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  1. Good point - well presented 🙂
  2. Do Semi-Auto count? I guess not, but I have a Beretta semi as well.
  3. Am I allowed in the club with several ? I just sold my Stevens 30 which I started regretting even before I sold it but I have a couple of others. It was a lot of gun for the money and in really nice condition. Oh well its done. My Mossberg 410 is now flavour of the month 🙂
  4. Very nice picture of a couple of well behaved dogs - unlike mine - "total recall" is just another Arnie movie as far as my dogs are concerned.
  5. "I've not told the wife yet" - theres a phrase i know only too well
  6. Our Weimararner could catch anything (Owl, Rabbit, Cat) and bring it back alive without a mark on it. When he found an injured cat he just stood there stock-still and "pointed" at it, amazing insticts for a dog with no training whatsovere (except "sit")!
  7. We had a gorgeous Weimararner as a pet but he needed two good long walks a day in the woods, my wife got asked to assess several where people were struggling on behalf of WCGB and it normally turned out they were not getting any exercise. Like you said, ours came to the office and was good as gold. Miss the gorgeous fella.
  8. Greengrass absolutely stunning photo's - when i clicked on it - it took me to your FLIKR stream and there are some great photos Really loved some of the owl and stags May I ask your permission to use a few - I'd really like to create a Christmas card probably using one of the rutting stags picture
  9. Years and years ago I was asked to create a name for a DJing event - we were talking about what tracks we had and someone said something about the amount of downforce created by Dexy's and Tenpole Tudor playing back to back - it wasnt my choice but I got billed as downforce
  10. I guess everyone is - but thats a bit like documents at work that are called things like TheRulesFINAL.doc Then of course the Rules change so you get TheRulesFINALV2.doc - DOH !
  11. Just found this,... seems theres a simple fix - just polish up the "interrupter" - I assume thats the cartridge stop?? https://thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=425180
  12. Walker570 Do you ever have mis-feeds with new 3" shells - mine is fine with 2 1/2 but intermittantly fumbles 3" - possibly technique but I went straight from a 410 to a Mossberg 12G (and had no issues with that) due to frustrations with the mis-feeds although it wasnt bad it was just enough to be annoying and the odd live round would flip coming out of the magazine and fall on the floor - I said before maybe 1 in 3 but it was probably more like 1 in 8-10 on reflection.
  13. I have referred to PW over the years as a valuable source of information, opinion and banter as well as in some cases entertainment. I hope I can provide some use to other members as much as just being a sponge and sucking up their knowledge 🙂
  14. Also Interesting - I saw a YT vid on Gamebore heavys showing a very good pattern but I have only found Fiocchis from online and my normal suppliers which is what started this whole thought process. I didnt even know Lyalvale Express had a 410, so this is all good stuff. I should add I am fundamentally lazy and whilst I am intregued by creating interesting loads to do something particular and solve a problem if I can buy them why would I bother!
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