paying for you. As the UK has a population that is not only growing but has an advancing average age we either have to pay more to stay afloat or defer paying others by raising the retirement age. It sucks but that's the price we pay for having people who will happily spend their entire lives doing nothing but reproducing and sucking on the teat of the state. What I mean by that is we cannot have a system where we pay for ourselves or those who didn't pay in wouldn't have anything. If I could 'opt out' then I would happily do so and invest the savings in a retirement portfolio for me.
  10. I'm 29 and hoping I live long enough to at least see one state pension payment. 😆 It could be worse, you could live in Wales and have the government breathing down your neck for having the gall to have enough saved to buy a second house to sell for your retirement. We'll have none of that capitalist nonsense here, Hen Wlad Fy Führer!
  11. With every strike and disruption to rail services the general publics attitude towards automation of the rails changes and not for the benefit of those who drive the things or check tickets. Rails services locally are generally a complete mess with lots of delays, disruption, old rolling stock and infrequent services. The local TOC (who also run the country) have decided to retire a lot of old rolling stock (without it's replacement being anywhere near ready) and replace them with new rolling stock which has either the same or less capacity (the routes are usually jam packed at peak times and trains rolling straight through stations as they are full isn't uncommon) and with similar or less performance than the old rolling stock so rotations can't be increased to increase capacity. They were forced to retire the old stock as it didn't meet the required specification for accessible users (small toilets etc) but the new stock won't even have toilets as they are now multi use tram/ trains and not heavy rail as per a usual train and aren't required to meet the same specifications. All this at the cost of 100's of thousands of £'s to the tax payer for no conceivable benefit? I'm not a rail buff but someone who likes to read the local (online) rag and I really hope that I'm wrong but it all seems like a bad joke that keeps getting worse.
  12. I quite regularly use a steel clay load marked as HP Steel. They are the Caledonian Cartridges steel clay cartridges. I would be very careful with your assumptions, while not necessarily all are incorrect and I'm not a stickler for the rules either but there is more to the HP/ non HP thing than just shot size and choking. There are also differing proof pressures. I wouldn't have an issue firing a Hull High Pheasant Steel or the Gamebore alternative through any modern-ish gun in good condition but I do have some 3" 3's Fiochhi Wetlands sat in the cupboard which have a rated maximum firing pressure of 1050 bar. There will be a lot of older guns out there which have 3" chambers but don't have anywhere near the required proof pressure to fire those cartridges. That's not to say that they couldn't handle it and you'd die but I wouldn't really want to risk it. That being said, the Americans have been firing all sorts of **** through the same guns we have but without proof laws to hold them back and I can't recall there being a massive issue with people dying as a result?
  13. You're absolutely right and I should have qualified my post with that. Deliberately damaging anyone else property is a ****ty thing to do regardless of your justification.
  14. It's envy politics.. You have something nice and shiny that I cannot access therefore I think you shouldn't have it. If they understood the scope of what they were trying to achieve then the V8 Range Rovers and Bentaygas that go up and down knightsbridge all day would be the target. Not some fencing contractors 4x4 pickup that's actually required for a purpose.
  15. The semi permanent gridlock found in most urban areas is quite often the fault of those in charge anyway. Take Cardiff for example, a city chock full of uneeded bus lanes, traffic calming measures and many 100's of sets of traffic lights which seem to be timed purely to slow traffic. All the fault of the local highways planning dept. Don't even start on the city wide 20mph zones! Many raging stiffies are being cradled by Cardiff Councillors over the thought of being able to bleed the motorist dry with congestion charges to enter the city. We don't even have a functioning public transport system. I can't remember the last time I went into the city via train for an event where it didn't bypass at least one station due to overcrowding.
  16. Protecting themselves from unsafe drivers by purposely making vehicles unsafe to drive? Purposely deflating tyres on car at least a ******* dangerous and stupid act and at most an attempt to injure or kill people.
  17. One farmer ceased all corvid control when the first announcement was made until I explained that it was still (and will continue to be) lawful to shoot crows to protect his livestock. This was at a time where his flock was being particularly hammered by crows. What does puzzle me is the restriction of the control of carrion crows to 1st February- 31st August. They don't cease to become an issue to livestock farmers outside of those dates? And surely control of crows is most effective in the lead up to the lambing season where they do the most damage?
  18. We have a miniature as a pet. He's a lovely thing, the most affectionate and loving dog you could find. A perfect companion for the other half while I'm away shooting on those dark winter days but Jesus christ he likes the sound of his own voice. A common problem among daschunds apparently. We also had one hell of a problem getting him to sleep downstairs during the nights, more so than any other dog ive had. He now sleeps in the bedroom with us... Other than that he's ok and I actually quite like him.
  19. If your going to dedicate a lot of your time to villifying a whole community then you'd best be squeaky clean or that same community is going to nail you to the floor at the first opportunity. More power to those who have taken the time to complain. The man's a pest and needs toppling from his platform. He and his followers would certainly have done the same.
  20. Nothing wrong with that. I read a piece a few weeks back that reckoned that people share a closer bond with their dogs than they do members of their own family. I'm sorry for your loss. Its not an easy task but I'm sure you'll look back and know you did the best thing for him. You'll also be able to look back at the good times you shared and maybe even look back at the times when he was being a pain and just smile.
  21. As per thread title, for sale is my Hatsan Escort Magnum PS Synthetic. Latest model, purchased new roughly 11 months ago. The gun has seen less than 1000 cartridges and is in excellent condition. It has cycled anything from 26g clay cartridges to 35g 3" steel cartridges. Selling because the stock is too long for my frame and can't be made shorter. Comes with factory supplied box, 5 hatsan external chokes, stock spacers and shims. Based in CF44 £200.00 buyer collects. Images to follow shortly.
  22. What he said. Unless your car was specifically modyfied and mapped to or has the ability to adapt to and benefit from the higher octane rating then your likely just throwing money out of the exhaust pipe. If the car has a performance orientated, modern, high compression turbo charged engine (not your average shopping car) then it's unlikely that the car is equipped with the hardware and software required to adapt and use the higher octane fuel.
  23. MGA is very over priced. 100's of dollars for a fairly basic experience. We used Shooting Gallery Range based about half hour out of Kissimmee area. Rent whatever takes your fancy from the rack and as long as you are able to show some basic competency (loading/ unloading mag, making the gun safe etc) after a brief demonstration then your free to go on the range and blast away. It was a few dollars per box of 9mm pistol rounds and 15 dollars for a box of 5.56 if I remember correctly.
  24. I shot a Barret 50 cal there a few years back. $25 a round but worth it to say I'd shot one.
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