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  1. ttc05j

    Hob ferret

    Got a hob ferret for sale i arranged him for a friend but his circumstances have changed and hes no longer able to have him so hes looking for a home he is £15 and collection from either billinborough or pinchbeck lincs
  2. Lovely hour out sunday morning just doing 1 warren for a church as all the other Warren's are still to overgrown with nettles but was just working my albino jill I bred out my line this year and sure didnt let me down she bolted 2 rabbits out together twice got the 1st pair but the second pair hit hit the net lowering it and the second jumped over so got a lucky escape but will come back for it another day
  3. Advertising for a friend 3 red and white cocker dog pups they are now 4 months old lovely lively and playful pups they are fully vaccinated and microchipped and also they are kc reg with a 5 generation pedigree they are £750 and they are based in Lincolnshire can send pics of parents on request and mum can be seen
  4. Various colours of (black choclate pied and lavender) muscoveys ducks and drakes 15 each female and 10 pounds a drake or pairs for 20 and trios for 30 and will do deals on bigger numbers. Based billinborough lincs
  5. 3 pairs of silver campine chickens 15 pounds a pair or will sell the hens seperate at 12 each. Billinborough lincolnshire
  6. Hi we are looking for up to 20 guinea fowl not bothered on colour just need to be fully feathered thanks. Lincolnshire
  7. ttc05j

    Pet rabbits

    2 doe 1 buck lionhead rabbits will be fantastic pets as there so very tame and don't mind being handled collection from billinborough lincs they are £20 each
  8. £8 each didn't realise I never put it in the description
  9. Various colourd muscovey drakes mainly pure blacks but have a solid brown and a few lavenders collection can be from billingborough or pinchbeck lincs
  10. I just whent by a quick Google search just saw them at 40 round here
  11. 12 weeks old fully tamed budgie I believe it is a female I do also have its sibling I believe is also female that is semi tame as it prefers to fly about over sit with you collection is from billinborough lincs the fully tame is £40 semi £25
  12. Couple did early season I like the silver at the front are you still after hobs? I've got 2 albinos left
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