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  1. Hi I have a MEC 600 82-85 and a MEC 600 MkV and some components like crimp and stuff are missing Looking for either a whole used 12G or 410 die set for the MkV or bits and pieces for the 82-85 Also would be interested in any 12G or 410 reloading components like hulls, wads, overcards even shot or powder if sealed in manufacturer’s packing Particularly interested in smaller quantities of various 410 wads like mini wads and stuff like that so I can try different wads performance Thanks D
  2. Still looking will get a new one next week if nothing available here
  3. WANTED - Lyman Shotshell Handbook Reloading - Ideally Hardback If anyone has a 5th Edition (or something close) that they no longer refer to If I'm brutally honest looking for one as cheap as possible so will consider a paperback but prefer hardback Thanks D
  4. Hi Scott I'm just doing a bit more digging on that subject so just hang on for a bit and I'll PM you D
  5. Sorry I meant what size shot is the Remington - it might say 5 on the side of the cartridge but its not easy to read But it's useful to know you want 5/6 anyway ! D
  6. So I guess it’s fair to say the price of cartridges varies from different suppliers (no shock there then) But I still haven’t found anything substantially cheaper than JC near Hitchin when the cost of collecting/delivery makes it cheaper D
  7. Thats completely absolutely nothing like mine (which is deffo Brattonsound) at all My key is the round type looks like a circle with a dimple in the middle Thats not my keys by the way in case anyone is thinking about getting a set cut to that number and stealing my ammo ! 🙂
  8. Hi Paul the photos I have taken at the moment are fuzzy and you can’t really see the thread etc I will be taking some nice pictures and posting by Saturday D But it is DIN
  9. I was trying to get two keys the same which they said they could do if I could confirm the locks were the same on my old and new cabinet I told them the model of safe and when I bought it and what the key was like (they have chrome and brass keys) and they still couldnt tell me BUT they did offer to send me a current lock to see if that would fit Maybe you'll have more luck - but I dont the the ammo locks are special for the cab D
  10. Yes they were very helpful but didnt seem to know which locks would fit which doors - which was my question D
  11. Thats funny I have had a few conversations with BS lately about locks (but not about the ammo lock) As far as I am aware they are normally the standard barrel cam locks you can buy on ebay for £5 but normally the metal lever is too soft and needs to be upgraded Just search security cam lock and measure the depth D
  12. Only up to 65 miles according to the website nevertheless the hull super fast 29g are £65 according to their pricing list £57 for the Lyalvale Express D
  13. 230 miles and 4-5 hours later… I’d be £47+ lighter on fuel at 30mpg so I’d really be looking at something closer otherwise I may as well just pay £65 from JC and use the time to get a massage at home 🙂 I used to go to a place north of Royston but they closed then I think they reopened but there’s got to be something closer (anyone) D BTW need to be open weekends
  14. Well - the irony here is timing... I will be near Grantham on Friday if my plan pans out and fuel exists But be that as it may I already bought the ones i got so dont need any more I already have more than I will use in the immediate future By the time I've just gone to Coates to just get cartridges if i wasnt going already it would have cost more in fuel And I had heard some people were struggling to find cheap (? or not so cheap ?) cartridges - so offered these up out of the goodness of my heart mainly to help others out and just get told I paid too much for them 😉 So where near Hitchin can i get plenty of selection at rock bottom prices ? D
  15. Downforce


    I’d also like to plant some round a new housing development if anyone has acorns D Saplings (a few) good also if taking them wouldn’t disturb the natural balance D
  16. I don’t even have a local gun shop as such - a lot of the places I used to buy cartridges have gone by the wayside so getting them delivered by JC (is there anyone else does home delivery cheaper) or buying at a shooting ground are main options and I’ve found that can be variable what is available at shooting grounds As I said if nobody wants them I’ll use them sooner or later D
  17. Thanks Was beginning to think I’d been ripped off as JC are normally very competitive
  18. No Problem - thanks for letting me know - I just put them up at what I paid through Just Cartridges (excluding delivery costs which obviously I paid) so I don’t really want to sell at a loss I’ll use them at some point if nobody else wants them
  19. Thanks for checking but I need one a little bit bigger Was it a big hammer ?
  20. I’ll try and collect the answers and I’ll send a reply by PM so you’re going to get an email and a message waiting indicator (top right of screen) D SENT PM
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