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  1. The post is 3 years old so I think they may have found a new home already.
  2. That's Christmas dinner sorted.
  3. Their website now says Permanently Closed
  4. A bit of background to it. For over 40years both my father and I tried to find No1 to the pair with no luck, 1 year after selling the No2 gun the No1 surfaced and was sold at auction, of course with hindsight I should of kept hold of it and waited for No1 gun to surface. A lesson learned.
  5. This was mine, wish a I hadn't sold it. 16 bore JT Hartwell
  6. I always send mine via the postal service to Staffs as I don't trust the internet and never receive any acknowledgment
  7. I'll second Jason's work, he did a great repair to my 686 silver perdiz. If your far away you can send him just the stock.
  8. My last pair of Le Chameau only lasted 25 yes 25 years before they started to leak, I use these now to beat in. The new pair are only 3 years old but so far so good. I hope these last as long as the old pair.
  9. In the words of Jimmy Cricket..... And there's more.
  10. Six of us out yesterday on a squirrel bash. 13 shot. 487
  11. You may find it is illegal to claim for anything but a life from more than one insurance.
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