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  1. I have both the P7, I think the previous was L7, and the P7R. They're great build quality, and can really stand a beating. The P7R does work great in really terrible rain, and the output is beautiful. Is it the brightest for the price? No. But, do I think you can beat the overall build and quality? No. The P7R is rechargeable and you can get replacement batteries, however the "cheap" ones are very much in the buyer beware camp. I love my P7R, but a few times it's run out when I needed it desperately. The issue is that they work on full power then just stop, rather than dimming at all. P7 would be my choice as a go-to affordable. Do NOT buy on ebay, there are a LOT of fakes that will work for a few weeks and die. Go from a trusted re-seller, and by trusted I mean one that's a decent brand that buys genuine only. Amazon is NOT trusted in this respect unless it comes from Lenser direct. For general purpose, L7 or P7 is my opinion from practical use.
  2. He did reference he hoped there were no home made varieties and I think it just claimed gun control rather than more gun control. I also think it was mostly said for the "gun control, pun control" joke. However it was still a positive post compared to bang bang sticks being bad. A few things to cringe on, but if it raises peoples thoughts to try it, it wouldn't be a bad thing... ideally not in tweed....
  3. Welcome aboard and great first post Move to 10 gauge or another rare gauge and the price of reloading will become worthwhile! I'd love a go at reloading, just can't see a cost benefit for 12g!
  4. For those not in NI and need to feel some mild jealousy: Apply for High Street scheme ‘Spend Local’ prepaid card | nidirect Fair play to you guys and dolls though
  5. Closest you may get is Johnny
  6. So, following from my other thread on not reloading the steel carts once shot, I actually emailed a number of companies asking why you can't reload. I actually got a sensible reply from one company! I have asked to quote them, however whilst they were happy with the content sharing they didn't want to be mentioned in name or brand which I shall honour. This also does help potentially answer why American shooters ask why the UK don't reload more, and certainly a higher cost of shell that's cheaper to reload would partially explain it. So..... having shot this brand that replied and can agree they produce a nice standard shell, their affordability through cheaper production methods render their cases unsuitable for reload. In our market where many (most?) don't reload, a lower price point is definitely what the market wants!
  7. Inside the box. I haven’t emailed gamebore to ask why
  8. HantsRob


    That would only be funnier if it was someone sat next to you
  9. To be fair Greenfields in Wilts sells at 223/thou, so only a quid and change more per slab. Always happy to hear of a cheaper place though
  10. Yeah, didn't do Dexter too well. Thank goodness he's back next month....
  11. HantsRob


    A possible DNS outage causing humans to speak to their relatives they live with. Shocking.
  12. For your sake, after this long wait I hope that's the case! Good luck and look forward to hearing you get it very soon!
  13. To be fair I've smelled 'narb whilst walking through very affluent areas. It's not a drug confined to the ne'er do wells. The only difference is the dregs are more likely to share
  14. How did it go? About an hour, cabinet shake, and a promise they'll process when they can? I'm "only" 3.5 months in, 10 weeks or so since home visit and I'm trying to be patient.
  15. Oh I am aware it's salacious to make the public demand gun owners pay for everything, and it won't change timescales. My point was that if they offered a 2 tier service, I would pay the extra for an accountable and timely delivery (assuming I submit doctors letter with my application). It just seems like the PCCs want to charge more money and get a tighter control. What is funny is no-one asks about recovery of costs for Police and associated services when someone has a car crash..... heaven forbid their wallet is touched.
  16. To be fair if they said "the price is going from £85 to £200 for a licence, but you'll be processed in 4 calendar weeks" I'd sign on the dotted line.
  17. To be fair he's accountable to the transport commissioner, and it's mostly their balls on the line (and you could get a temporary ban also) if there are any non-compliancies.
  18. To be fair, a standardised national approach to applications is a good thing. Hampshire is leading the way as a gold standard, for ensuring medical forms are submitted or the application gets binned. I can't see how anyone things this is a bad idea. This should get forces aligned and maybe play from the same rulebook, for fairness and safety.
  19. I'd strongly recommend every member here and other forums (of course happy for anyone to post it to other shooting forums!) to give our view. Everyone deserve a right to have a say. Some views carry a stronger weight due to knowledge, but I fear this could bring stronger changes. I do personally believe a medical report should be mandatory rather than "no news is good news" and I don't think there's anything too contentious in there. Gotta be in it to win it, or rather complete it to have your opinion counted
  20. Firearms licensing in England and Wales There has been heightened public concern following the recent tragic shooting of five people in Plymouth by a man who then killed himself. The Home Office is currently reviewing arrangements for the licensing of guns and will shortly be introducing new statutory guidance to be followed by all police forces. At the end of last year (2020/21), more than 565,000 people in England and Wales held a firearms licence and/or a shotgun certificate. Licences and certificates are valid for five years, and then must be renewed if the licence holder wishes to retain their firearm(s). They can be revoked by the police at any time if the holder no longer meets the conditions of their licence. Police and Crime Commissioners want to understand the public's views and ensure they are heard by the Home Office when considering possible revisions to the current rules and processes around licensing of weapons in England and Wales. Thank you for taking the time to share your views on this important subject Survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/5J7PV2K The survey will close at 5pm on Wednesday 20th October. (FYI this covers all 43 Police constabularies)
  21. Grooming happens in many forms, and Saville started a very long time ago in technology terms. I think any help to showcase grooming and warning signs isn't necessarily bad. Even if it helps just 1 child, that is a result. It depends how it is documented that may be tasteless. May all the survivors take peace that others may not suffer the same, rather than continuing pain from seeing it. Survivors, not victims. (nice definition of the above, which is how I intended it to be: Both terms have their place and serve different purposes. Although victim is a legal definition necessary within the criminal justice system, survivor can be used as a term of empowerment to convey that a person has started the healing process and may have gained a sense of peace in their life.)
  22. THANKYOU for giving reasons why each one is used Such a waste as you'll only use it once in your lifetime. Love the figure of 8 double for rock climbing!
  23. It's funny as that may be in inconvenience for you. But, your transport manager and ultimately your business owners (IF the trucks are up to spec and no defects) will LOVE you being stopped by the police if there are no defects. Every interraction gets reported back to the traffic commissioner who has ultimate power over the haulage business, and TMs need to be of good standing. Every stop with zero issue will lower your companys risk score, and that is a really good thing for renewing licences, changing site licences including adding more vehicles and what not. A pain for the driver, but amazing if you are legit for your back office. TMs do not want to upset the TC!
  24. Evening! What's the difference between low perfornance and high performance steel cartridges? Also on my gamebore steel carts, the box says you can't reload them. Is there a reason for this? :)
  25. To be fair, your cousin has bought the buckfast and haggis, why not make an event of it Airports struggle with skis sometimes. I can only imagine the hassle with guns!
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