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  1. Last bit of my childhood died with him... R.I.P. Eddy.
  2. Would be funny if it wasn't scary, 'report you to your FEO' ***???!!!
  3. Original factory 26" barrel (don't think any had 30" barrels as standard) - never been changed, and round count unknown. Rgds
  4. Three new cleaning rods: Parker Hale .270 Parker Hale .22 JIB pistol 380 Having bought these nice new ones a few years ago i find myself still using the ones my dad left me and these are just in the way. Photo shows the details, £35 the lot including UK courier delivery. Thanks
  5. Anyone have use for a decent BRNO model 581? Great little 22LR SA, fab condition for age, accurate, unmolested, not screw cut and still has its sights. But missing the magazine hence £60 collected or plus £35 for RFD transfer. It was my gallery rifle back when i shot 22's and i left the mag at my club by accident only to have it half inched, but if anyone has one already or has one of the new ones ordered its a lovely little rifle. I will include the set of scope rings (1") with it which i advertised previously but no one wanted - so you have the option of mounting a scope without the hassle of finding decent rings to fit. The usual rules for firearms / transfers obviously. Thanks
  6. Is an Omark model 44 7.62 rifle of use to anyone? Really good condition and ridiculously competitive for the price if anyone is getting into target rifle or F class - an ideal first full bore target rifle. I have upgraded and need it off my ticket, and as it and comes without sights which are needed for my new rifle asking £80. It includes a new rubber butt pad and a soft rifle case. Face to face near Colchester, or RFD to RFD plus £35. Following the usual rules for firearms / transfers obviously. Thanks
  7. Any use to anyone? The Blue Point (by Snap On) PMT5 multi tool - their version of the Leatherman tool only with a lifetime warranty. Still with the original pouch, utterly overkill for my needs which is why its only been used for its pliers a handful of times should give someone with use for it a lifetime of service £30 including UK recorded delivery. Thanks
  8. Six more books on gunsmithing and firearms Advanced gunsmithing by Vickery Pistolsmithing by Nonte Guns of the new west by Chichoine Autoloading pistols by Grennell Black powder hobby gunsmithing by Fadala & Storey Kit guns & hobby gunsmithing 1st ed by Baland £40 the lot inc courier delivery as heavy. Thanks
  9. Four books, Hobby gunsmithing by Walker, Black powder guide by Nonte, Legendary sporting rifles by Fadala and American firearms by Servern. £20 the lot including UK postage if they are any use to anyone. Thanks
  10. Got to be over 18 for this, an early version - metal thumb stud (reversible) serrated edge air SOG with original pouch. Never used or carried, been in a drawer since the early 90's when i bought it - see photo. If its any use to anyone £30 including recorded delivery UK mainland, again please must be over 18. Thanks
  11. As per title a brand new unused Kaido Ojamma .36 (.377 140 grain) bullet mold for the Pietta Colt Navy etc. Custom mold on Lee hardware by KO - bought direct from Kaido in the USA a few years ago but never got round to using. See pics for details, £80 including Special Delivery in the UK. Thanks
  12. My first selling post so if i miss off any info you need let me know. Old style Tikka and BRNO 16mm fitting 1" scope rings rings, one has the arrestor, great condition - see photo's. £20 included recorded delivery - UK only postage. Thanks
  13. Lodging guns with a dealer is a darn good idea if there is a chance she will make something up, and get a female divorce lawyer, odds on her lawyer will be a woman, and a male lawyer against female in divorce proceedings is out-gunned (no pun intended) Female divorce lawyers are velociraptors - you want one on your side believe me...
  14. People who refer to their 'brand'
  15. Self improvement is open to all. Though some people proudly wear their shortcomings as a badge of honour as if their idiocy should be rewarded.
  16. You bloomin well take that back about Bernie Winters.... Rest are all good tho 🙂 May i suggest Ronnie Corbett to replace Bernie in the barrel, sponging no talent hanger-on that he was! Anyone who considers themselves an 'influencer' ..... I mean really ***..... and while i think about it the ******* 'Trending' heading you see everywhere really boils my ***.
  17. Not withstanding Floyd's criminal history, he was visibly high on drugs = criminal, he resisted arrest = criminal, (guilt on the fraud would have had to be determined in court) but his actions in the run up to his death were manifestly criminal, and the police had no choice to detain him and keep him subdued for everyone else’s safety given the state he was in. Including he was trying about to drive off in a car while clearly seriously impaired... no way letting him drive off like that could go wrong ehh...? And what you call rank stupidity is actually simple facts of biology, an aggressive agitated subject with a system full of drugs contra indicative to his cardiac problems is not going to fare well in any physical situation, so while his death is unfortunate he really put himself in harms way. Hell he was on among other things Fentanyl - that stuff kills plenty of healthy people let alone those with a dicky ticker.....!
  18. Well that is baloney, anything Chauvin said however innocuous would have been twisted by the prosecution to suit their narrative, i'm not saying that always happens but in this case where the prosecution lied from the very beginning Chauvin stood no chance.
  19. Nope not a monster - utterly rational.
  20. Sorry but Chauvin didn't take the mans life at all, Floyd (a criminal caught breaking the law) tragically died while resisting arrest because he was high on drugs AND had heart problems - just as the bona fide post mortem concluded. The only person that put Floyd in harms way was Floyd.
  21. Well put.. Chauvin et al were doing their job restraining a criminal who was non compliant and agitated. If they hadn't restrained him and he managed to injure a member of the public they would have been vilified for that as well. And Chauvin was never going to get a fair trial, with the 27 million dollar payout to the family before the criminal trial began not to mention the great and good calling for trouble if he wasn't found guilty before the trial was complete... The race angle has been hijacked for political gain and any semblance of justice has been lost, and when the conviction is quashed on appeal it will really hit the fan over there..
  22. That's great - it means i haven't screwed up....
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