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  1. Just realised what I have been doing wrong!
  2. Hi If you are looking for a Sect 2 (2+1) I have a cheap Winchester Ranger 140 28” Barrel with 14” LoP There is a very small chip on the back of the butt toe that doesn’t affect usage but I have a spare butt too if looks matter. if that’s interesting PM me and can discuss pricing and logistics D
  3. A few years ago SIXT were promoting premium cars like the Levante and BMWs and the like, for silly low prices with their “Drive Smug” campaign I was desperate to try the Levante and engineered a situation where coming back from abroad we landed at LHR with no transportation we had booked a Levante When we got to the SIXT office the guy was super smug and proudly announced that they didn’t have any Levante available so they had “upgraded” us free of charge to a BMW X5, which was pretty much the same as my brother’s car that I could drive any time I wanted free DOH!! You might be able to find the SIXT Masa adverts on YouTube if you are interested D
  4. Luckily (?) we just had that problem so I’m pretty sure it’s not the smoke alarm it’s got a brand new one D
  5. Thanks Glad to hear it was an owl we thought it was but didn’t know which type so that’s good to know D
  6. Can anyone confirm or deny the noise’s origin. There’s a squawk about every five seconds It’s been occurring most (every ?) night for about 10 days We think we know what it is but I don’t want to lead the answers or just look stupid amongst people much more knowing than me! D IMG_8855.MOV
  7. Nice to hear that rather than the frequent "It's been sitting in my cab and not getting used" D
  8. I mis read the price and was about to jump in with both feet for £110 ! DOH ! D
  9. Thanks for all the interest I will gather up each request at the end of each day on a first requested basis and see whats available I do need to get them out of the garage so I might be a day or so to get them ready D
  10. FREE GUNSLIPS/Cases I have about 10 cheap and cheerful rifle/shotgun slips that came in a job lot Fine for taking a cheap field gun out and about but I wouldn’t put my handmade Browning in them Full disclosure some have a bit of a musty smell but they’ve been airing in my garage and don’t smell as bad as they did - so I guess that’ll go over time most are that cheap leather look PVC and some have writing on them (eg a name written on the inside) FREE but please cover the cost of p&p which is likely to be a couple of quid Collection available from near Hitchin if no good to anyone they’ll be going to landfill I am not bothering to post pictures as I’m not going to be doing requests for a specific one but if you need anything like a particular length or prefer canvas/nylon let me know and I’ll see what’s there D
  11. I have been going through all of my shooting stuff due to home refurbishment and have a further quantity (more than I’ll use) of NEW UNUSED COMENG .22 Cal brushes in PACKS OF FIVE for £15 posted (mixed phosphor bronze/nylon) Please note FEMALE SMALL THREAD on the brush - I have tried on my rod but no idea what thread it is - previously people were happy with the fitment and they seem to fit most rods but please be aware I can’t be expected to guarantee they would fit your rod Typically 3xPB and 2Nylon but whatever mix is available will be sent. The PB are obvious and I assume the white ones are nylon Paypal f&f or bank transfer - at £15 that’s got to be cheap - the previous ones had £6-7 each I do have about 10 packs of 5 so if anyone wants more than 5 brushes no problem I also have some used .223 chamber brushes but they are a bit used PLEASE PM ME YOUR ADDRESS and I will reply with PayPal details These we’re bought as part of a job I got for my own use lot but there’s just way too much for me to use myself I do also have a small selection of jags and mops in various calibres inc shotgun if anyone wants something specific let me know thanks D
  12. Downforce

    PCP set up

    Did you look in guns for sale there’s an air arms there
  13. Downforce

    PCP set up

    I bought my first PCP set up about 2 years ago and after looking for an air-arms for some time I “ended up” buying Turkish a Hatsan AT44 and after being a bit dubious I can easily put 10 in the bull at 25 yards. I’m really happy with it and glad I didn’t spend any more than I did. D PS it’s not for sale!
  14. With a name like that the whole family should be good at photography! Anyways - always a good idea to blank out reg numbers on public photos - too many dodgey folk around that will clone plates D If you need to look at MOT history just send a PM that way the information is only release to a limited number of people
  15. I could have sworn I posted a "wanted" looking for this book and the shotshell reloading book but now I cant find any wanted post Anyway I got this book now - shame ! Weird D
  16. If only they were closer If only they were 12G If only they were red 🙂
  17. Hi I'd be interested but can you stick it in a box and give me the dimensions/weight and I'll either arrange a courier to collect or if its more convenient for you to drop it off at a drop off point D
  18. It’s a 7.62x54R chamber im assuming a .303 wouldn’t fit
  19. I need to reload 7.62x54R brass as shotshells for my 7.62 shotgun (yes I know) and whilst I have 7.62x54R brass it’s Berdan primed. Happy to go either direction of; a) reloading with the pain of Berdan with the brass I have b) switch to Boxer primed Russian 7.62x54R cases I understand they exist but are few and far I know this is a weird request for something a bit of a corner case Thanks D
  20. Thanks Blackjack Thats pretty much why I am looking to buy the swaging tool - not least to avoid primers falling out, not that I’ve had a problem with that. If anyone has the RCBS Lee or similar for sale please let me know D
  21. Downforce


    Thanks Ill measure my Benelli
  22. Downforce


    What length is it please
  23. Thanks for your suggestion have looked at the drill with different options including an actual staging tool (drill type) but tends to be inconsistent D
  24. Hi Folks I am looking for a large & small primer pocket swaging die/tool set for reaming out military and crimped primer pockets As far as I can tell the most common and best loved type seems to be the RCBS Model: 9481 Primer Pocket Swager Combo-2 That would work if anyone has a newish set in a drawer gathering dust before I go out and buy a new set Alternatively something similar but not the goes in the drill type as the ability to line up the cartridge directly affects the quality and I just want a simple high quality result D
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