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  1. That sounds rough, tooth ache is never pleasant and neither is having them removed. I hope you recover soon. Well done for getting out anyway.
  2. Well I appreciate the kind words marsh man. Funnily enough I got a message yesterday from the club and I'm out next week with a mentor. I appreciate the last few years have made things difficult and it doesn't help that I am only available at weekends due to work commitments. I'm looking forward to it.
  3. Just my 2 pence worth, I am a member of BASC, I have been ever since I started shooting, admittedly the older I get I do sometimes wonder why. I enjoy the magazine and weekly email updates but I do wish they could champion our community to the rest of the world as well as they do to us. That said if they did suggest a voluntary contribution to purchase land around the country I would be happy to support it even if it was on the other side of the country, at least I know that perhaps it would inspire others and promote shooting. As for a decline in wildfowling, about 4 years ago I moved from the outskirts of London to the coast. I immediately tried to join a local wildfowling club. Applied online, heard nothing... Applied again... Eventually got a reply, they said they would send me an application form, after 6 weeks it never came, I asked for a new form, it came, I filled it out and sent it back recorded. Never heard back... On their website it said they are recruiting members but it didn't seem like they wanted any. Since then I have actually managed to join another club but so far I have been a member since April, have paid an extra fee as a new member, but until I have to spend the first year going with an experienced member on the marsh before I am allowed on my own, which I think is sensible, but as of yet I'm still waiting to go with someone, wether that is due to covid or not enough volunteers I don't know. Either way in my experience it feels like if wildfowling is in decline, maybe some of it is self inflicted.
  4. Another great write up. Always leaves me itching to get out after a read like this, keep up the good work.
  5. Nice read, I'm glad they had fun. I'm itching to get out again but work commitments always seem to get in the way. Thanks for sharing and look forward to the next one
  6. When I lived in Thurrock there used to be flocks of hundreds of these fly over. We used to get some land in the neighbours trees and they make a terrible racket. Since I moved further out from London I don't see them anymore. Glad to see someone getting rid of them, well done.
  7. Well done, I'd be happy with 1 at the min. Unfortunately due to work commitments by the time I get home it's already dark. Keep it up, I look forward to the next one.
  8. I always love reading your posts, it's always nice to see something from another part of the world and your pictures always look amazing. Keep up the good work.
  9. Just my input. I do alot of feral work in warehouses and I personally use a s410 and cannot fault it. That said a friend of mine has the s510 with the side lever and I find it feels more elegant to use than the bolt style on mine. After using it for a bit the bolt type always feels alot more clunky to use after. Other than that I find they both perform and handle the same. That said I have offered to buy his 510 on many occasions as it is a joy to use.
  10. Hi all, after some vermin or rough shooting in the south east. I currently do some feral pigeon control in a few warehouses in barking but I have done it too well and cleared myself out of work. I also do crop protection on a local farm but it's daylight shooting only and as it's winter I don't really get a chance to go after work as it's already dark this time of year. Ideally I can do evenings or nights during the week, I have experience lamping, working around animals and equipment on stables or farms. I'm happy to consider anything, stables, farms, warehouses, golf courses, a few years ago i even controlled rabbits digging up an airfield. I know it's a long shot but please PM me if anyone has anything, I'm fully insured, air rifle and shotgun, whatever is appropriate. Just after anything that won't cost a fortune. Thanks for the help
  11. Well done, I was up early but it was only to go to work, I know what I would have rather been doing, I'm very jealous...
  12. That's excellent numbers for a couple of hours. Sounds like a fun day, I'm chomping at the bit to get out but can't seem to get the time lately. Nice to see you had a good day, well done.
  13. Shame this is so far from me, I would have ripped your arm off for it... Good luck, someone will get a lovely shoot.
  14. Very nice, I have often thought about doing something like this myself. I'm glad to see someone championing field sports and game food. Well done
  15. Loved this, loved the write up and the honesty, excellent photos and just thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing.
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