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  1. Apparently they are. Putting mine towards a water/windproof trouser and jacket set.
  2. I have a series 4 L200 Barbarian crew cab, long bed, 175bhp, on road 4wd (hi), manually selectable low and low locked gearing, locked centre diff. Just wish i had locking front and rear diffs. They do have their fair share of problems like all the rest but that's the luck of the draw and the joys of owning a vehicle! Has enough creature comforts, air con, leather interior, auto lights/wipers but not so much that it's a pain in the ***! They have all gone stupid price wise lately. so i'll be hanging on to mine for a while.
  3. The main entrance to the field & pens has at all times a few row of round bales, but this is by the road and 2 houses and also pushing the limit of the .17hmr I'd be fairly sure. A high seat would be good, a couple of modified apple boxes would work a treat. Thanks for the input.
  4. Pity there isn't an outlet for pelts anymore. I'm keen to get the license back with the rifle on it and use the NV to clear up a few. Working around a couple of free range hen farms -meat and egg laying operations. I had thought of making a raised hide in one spot, a good 6' gap of dead ground between fences of neighbouring farm, view to the left forward and the hill on the right. I have spotted 3-4 a night in this one field, roughly 10pm-12pm every time i have went down. The 10 bore def gave you a few extra pellets to work with 💥
  5. Thanks for the reply. Have been calling but hard to get them in range. This was an extremely curious or tame fox or it didn't know we were even there. I had been using some of the pigeons shot for that purpose, they do seem more partial to the crows though. Have 3" BB'S at the ready for the next night I get down.
  6. A few small mouth squeaks was all, not even sure it heard us over the wind. 15/20 mph face on, he walked downwind towards us. we never moved when we saw it coming and once close not a noise till it was gone. I won't get out this week or at weekend but def next week I'll be down waiting on it. I had been putting dog food out at several spots well tramped in to the ground to keep attract and keep the magpies off as much as I could. always cleared up over night. If I get it to 40/50yrds he'll not need educating next time I'm out. I do have an application in for a .17 HMR (grounds I'll be shooting on are all fields with lines of sight <100yrds with the exception of a very few areas) with a Pard NV007 in tow. Ryan
  7. Update - not got my 1st fox yet, but have managed to get them to start calling in and gained another 100 acre of permissions to work over around free range hen houses. Saturday night, took a last walk down 1 field in stormy conditions, left the shotgun in the car about 100m away, thinking nothing about, too late (pm), house nearby etc. spotted a fox, gave a few mild squeaks by mouth, it closed in very fast and walked right up to us within 10yrds! Every other time i had been down i had the gun, nothing showed! Could have taken it out by throwing the lamp at it! lol Getting there, learn something every time I go out. Spotted 3 total, called x2 in, 1 was lamp shy and ran. The other as above and the 1st cam in to c.100yrds and melted away into the darkness. Ryan
  8. I was wondering the same, an area i shoot has a large lake within a mile of a shallow river, I have saw groups of duck (mostly Teals) around the river and shot my 1st the other week. There are stubbles and grazing land both sides of the river. Would it be possible to feed the stubbles along the river and promote them to come in?
  9. A good CAT tourniquet is a must also! a shot or tear to an arm or leg can be devastating. I have tore my leg badly on barbed wire and ran an axe in to my foot before, luckily didn't have the need for a tourniquet but easily could have. small and compact fits in a normal 1st aid kit. e.g. Tourniquet Emergency Strap Outdoor First Aids Severe Life Saving Hemorrhage | eBay simple to use, even one handed. I keep in the house, both cars and in the shooting bag. Even for the case of coming across and accident etc at least you can help.
  10. Nice. Had a run of 1st lately, hoping to get my 1st fox!
  11. That looks good for the cold/wet/windy nights... no option for semi fixed position unfortunately plus have 2 separate permissions about 1 mile apart. Will start with simple net hides setup earlier in the evening and i can move between them if I need to depending on results. Did Mr Fox get to leave the squirrel feeding station?
  12. That is one reason for hugging the river, a cut off for the fox and the wind generally crosses right to left towards the river leaving me downwind and with clear sight to the bottom of the field where they are hanging out, chicken farm above carrying scent down too to distract them. Thanks for the input!
  13. @robbiep thanks for the info. I've been watching and following trails/holes in hedges, sitting spots, remnants of carcasses. I've been leaving the odd crow or blown pigeon out in different spots. Going to set some dog food well tramped into the ground and see what they do. I'm keen to use the 12g, looks to me it takes more thinking and craft to get close enough. Using a semi-auto so i'm stuck on the single barrel, 46g 3's up 1st followed by BB's would keep me right I imagine.
  14. Hi all, Im after foxes at the moment, but - no rifle at the moment, funds, new cabinet needed etc... but i have been able to gert within est. 60yrds of them but wasnt comfortable taking a shot for not making them any shyer and risk of injury over a clean kill (46g 3s, 36 3" BBs and 00 buckshot available 3/4 choked). Has anyone played around with baiting known runs, positioning early and setting up a hide arrangement downwind (along a river bank and hedge) to ambush them as such? I do intend getting a rifle .223 or .22WMR is my thinking for now but i would also like to try some field craft for the sake of it too. Any tips are welcome, bait, bait type, placement, cartridge recommended from the above mentioned 12g rounds. Thanks, R Mc
  15. Hi all, tried a few carts tonight, including a 30gram lead with 22gn As, faolir punch, but smooth. 18.8gn 28gram were good also. Just need to get a good day out on something!!! Thanks for the help and info RyanMc
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