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  1. Have you tried LCS Containers Lichfield Rd Burton upon Trent
  2. Hi, is it chambered 3" or 2-3/4", also what is the lip, thanks. Should be lop
  3. RCB56

    Azeem Rafiq

    The highest Test run score of all time, so he wasn't a bad batsman.🤣🤣🤣 Should of been scorer
  4. RCB56

    Azeem Rafiq

    Up until 1991 if you weren't born in Yorkshire you could not play for them. The first overseas player was a young Indian player Satchin Tendulker.
  5. If you got a ref. number when you taxed the cars just keep driving them, it takes a day or two to show up on the gov/dvla tax check site.
  6. 1 yesterday with the 20 bore and 1 this morning with the car. 1071
  7. 1 large Male running away from the pheasant feeder 1015
  8. The slotted hole in the 2nd picture and the slot above it at the top in the last picture is definitely to put a tie bar/rod in to strengthen the press frame.
  9. It is to take a tie bar to strengthen the C frame of the fly press.
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