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  1. Not posted for a while due to things way too boring to mention. However a quick update. Still not a massive shot count, probably six or seven mags only but all is good. The weather will improve and that should go up considerably. I'm still happy with my purchase. I don't regret it for a moment, which for me is rare. Have now got a moderator for it and have finally moved over to the dark side and invested in a dive tank. I'm content in my bit of PCP World. Seems happy with my standard JSB 15.89gr and H&N Barracuda 18's (sub12 remember) at my maximum 32 yards at least. I have some range time booked soon to stretch that out a little.
  2. Because ALL PCP's available today's are capable of incredible performance and consistency, with very little shooter input, then simply go for the one you like and fits your budget. This is the perfect thread to get recommendations for rifles that work for the individuals posting but in a specific situation. Non of that means it would suit your needs at all. Very lucky to be able to have such an easy choice.
  3. Need to clarify a little I think. Having read through my own post it does come across as being a bit 'aggressive', apologies for that. Whilst it was not my out and out intention to do that, you may have a point. Having now had coffee I can continue. Only put about five, maybe six magazines through it due to the normal excuses, time, weather etc. It works just fine. I'm not a massive fan of auto safeties but it isn't a deal breaker. Being honest there is very little I'm not happy with. Since there release to market some corners have been cut. Pretty sure they used to supply a better bipod and the trigger blade was gold. The sling was also branded whilst the one included now is just plain black, perfectly usable however. The bipod shown fitted is not the one supplied. Again it's nothing special but it does what it needs to. I refuse to talk about 'accuracy'. It's a PCP so that should be a given. My pellet of choice are JSB 15.89gr. No problems. Also happy with the heavier H&N 18.13gr. As the weather improves I shall hopefully put a lot more trigger time in. Any issues, good or bad, I'll report. For now I'm a happy bunnie.
  4. This is my latest PCP. Now before you all start kicking off because it's an Hatsan hang on a sec. Remember I didn't buy it with anybody's approval in mind other than my own. It appeals to me, I like the way it looks, etc. I also like the way it shoots. That said it's a modern PCP so it shoots the same as any of them. Its heavy. Never intended to be anything other than a range gun so that matters not one jot. The simple magazine system contains no ultra small springs wrapped in dubiously cheap plastic and appears to work faultlessly. No it's not the latest FX or AirArms, nor is it regulated and the shot count is not in the millions - all the things so important to 'proper' airgun aficionados. Oddly I'm OK with that. If anybody is interested, the trigger is good out the box. It is adjustable but I'm happy with it so far. It's actually very quite without a modulator, it is threaded to take one. The scope rail is a bit odd offering both 11mm dovetail AND weaver style fitment. Does work though and gives you options. The 'marmite' stock is obviously adjustable. There is a little lateral movement but not enough to be a major issue unless you make it one. Small section of rail underneath for a bipod and both sides for 'accessories'. The light grey grip panels are rubberised and feel very positive. Whilst nothing special this rifle will do what it's intended to do without fuss. Not kidding myself that is isn't built 'to a price' because it is. That also means I can relax and enjoy my shooting. That's far more important to me than 'likes' on social media.
  5. Undoubtedly will get slaughtered for this but, just for a moment consider the real World. I use a hand pump to refill my two PCP's. It's the cheapest one I count find on a well known internet auction site, obviously Chinese. At the time it cost about £40. Add to that the fill adaptor, another tenner. Heres the shocker - it works! It's continued to do what it should for close on two years now. I'm old and fat, yet I can pump away without the need of the local paramedics. Yes, of course, a bottle or compressor (the new 'fashionable' accessory to have) is easier and quicker but it's also a damn sight more expensive. Worth mentioning that my PCP's don't have a stupidly high shot count however. For what it's worth it came with a full replacement seal kit should any fail. Yes they do require some actual work but I fail to see why anybody would buy a 'branded' named item at four or five times the cost just to achieve the same end result. No-brainier.
  6. This is an easy one, here we go in a nutshell ALL PCP's make the most incompetent shooter look extremely good. What you choose therefore is down to your budget and personal taste. Don't forget if you need a sexy name on it, that's extra. Won't make you shoot any better. Springer's require a bit of effort, they can return good results but you have to put the hours in the perfect the technique. Not rocket science, just a bit of commitment. At this point you will get recommendations of what's 'best'. They well may be but are they the best for you? Also remember a PCP requires support equipment. Most, again, will say you MUST have a dive bottle or compressor. This is nice but not strictly true. There are perfectly workable options that are available. Springers are free in that regard. This is a real world account of airgunning. The BIGGEST thing to remember whichever path you choose is to enjoy it for what it is, take your time, practice and don't get hung up on pellets!😳😄
  7. Obviously company standards vary. Transport will never be a 9-5 job, days can be long and nights out a possibility. If you break it down the hourly rate isn't great but if it's what you do, you will do it regardless. Current other works four on - four off which suits. She occasionally gets a call if they are a driver down but she can refuse without repercussions. To all the delicate blossoms prodding a keyboard, it probably wouldn't suit. It's not for me either, but she loves it. Now is the time if your that way inclined 👍
  8. The company my other half drives for (Class 1) are openly recruiting now. Trouble is, they are based in North Shropshire. No much good if your near Blackpool I know. That said, they do look after their drivers. They don't give new drivers the keys, pat them on the head and tell them to get on with it. She received the comprehensive driver induction they offer to all. There is a driver shortage, been that way long before Brexit and the media scaremongering. You should be able to pick and choose with your skill set. Hope you find something 👍
  9. Must be easier just to count the shots? After all, with an Ultra, that's not a big number to remember. 😗
  10. Let's be honest here, being a PCP, it will be 'accurate' and being AIr Arms it will be over priced and over hyped by the popular Airgun press. So far, so good, business as usual. Styling is either a yes or a no, no real debate there. Can't see many being used 'out in the field' or HFT competition and certainly not bench rest. So what's it for then? Some serious plinking seems likely because you happen to like the styling and that's pretty much what's left. Before the hate let's be clear here, I do like the AR15 style platform and the first time I saw this offering I was excited but knew the price was going to be high for a plinking/informal target rifle once you had added the standard AA tax. It will be a guaranteed good seller and every review undoubtedly positive, AA are a big sponsor after all. Personally, I like it.
  11. I've had my Umarex M4 for some time and find it a 'challenge' at best. Most of which is down to the ergonomics, trying to mix replica with a break barrel. Underneath all that plastic is a very capable air rifle if you concentrate, much like any Springer. Trigger on mine is 'adequate' but then again it's hardly a match rifle. Think you need to love the M4 platform to buy one obviously. It's far from perfect and incredibly heavy for reasons I can't fathom. I also find I have to be in the 'mood' to have a session. It's not a casual shooter. Since I took the picture I've changed out the scope for a cheap and cheerful red-dot. More than adequate out to my max 30 yards.
  12. The publics idea of shooting in general is poor with airguns at the bottom of the list. The populous may be ill informed when it comes to many aspects of the various shooting activities but they know that airguns require no licence and therefore, by definition, the individuals who have them must be using them for ilicidid reasons. Pointless jumping up to disagree, it's the public 'perception' solely I'm going on about here. That said I'm sure we all know that one 'shooter' who's actions and ethics are, at best, questionable. We can be our own worst enemy. Can anything be done, more importantly, does anybody actually care enough to even think about doing something? Standard common sense mantra suggests we should conduct ourselves with an air of professional competence whenever and wherever we are shooting. We need to be safe and considerate. Whilst I have not the time or the inclination to debate how any introduction of a licence would fall at the first fence, which it would, think about it a little longer before kicking off. Most are happy to spend a small fortune on equipment and sundry items but the idea of parting with a relatively small cost for a licence brings out the worst. A few questions regarding the reasons why an individual needs an airgun in the first place, storage, basic requirements all seem fair questions to ask on the application. With a licence required to purchase an airgun I truly believe would help our standing with the general public. Anybody found without a licence would also need to be dealt with quickly and harshly before any trust in the 'system' becomes a given. Non of these thoughts will trouble anybody and are extreamly unlikely to be implemented any time soon. The cost of the infestructure would never pay for itself, let alone make the public 'safer'. There also needs to be a will and that's most definitely not there.
  13. Trouble is they may have a point. Obviously not all air gunners are irresponsible swan shooters but the public perception suggests that we are. A quick glance at most FB Airgun related pages tells you all you need to know about the idiots, like this neighbour, who are out there. If it happens again then maybe a quite word. Even if he had taken the pigeon at that range (both unlikely and unethical) there was no intention for picking up after. Random pot-shots at anything is not a good thing. Luck tends to run out. I would be concerned at any undue attention it could bring your way.
  14. Your quite right I didn't weigh them or sacrifice a first born - my bad. 😄
  15. Out of curiosity and boredom, the first tin of 'decent' pellets purchased I selected 50 at random. These were then lovingly checked for any deformities, washed, dried and lubricated. They then lavished in their own clean foam lined tin for those special occasions. Oddly enough the remaining 450 rewarded me with the same accuracy in every respect. I've not repeated the exercise since. Those who do will no doubt say it's necessary and a must. I'm not one of those.
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