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  1. Hi vince. had no problem keeping the ferals down it was the crows I was struggling with.
  2. Ok will give it a try next time I’m out.
  3. I’d say I’m hitting about 30/40 yards out
  4. Been out a couple of times this week have had two bags of mid twenties. But it’s seems to be more ferals than woodies. Anyone else finding this. Managed 6 crows yesterday but am really struggling to keep em down with 32 6s put two shots in one and still had to chase it across the field.
  5. So been out over the last few weeks on my perms and noticed lots of metal detectorists out. I was sat in the hide when one popped around the corner of the hedge and headed towards my decoys. Obviously I slipped the gun and had made my presence known. Whilst greeting the person in question I was told I know you were there. I explained that It was not the safest thing to do. I was told that he was aware I was there. I ended the conversation and he walked off only to return half later with another and proceeded to have a picnic on the bales about 40 yards off my pattern. Has anybody else had this problem? Is it worth discussing with the landowner?
  6. Anybody have a cheap semi or o/u for sale I’m based in Kent
  7. What is everyone’s thoughts on static hides on the edge of woods out on to rape fields. Was watching a fella on YouTube and he seems to have them all over his perms some complete with 7ft long benches.
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