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  1. Just had another look at Brocock Commander xr retailers. They all state the moderator and picatinny/ weaver rails are extra (on top of their £1,000+ rifle). That makes it a big NO from me. Taking the p**** big time.
  2. It will shoot rats for me just as good as a cheaper pcp. I do like the compact design and lightweight of the Brocock Commander xr though. My Customiz3d HW 77k springer is a hefty beast with the pard 008p and 5.5" monitor attached.
  3. Are they regulated? Looking at one myself. However, Brocock have a descent regulated commander xr around the same price.
  4. Yes, I need a rock steady shooting platform for the rats (and the odd pigeon that flies inside the sheds). 👍
  5. Nice to know it works. Once the saddle arrives, I can set it up and re zero the pard 008p, as it's a rock steady platform. Then I'll attach the monitor. Happy days. 🤗
  6. Hi all, Having just purchased the Primos Gen 3 tripod, I decided to alter it giving me the flexibility to shoot rats in the farm sheds that are not only on ground level, but higher up on the sheds parallel structural beams that run all around the at different heights. The ball head mount will allow flexibility of movement, whilst the saddle clamp will lock the rifle stock securely. Just waiting for the N8vision saddle clamp to arrive.
  7. 1972, U.S withdrawal from Vietnam leaving the people to suffer under a N. Vietnam takeover. History repeating itself. The taliban knew (thanks to the world media), troops were pulling out). Taliban were just abiding their time before moving back in). Now they can reorganize for more terror attacks on the west, as we're not denying them freedom of movement anymore.
  8. Sonetimes you have to take the fight to the enemy. Sonetimes you have to take the fight to the enemy.
  9. Will do. Thanks. 👍
  10. Two shims at the back seemed to of worked. Went shooting last night, and the NV seems grainy, just wondering if it's connected to the ev setting?
  11. Changed my licence 6 months ago after moving house. Got it back 2 days later. DVLA 👍
  12. 2nd shim added, so will check again tommorow. Lucky my next door neighbour owns a field 2 miles down the road I can use to zero on, otherwise I would be 😡
  13. The ZB mount can be mounted either way. I mounted it this way to make it easier to rotate the turrets without stretching. I'll try another shim. However, the ZB instructions state you can loosen the elevation screw (at rear) to allow more.
  14. Many thanks for your help Rewulf. Just got in, so I'll read your post. 👍👍
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