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  1. Ditto here, no issues with my Ultra to date, hope you get this one sorted👍
  2. It appears I'm surrounded by airgunners! Closest population is Wem, for those who know the area. Plenty and varied selection of quarry but I'm starting things off slowly, learn as I go. Only, now that, I'm happy with my shooting have I considered 'hunting'. Got into airguns due to a rat issue after we started keeping chickens. Never realised how much I missed shooting in general. Thank you for the welcome, I'm here to learn. 👍 Bob.
  3. Hi everybody. Keen airgunner with first perm and no real clue regarding the techniques required to maximise my efforts. Prepared and tasted my first pigeon only last week, at my age that's disappointing! Absolutely marvellous, I'm hooked. Perm is on my doorstep, literally. So with a lot more knowledge, it could be a rewarding new chapter with my shooting. Thank you for the add. Bob.
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