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  1. Is that a specific Eley hushpower subsonic load? Or are you just looking for 32g 5s? D Is that a specific Eley hushpower subsonic load? Or are you just looking for 32g 5s? D seems JC has them https://www.justcartridges.com/product/hushpower-subsonic-game-12ga/
  2. Hi i have bought more 410s than I originally intended and the intended reason for two hasn’t happened (yet) so I could easily shed one if you want something cheap I can do a single barrel semi hammer or maybe a bolt action if you want nice I can do a over/under If you want to give a bit more information about budget and preference on make/action but I’d also look at the auction as already suggested (which is part of the reason why I ended up with two semi hammers I was aiming for either/or and got both !!) D
  3. PM Sent please send details for PayPal and when/where we can meet Huntingdon way D
  4. Hi If this is still available I'd be interested D
  5. are they still for sale - I'd be interested in the grey one
  6. Might be interested in selling my whole gun if you are interested? D
  7. Hi does anyone have any MEC 600 Powder/Shot Bottles they could let go They are probably available new but just looking to get about 2-4 so looking to spend less than £40-50 Thanks D
  8. Hi I have some - possibly exactly what you need but I am outside UK at the moment Can send some pictures Sunday D
  9. I know you've been on here ages and probably know them - but do you not use justcartridges they are just at Witney? D
  10. I have a lead shot dropper (make model spec capability not known) D
  11. Hi Very interetsted - just recently posted in wanted 🙂 Sent PM D
  12. Thanks but I cant really justify that and I cant get the tank filled without it being certified so that would just be another thing to deal with. I went for the Hatsan with all the bits I need (case, scuba bottle (3yr), bipod, silencer, magazines etc.) - maybe not as good as a german gun but it'll do what I need and I should be able to sell it for similar money when i dont need it any more. I think I have family interest in buying it already! D Thanks to everyone - its been a baptism of fire to learn something about PCPs in a few days 🙂 D
  13. Yeah Ive been watching both guntrader and gunstar - thats where I saw the S200 with mag conversion but it was sold
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