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  1. That looks like a job well and saved a pretty penny too, I've got six to do so when you are available, push your pen up north and get some more practice in, then TT might take you on.
  2. Been using Eley subs since I bought the BRNO as that's what previous owner had recommended, few years later not accurate with these so moved onto Winchester subs, ok for a long time then again so I'm using CCI standard at present and they are bang on, when these don't work out, it will probably be my fault.
  3. Reckon I will try that out this week
  4. Don't know what part of the country your from but if your near enough to South Yorkshire, you are more than welcome to try out a Laurona o/u that I have for sale.
  5. They used to have a brilliant system called Tax Discs !
  6. My existing alarm is a wired Scantronic 9448 and its just gone on the blink so time to replace, would you keep it as a wired system and upgrade to include CCTV, with another Scantronic or go for Texecom. Advise would be much appreciated.
  7. Looks like it was the odd shot from the .410 that's done the damage, hope it gets fixed before I get my invite to supper. Keith
  8. Thanks for that, it certainly is, sadly I put the mark on it by catching it on the cabinet door when I took it out to photograph it
  9. You are an absolute Gentleman sir, many thanks
  10. Just tried to pay for three relists, payment not processed, will try again tomorrow. If I was closer I could drop you the cash in or barter with a few pigeon !
  11. claydodger

    D Day

    This post has gone from a D Day Memorial to which battlefield is better or worse, a rose tinted view of a generation not making sense, cowards, shirkers and army desertion rates in WW2. I have had the privilege of meeting veterans from WW1, WW2, Korea, the Falklands and Afghanistan to name but a few and I've visited many of the war graves of both world wars and it doesn't matter what generation, what battlefield, what colour or creed, those that made the ultimate sacrifice, the veterans who came home and those currently serving in our armed forces all deserve our deepest respect.
  12. Same here, been trying to relist and pay but can't, nor can I pay the outstanding bill. Been helped previously through admin.
  13. Thanks for reminding me of Andys tackle shop, it's been that long I'd forgotten his name, also used Dawsons and there was a bait shop we used to call in on the way at Swallownest but again I can't remember the name.
  14. I thought Blackpool air rifle shop was still open and there was a guy called Kershaw, a gunsmith/dealer who worked on and sold Blackpowder guns
  15. Now that was tight, did you have to get his bait as well, if memory serves me well I can remember paying 2 bob for a pint of maggots
  16. Got both Meindl and Danners but I've worn the right heal down on the Danners so they are having a rest
  17. Hi Centrepin, no the junk shop I used was down near the bottom end of kelvin flats in the same block as the fishing tackle shop, Patnick's shop was further towards Hillsborough on the opposite side of the road from the Masons pub and that block of shops, the shop I think was run by Mrs Patnick, I used to go in there to buy 78's.
  18. After the Gat my second airgun was also from a junk shop, it was on Langsette Road in Sheffield and if I remember right I swapped a guitar for it, obviously I didn't tell my parents.
  19. Never had a problem with South Yorkshire Police, you make mistake they make a mistake, a phone call or email and it's sorted so I can't fault them, but your right the new renewal form is pants.
  20. Got a Laurona Full & Half that you are quite welcome to have a look at
  21. I think we are being a bit harsh here, what about the cyclists who appear out of nowhere and manage to position themselves in the box right in front of you at the lights, this is obviously to prevent you jumping the lights, should you make that mistake, thereby preventing a possible accident. Not only that, while he slowly pulls away, the motorists waiting further back get the chance of a rest from the journey while the lights change again, how considerate is that.
  22. They didn't, they just managed to have one of the great racecourse in the UK, an International Airport and a fantastic shooting show that caters for everyone.
  23. Been offered an HW77 so if it works for me that will be the start
  24. As said, can't confirm if Mike Dixon had anything to do with the shop originally, I think he closed Guns & Ammo and companies a few years ago and has since passed away, I think the the guy that runs or owns it is called Dickinson, I've heard the prices are good but I think I'll start with a springer before moving on to a PCP, best of luck with yours.
  25. What gives France the right to demand anything from UK, do they not know we have left Europe, stop assuming you are a world power and you have a say, you are just another part of Europe so the rules have changed for you and no beggar over here is interested in what you demand.
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