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  1. Just picking up on the preferably automatic bullet - have you deliberately excluded the Nissan Navara as quite a few seems to be auto compared to HiLux which seems to be mostly manuals, dont know how they perform but they seem sto be decent value (which can of course sometimes mean nobody wants to buy them!) D
  2. Thanks for the smooth transaction and waiting for met to get my butt up your way 🙂
  3. I might have something - what sort of quantities would work for you Stu ? Do you get around A1 south ? D
  4. Saddler - Thanks for the feedback I saw a few advertised in US that were what you might call "Frankenstein" guns that had been assmbled to look like a trench gun - but what i was getting at was that I'm looking for an original rather than "built up" gun.
  5. Looking for a classic old skool Winchester 1897 in good fully working condition (or at a really good price that reflects condition) Please PM me if you have your own gun for sale or if you know of one thats for sale Dont mind if its in civvie or military spec as long as its got a min 24" Prefer original rather than tarted up with lots of bells and whistles Also any owners or experts that are not looking to sell if you would like to PM me with any advice on buying that would be really appreciated, specifically interested in dating and serial numbers and hot to look for a kno
  6. Take a ticket and get in line for that one !
  7. Maybe a stupid question but genuinely interested - do you often have an issue where you need a backup gun ? I'm not suggesting its not a good idea to have one anyway - just wondering if you actually often resort to one D
  8. I'm thinking about £35 posted per pair D
  9. Or alternatively try these
  10. Hi I have a pair as per picture - do you just want one or what ? With the original Beretta plastic cases (I dont think you can see that from the picture)
  11. Downforce

    Gun clamp

    Maybe the wrong version
  12. Downforce

    Gun clamp

    Didnt someone just advertise one a few days ago on Other sales D
  13. I think they are cute and would take some off you if you wanted to sell them (at a sensible price) not wishing to bypass the "Trading Post" but if you are interested feel free to PM me D
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