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  1. The publics idea of shooting in general is poor with airguns at the bottom of the list. The populous may be ill informed when it comes to many aspects of the various shooting activities but they know that airguns require no licence and therefore, by definition, the individuals who have them must be using them for ilicidid reasons. Pointless jumping up to disagree, it's the public 'perception' solely I'm going on about here. That said I'm sure we all know that one 'shooter' who's actions and ethics are, at best, questionable. We can be our own worst enemy. Can anything be done, more importantly, does anybody actually care enough to even think about doing something? Standard common sense mantra suggests we should conduct ourselves with an air of professional competence whenever and wherever we are shooting. We need to be safe and considerate. Whilst I have not the time or the inclination to debate how any introduction of a licence would fall at the first fence, which it would, think about it a little longer before kicking off. Most are happy to spend a small fortune on equipment and sundry items but the idea of parting with a relatively small cost for a licence brings out the worst. A few questions regarding the reasons why an individual needs an airgun in the first place, storage, basic requirements all seem fair questions to ask on the application. With a licence required to purchase an airgun I truly believe would help our standing with the general public. Anybody found without a licence would also need to be dealt with quickly and harshly before any trust in the 'system' becomes a given. Non of these thoughts will trouble anybody and are extreamly unlikely to be implemented any time soon. The cost of the infestructure would never pay for itself, let alone make the public 'safer'. There also needs to be a will and that's most definitely not there.
  2. Trouble is they may have a point. Obviously not all air gunners are irresponsible swan shooters but the public perception suggests that we are. A quick glance at most FB Airgun related pages tells you all you need to know about the idiots, like this neighbour, who are out there. If it happens again then maybe a quite word. Even if he had taken the pigeon at that range (both unlikely and unethical) there was no intention for picking up after. Random pot-shots at anything is not a good thing. Luck tends to run out. I would be concerned at any undue attention it could bring your way.
  3. Your quite right I didn't weigh them or sacrifice a first born - my bad. 😄
  4. Out of curiosity and boredom, the first tin of 'decent' pellets purchased I selected 50 at random. These were then lovingly checked for any deformities, washed, dried and lubricated. They then lavished in their own clean foam lined tin for those special occasions. Oddly enough the remaining 450 rewarded me with the same accuracy in every respect. I've not repeated the exercise since. Those who do will no doubt say it's necessary and a must. I'm not one of those.
  5. Still waiting. Yes its only a sticker but any idea when?
  6. Rockhamster

    Which one?

    Whilst I'm sure the answers are perfectly valid, how do you know if a gun preferred by someone else will be good for you? If I was spending good money why would it be acceptable to assume it needed 'tuning' before even pulling the trigger? Deep down you know what you want, go with your gut.
  7. Pistol shooting is more involved than shooting a rifle. A red dot or laser isn't going to help if you haven't mastered the basic fundamentals and mechanics. Pistols are often deemed 'inaccurate' but the reality is that the expectations of the shooter are massively optermistic and there is no understanding with what's required. My Gamo P900 fitted with a cheap red dot. They can have there place.
  8. Fully understandable. I have no doubt that it will turn up. Feel stupid asking. Thank you for taking the trouble to reply. 👍
  9. What is this obsession with 'tuning', often before even the first shot? Buy a rifle of your choice, spend some cash on a tin of pellets and see how you get on. 'Accuracy' will only come with practice.
  10. Only ordered a car sticker last week. Had confirmation that payment was sorted. Been a few days so just wondering? Like I said, not a big problem.
  11. If you need to ask then I may suggest that, if you really wanted it, you would now have it already. So many to choose from at about the same price break. To say one is 'better' than another is a misnomer, at best. We all prefer certain things but that does not make it better in the true sense. You obviously like something about this rifle in particular, which others may not see, and that may dampen your enthusiasm. Buy it, is you want it. Your decision, your cash. I hope you get pleasure with whatever you end up with.
  12. I'll admit from the off this is not a big problem when to take into account the state of the World today, however I was just wondering how long does it normally take for small items to be dispatched? Had an email telling me my payment was received. Not panic, just asking. Thank you.
  13. Don't think 'thick' is the right word to use. I do believe, however, people are incredibly gullible and have an increased tendency to comment before reading and, more importantly, understanding before kicking off. This is a social media trate. The internet have enabled everybody to become an expert on everything without any real knowledge to back it up if questioned, it at this point the arguments start. We have lost the ability to admit defeat. The MSM, television in general is a combination of biased propaganda all dumbed down to almost embarrassing levels of utter stupidity. Spend five minutes, if you can, at any of the current 'behind the scenes' reality programs if you don't believe me. The 'news' is nothing short of scaremongering with the words 'could' and ' might' used way too much. Breaking stories rarely last till the next day which should beg the question how valid was it in the first place? Social media also allows a platform for the 'easily offended', or put another way - attention seekers. People have developed an over inflated meaning of their own worth without substance. Thick isn't the right word at all......
  14. My X20. Already commented on is the trigger. This can have a massive effect on 'accuracy'. The standard offering is long and very heavy. The trigger, I believe, is a cheap generic unit found in many lower priced rifles such as Crosman, Benjamin etc. For almost no money and little skill the trigger can be transformed. Have a look on YouTube. Pellet wise, this doesn't care.
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