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  1. Hi All, I’m hoping to get a reference from those of you living in Hertfordshire or Cambridgeshire. I’m looking for someone with a rabbit pen to train my dog to drop to flush. Can anyone help? Thanks
  2. Thanks for all your guidance and help today Fenny. It was great to get away from holidaying with the in-laws, even if it was for a few hours! I’m still cursing myself for missing that easy one which practically landed on the decoys… it played on my mind so much I even went to my local clays ground just before closing to try and work out what I did wrong!!! For all of you who have booked with Fenny, I’m sure you’ll find that he’s a very knowledgable and empathetic guide. Thanks once again
  3. I’d agree on that point… sometimes pigeons will swerve or dive too which really does my nut in!!! Clays are generally simpler, pigeons are a true challenge - shame my dog doesn’t realise that. The look of pure disgust and annoyance she sometimes gives when I miss an ‘easy one’ almost makes me want to reconsider this sport!
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