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  1. Lodging guns with a dealer is a darn good idea if there is a chance she will make something up, and get a female divorce lawyer, odds on her lawyer will be a woman, and a male lawyer against female in divorce proceedings is out-gunned (no pun intended) Female divorce lawyers are velociraptors - you want one on your side believe me...
  2. People who refer to their 'brand'
  3. Self improvement is open to all. Though some people proudly wear their shortcomings as a badge of honour as if their idiocy should be rewarded.
  4. You bloomin well take that back about Bernie Winters.... Rest are all good tho 🙂 May i suggest Ronnie Corbett to replace Bernie in the barrel, sponging no talent hanger-on that he was! Anyone who considers themselves an 'influencer' ..... I mean really ***..... and while i think about it the ******* 'Trending' heading you see everywhere really boils my ***.
  5. Not withstanding Floyd's criminal history, he was visibly high on drugs = criminal, he resisted arrest = criminal, (guilt on the fraud would have had to be determined in court) but his actions in the run up to his death were manifestly criminal, and the police had no choice to detain him and keep him subdued for everyone else’s safety given the state he was in. Including he was trying about to drive off in a car while clearly seriously impaired... no way letting him drive off like that could go wrong ehh...? And what you call rank stupidity is actually simple facts of biology, an aggressi
  6. Well that is baloney, anything Chauvin said however innocuous would have been twisted by the prosecution to suit their narrative, i'm not saying that always happens but in this case where the prosecution lied from the very beginning Chauvin stood no chance.
  7. Nope not a monster - utterly rational.
  8. Sorry but Chauvin didn't take the mans life at all, Floyd (a criminal caught breaking the law) tragically died while resisting arrest because he was high on drugs AND had heart problems - just as the bona fide post mortem concluded. The only person that put Floyd in harms way was Floyd.
  9. Well put.. Chauvin et al were doing their job restraining a criminal who was non compliant and agitated. If they hadn't restrained him and he managed to injure a member of the public they would have been vilified for that as well. And Chauvin was never going to get a fair trial, with the 27 million dollar payout to the family before the criminal trial began not to mention the great and good calling for trouble if he wasn't found guilty before the trial was complete... The race angle has been hijacked for political gain and any semblance of justice has been lost, and when the co
  10. That's great - it means i haven't screwed up....
  11. Yes i joined a few days ago but got no email back and no response to emails sent, so wondered if it is still going.
  12. Hi everyone, this is going to sound stupid i'm sure but is Gunwatch is still going? or am i having computer/email problems? ATB
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