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  1. Yes please will contact you about 2 o clock with details thanks .
  2. I had two section sevens before i jacked it in and gave up .When i phoned telling them my firearm licence was almost expired they told me to put them in storage i asked for a section seven, and she that answered the phone did not no what that was . the woman that answered the call is one of the most unhelpful people you can come across,even when the FLO phoned from my house he was shaking his head and had to explain he was a FLO to get any sort of response from her .
  3. Hello davyo put in for firearms and shot gun renewal, had sent a new permission to be cleared . Flo visited said there was a person kept greyhounds and was not happy for people shooting there although it was not his property i had permission for Tried for open licence for 6 years waste of time talking to any body at Aikley head as you might as well talk to the door.Held shot gun certificate since 1968. Heres the good bit as Flo was leaving he stated that i and my associates were under investigation for drugs, By the way i am 68 years old and have never been involved with drugs . I was that sick of Aikley head i cancelled my renewal sick of dealing with divs All the best and good luck .
  4. You can view anytime. It is police approved.pm for phone number.
  5. 4 Gun cabinet suitable for scoped rifles £70 .260 deep 260 wide 1.350 height .Collection only Darlington.
  6. Barrels down bit of carpet on the bottom of cabinet
  7. myhvslr


    glysophate dont use it near any plants you want to keep spray and pray, and do it again and dont remove till next year. Best got at farm outlet speak to your farmer.
  8. Remove recoil pad, might be best to grind down so as not to damage recoil pad then wet ,forget if its socket or screwdriver, when you unscrew 3 or 4 turns then gently tap forward or you will damage the wood ,do not try to wrestle it off.when the stock comes loose just unscrew and remove stock.Iam Sure somebody will advise you on removing scratches with out removing stock.
  9. Try Hallowell& Co press d for date proof code.
  10. myhvslr

    CZ 550 Mounts

    You could try flea bay .
  11. Do a gun search on guntrader as that will let you whats about.
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