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  1. North Cornwall SG and Two Counties SG (the old Jay’s) aren’t too far away.
  2. Look no further than Canterbury. By far the most reliable acoustic system. Parts are readily available and at a decent price. They’ve become so commonplace it’s years since I’ve shot anything other than an acoustically released trap, even the skeet layouts have them now. http://www.cvr.co.nz
  3. It’s not really. Last time I went trap houses looked shabby, targets were a long way from regulation and peg slabs were a mess with weeds everywhere. I get the impression they’re more interested in providing a fine dining experience than quality clay shooting. Ironically, it’s no more than a few miles from me yet I wouldn’t ever consider visiting. I hope it’s bought by someone that will improve the shooting and reintroduce registered events. I doubt it’ll happen though.
  4. Listy


    I have. There’s plenty of coaches that offer relatively basic instruction but none that drill down into the finer details of the mental side of competitive shooting. David Ball’s been mentioned. Has anyone any experience of him?
  5. Listy


    Apologies for not making this clear but I’m looking for a trap coach rather than sporting, specifically fast trap (ABT/UT). Does anyone know of a coach that specialises in this area?
  6. I’m looking for a coach in the North Yorkshire area. I’m already at a reasonable standard but would like to progress, particularly with the mental training side of the sport. Can anyone recommend a coach that’s local. I’ll travel to neighbouring counties if necessary.
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