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  1. Perfect. Thank you guys 👍🏻
  2. Been away from air rifles for a long time and am going to treat myself to a brand new Air arms TX soon. Still undecided on the carbine or the full length rifle. There is so many new manufacturers of scopes and different extras you can have on them these days. I used to have a few hawke scopes on bsa lightnings and things like that always got on well. Then got into FAC rifles and went down the leupold route for them. So are modern scopes mostly all a muchness or are there good ones and bad ones? Budget would be < £175
  3. What a good idea I’ve a lot of time for that
  4. A little bit of boredom today so here’s how I make my fenn trap boxes. I’m sure some people won’t like them but some people will like them, but it works for me and if it helps someone else out then it’s all good. The little V notch in the side is to locate the safety hook in. This lines up the trap perfectly with the wood on the bottom which makes the trap sit flush and gives the box a bit of strength. I find using just 3 lengths of wood it’s a bit flimsy
  5. Hello I used to drive past a nice little rifle range near here. It looks like it is on a disused rail way line near the road. Does anybody on here shoot there or know much about it? I would be interested in joining. cheers
  6. Used to lurk these forums many years ago (10-15 years ago) I recognise a few old names from back then. Thought I’d join the party again. Jim
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