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  1. Thanks for the replies all, they’ve been helpful! Is the purchase of shooting rights subject to VAT then? I assumed it would be similar to the purchase of a property and so have no VAT implication, but perhaps a capital gain if they were ever resold for more…
  2. Hi all, does anyone know a rough price for buying exclusive shooting rights over land is per acre? I know this varies a lot with location, but I'm after a general ballpark - the land is about 650 acers in mid/south Wales including shooting, stalking and fishing rights. Also, does anyone know what rights you've got if you own just the shooting rights - I know you can take game etc., but what about habitat preservation? I'm not talking about cover crops necessarily, but I'd like to make sure the landowner doesn't turn round and cut down the woods and bulldoze the ponds/marshes to make bigger fields as soon as the purchase goes through! Many thanks!
  3. Hi all, I'm new to this forum but have been shooting pigeons for years. After a brief hiatus I've come back to the sport but I'm concerned upon reading the new general licences. Whilst birds like canada geese can be shot under all three licenses, pigeons which pose far more of a problem can only be controlled under one license, GL42, and even then only for spread of disease relating to livestock and protection of crops. I own a woodland were I want to shoot, but I don't grow crops or rear animals. Sadly the woods have a footpath through, and I'm worried about my legal standpoint if I'm challenged by a passing busybody? Am I entitled to shoot pigeons there under the new licenses or not, as I can't use the excuse of protecting crops or livestock? Any advice would be really appreciated; I feel like our way of life is being increasingly persecuted.
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