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  1. WOW... I have never seen it done like that before
  2. Hi Gav, Hows it going buddie? Does this meen that that pair of jills we were discusing will be coming my way in the not to distant future Glad your hob managed to do the deed in the end good man lol All the best, R.
  3. We were fishing on Shakespere Beach in Dover. Up next to the admiralty pier. R.
  4. Hello all... Thanks for the replies... Well as planned i went out last night to fish the tide up in the hope i would catch my first dogfish. I managed to talk my friend in to coming along who then offered to drive.... Bonus! We arrived on the beach for around 9 o'clock and speedily got set up. For the first hour or so we were plagued by crabs... pulling the odd one in here and there that made it threw the breaking waves without letting go. after this i had a more promising bite and soon pulled in a fairly good size whiting... a nice fish and a bonus after the crabs, but still not the desired dogfish. Anyways, once that was released, it was time to rebait and cast out again. Withing about 10 mins of re-casting... i had a couple of forceful tap taps on the rod, follwed by a nice progressive bend... that looks better i thought to myself. 2 mins later and my eyes lit up and a smile that seemed to last all night, filled my face. I had done it, i had caught my first doggie After all the excitment, we both re-cast and withing 10 mins my friend also had one on the beach... With no more interest for the next half hour or so, we decided to end on a high note and call it a day, mainly as the monday morning work alarm was growing ever closer Anyways i thought i would include a little piccy that was taken.... Sorry about the quality, it was a phone camera in the middle of the night lol Cant wait for my next trip now R.
  5. Rite well as the crops are getting a little to high to sensibly decoy over, i decided its about time to get the fishing tackle out for the first time this year... Well i went down to a local beach mark and set up so i was fishing around 100 yards away from the peir, and around 100 yards out. The rig i was using was a clipped down pulley rig with a makrel fillet on a pennel... incase you were wondering... I chose this as apparently, according to the old chap in the tackle shop, there are loads of dogies about... I got down there and to be honest i was a little late... high tide was at 11.15 and i was set up at 11 could have done with being there a few hours earlier.. Anyways i sat there for about 3 hours as it was a lovely day and even set up my pike rod with a lure on to keep me occupied... Nothing was biting and i returned empty handed... It was annoying though as iv not yet caught a dogfish and was really hoping for one.... so im gonna go back tonight and fish the tide up Anyone know any good tips for catching doggies then? I shall let you no how i get on... R.
  6. HaHa me and my friends used to make Spud Guns... got a bit painfull when we decided to try and shoot eachother with them The best thing i have found to do with them is fire them along the ground whilst your mate shoots them..... kinda like a bolting rabbit.... Just got to be very carefull where you point the gun... or do what we did and make use of hay bails and corrigated metal sheets... R.
  7. Hello all ... The time has come to have a bit of a clearout and my PS2 Games have now got to go... For Sale.. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 - £6 Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 - £6 Call of Duty: Finest Hour - £6 Call of Duty 2: Big Red One - £6 Medal of Honor: Frontline - £6 Medal of Honor: Rising sun - £6 Prince of Persia: The Sand of Time - £6 Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - £6 Need For Speed: Underground - £6 Cricket 2002 - £6 Formula One 2002 - £6 Half Life - £6 Toca Car Driver - £6 Theme Park World - £6 Prices Include P&P Make a saving and purchase all of them together for £50 Last time these games were played they worked as the should with no known problems. I must say though, i can not garentee this as you all know what royal mail is like Cheers, R.
  8. Ahh shame your so far away... would have definatley been interested... All the best, R.
  9. I Used to do that untill i tried dropping it into my gun once R.
  10. Nice one FM... glad its all ok All the best, R.
  11. Hey, have a look at my thread in this section, you may get some ideas... I go along with a simple theory; If your going to keep caged animals, give them as much space as possible. All the best, R.
  12. Sorry Just re-read the post and answered my own question....
  13. Cheers Lee... I shall add a strip of ply to the back then i think ... R.
  14. Good work boys! and erm... girl Great pictures aswell by the way. R.
  15. Hey all... During the week i added an 'upstairs' to the run and today i built a ladder to access it with... As you can see the 'upstairs' is an 'L' shape and spans across the back of the hutch, and halfway up one side... I also intend to stick some 'play features' in aswell and some small logs/branches etc... All that seem's to be left for the time being is drill a hole in side of the run and hutch to join the two up using some pipe... As a plumber, i can get my hands on all sorts of pipe, but am undecided between 3" rain water pipe, or 4" soil pipe ? R.
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