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  1. Did you have any idea what you’re looking for? I have a Lee Load All and a MEC600 that either could be freed up obviously they are quite different functioning and cost D
  2. Hi id be very interested but would like to see a picture to check it’s the one I think it is D
  3. Good to know that can happen and to watch out for those pivots being recessed D
  4. When you say jams when fired do distinguish that from releasing the slide with a cartridge chambered? Obviously you’ve considered the cartridge expansion etc. I have 12g & 410 neither exhibit this issue D
  5. Thats lucky I'm not young then as I do have a pilots license ! D
  6. I dont get it - why is being red significant (or is that a joke or something)?
  7. Sure how much do you want per kg or whatever unit and what’s postage? D
  8. Downforce

    Rav 4

    That is a shame as I even have a dog cage for this model of RAV D
  9. Hi Yes some #5 would be good but probably dont need 20Kg but if you just looking to get rid of what you dont need then thats fine Do you want to PM me details on logistics like where you are and if you want to post and how much etc. D
  10. Downforce

    Rav 4

    Sorry my next question was going to be is it manual or automatic but then I remembered the diesel only comes in manual - which wont work for me - the other half will only drive autos! D
  11. Downforce

    Rav 4

    Is this still for sale ?
  12. Hi Hawkfanz Thats really kind of you if you don’t mind sticking some or all of what you don’t need in a bag/box and weighing it I’d be happy to send a prepaid postage label you can just print and stick in a post box (or I can even get a label sent to you and postman to collect) I just didn’t want to have to buy 10Kg/£40 plus postage from one supplier and the same from another supplier - it seems like nobody has got everything I need in the sort of quantity I need it so I’m either buying way too much or buying bits and bobs from different stores and adding postage each time and it’s working out silly expensive D
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