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  1. I have just contacted Norman Clarke gunsmiths any they were very helpful and suggested the issues with doing this job. 1. They can extend the chambers and reproof for 3” but it would be expensive as they would have to make or modify tools to do it. 2. They think it is unlikely the manufacturers will make steel wads for .410 3. as steel ammunition is not available it might be not be possible to have it reproofed for steel and it would also be necessary to open out the choke. 4. The action may struggle with the pressure more than the barrel. This is a particular problem as .
  2. It definitely would! i already own a mossberg pump action 3” which is i have no attachment to and is just a tool for using in fields where i want to keep noise disruption to a minimum for walkers, houses etc. I will happily let it take its chances with any steel load but the same does not go for the webley. The webley has been used by at least 4 generations of my family and i would like that to continue so just looking to future proof it if possible. I generally support transitioning away from lead and would rather avoid buying several thousand lead shells if i can.
  3. Thank you i will contact them znd see if they can help I will try that when i go home at the weekend as i have a mossberg 3” moderated and will fire a couole shots through it and try the cases in the old webley
  4. I own an old, bolt action,Webley and Scott .410 and I am considering having the chamber extended so it will take 3” shells and I would also like it re-proofed for steel. Has anyone had something similar done and could they recommend a good gunsmith that I could discuss this with? The gun is in excellent condition despite its age and has a a very heavy looking barrel which makes me think this might be possible. I appreciate this gun is not worth very much in terms of money but it has been in the family a long time and means a lot to me and i wish to “future proof” it. I do still occasionally u
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