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  1. What gives France the right to demand anything from UK, do they not know we have left Europe, stop assuming you are a world power and you have a say, you are just another part of Europe so the rules have changed for you and no beggar over here is interested in what you demand.
  2. If your projects are as long as mine you better use the yoozyboxes, plus when you are plastering the bloody stuff gets everywhere so they will protect the cables and you can still cover the plates with a poly bag, as said you switch off to work on the circuit and back on when the boxes and bags are on, a bit like shooting, 240v don't take prisoners.
  3. Yes, it's on lower Pavement, past it many a time when I was working in Chesterfield
  4. No plasterer worth his salt would plaster up to socket or switch outlets, you can try yoozyboxes as mentioned earlier, they come in singles and doubles and are 25mm deep and they fit between the outlet plate and the back box, but you will have to buy at least 25mm longer socket screws to hold them in place, or as also mentioned, unscrew the plates, lift them off the back box and cover poly bags, and don't forget to switch the circuit off.
  5. She's certainly no halfwit, not a bad return for her day in court, as for the sp--- sac, I expect she's bled that dry too
  6. I don't like the wife having access to my account so I certainly won't be allowing ebay
  7. Sadly they have all gone, not sure if John Hall's is still going via his son.
  8. In reply to the post on Guns & Ammo, I thought I would add my tuppence worth, Mike Dixon's first shop was in Millhouses, he then moved to Chesterfield Road (which I think his brother ran) and the shop on the Wicker, he did have a business partner but we don't need to go in to that. They then opened the Bridge Street Range, then bought the Arthur Turner name, using the shop at the bottom of Snig Hill, then moved opposite the new Law courts, after that a shop on Langsette Road, the one in Scotland and a registered trading address from home, heard he was involved in the new gun dealership in
  9. New to the forum, so sorry for the late take up on this post, both John Brown's LS&B and Hardy's were both good shops, so now they have teemed up, things can only get better.
  10. New to the forum, so apologies for the late pickup on this post. Yes, I remember Suggs, I bought my first air gun from them, a Gat, that was after moving up from the two silver six guns I'd had bought me from Redgates, happy days. Obviously I then moved on to things that went with a real bang and used to buy from Suggs, Turners and John Halls in Chesterfield.
  11. Looks like you have your own bit of paradise, very envious
  12. Just picked up on your post, unfortunately I've broken the history bond as the Roper has been sold, I know I'll regret it but needs must. I reckon it was made around the 1930's and in very good condition, yours probable late 19th century ?
  13. Hi all thanks for the welcome, yes from sunny Sheffield, like Rome built on seven hills and every one a steep beggar
  14. Hi there Having just been invited to join, I thought I would say hello to everyone. claydodger
  15. Hi Chris Lop, Front trigger 14 3/8 Rear is 13 5/8, I don't have a choke gauge but using a digital caliper I reckon the chokes are 3/4 and a 1/4, hope that helps. Thanks for asking claydodger
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