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  1. Don't think 'thick' is the right word to use. I do believe, however, people are incredibly gullible and have an increased tendency to comment before reading and, more importantly, understanding before kicking off. This is a social media trate. The internet have enabled everybody to become an expert on everything without any real knowledge to back it up if questioned, it at this point the arguments start. We have lost the ability to admit defeat. The MSM, television in general is a combination of biased propaganda all dumbed down to almost embarrassing levels of utter stupidity. Spe
  2. My X20. Already commented on is the trigger. This can have a massive effect on 'accuracy'. The standard offering is long and very heavy. The trigger, I believe, is a cheap generic unit found in many lower priced rifles such as Crosman, Benjamin etc. For almost no money and little skill the trigger can be transformed. Have a look on YouTube. Pellet wise, this doesn't care.
  3. The massive build up before the announcement ended in a massive disappointment to be honest. The Ultra is hardly a 'new' gun. To add insult, the RRP is way over the top! You can see I, have an Ultra, I should be biased in saying it's the best gun in the world. Of course it's 'accurate'. All PCP's allow any idiot to shoot like a marksman, I'm living proof of that statement. But £600, for an Ultra? No. They do have a massive fan base. Oddly, I'm not one even though I've had mine for a few years now, it's a sweet shooter and, whatever you might be told, the shot count is fine for the real w
  4. Probably no help but this s the pump I've been using for close on a couple of years now. It's a non described Chinese manufactured item, purchased off-line for very little money. It can with some moisture filters and a complete rebuild kit if required. Now before anybody starts, here's the thing. It just works. I'll admit it doesn't carry a posh name of any description, I'm sure the gauge could be of better quality, I'm sure of a lot of things. Like I said it functions like it should. Of course it takes effort to use, sure they all do irrespective of cost. I'm old and even I can do
  5. Once again thank you all for the warm welcome. Just remember this when I start asking questions. 👍
  6. I believe it's almost impossible to buy utter rubbish these days. If asked 'what's best' everybody will tent to recommend what they have themselves, obviously. That's not to say what's perfect for them is right for you. It's a very emotive subject and highly personal choice and, unfortunately, being human we have a certain amount of built in bias. The choice is massive, all will have a fan base, and haters. Whilst this is no help at all, all I will suggest is this. You know your budget, try and stick to it (hard part) and don't rush. Not so easy at the moment but find a local shop and ha
  7. Ditto here, no issues with my Ultra to date, hope you get this one sorted👍
  8. It appears I'm surrounded by airgunners! Closest population is Wem, for those who know the area. Plenty and varied selection of quarry but I'm starting things off slowly, learn as I go. Only, now that, I'm happy with my shooting have I considered 'hunting'. Got into airguns due to a rat issue after we started keeping chickens. Never realised how much I missed shooting in general. Thank you for the welcome, I'm here to learn. 👍 Bob.
  9. Hi everybody. Keen airgunner with first perm and no real clue regarding the techniques required to maximise my efforts. Prepared and tasted my first pigeon only last week, at my age that's disappointing! Absolutely marvellous, I'm hooked. Perm is on my doorstep, literally. So with a lot more knowledge, it could be a rewarding new chapter with my shooting. Thank you for the add. Bob.
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