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  1. Thank you… I always try to follow good advice
  2. Seems like a good method! I know I need to start using a cleaner… I’ve got some Pro Ferrum as I got given it so I’ll try that first but I’ll bear Napier in mind too! Haha I’m certainly finding that. I’ve got a bore snake but never really got on with it, that said it’s only a cheapy one so might not be up to the job! Yep, I can imagine chrome bores are useful! A couple of questions to add for anyone who knows- 1) Cleaning a traditionally oiled stock- can I use beeswax polish to quickly bring back some shine? 2) How do I clean a Silvers Recoil Pad?
  3. So being new to this forum, thought I’d ask about for a bit of advice on people’s cleaning routines for their shotguns? I’m definitely of the school that if the gun gets shot, it gets cleaned- mine never go away dirty. That said, my routine tends to just be run through the barrels with a bronze brush, then a paradox, then pull an oily rag through. Wipe off the metalwork with oil, clean the wood and put back together. I know this does the job as a basic clean, but what do you guys do for a more thorough clean?
  4. They are the standard I think… I was taught by my Grandad that an ounce of 6’s will cover most bases so it’s what I’ve stuck to as it works for me! And thank you… they do me proud so I can’t complain! I shoot better with mine than any other gun I’ve used, and to own a proper bit of English gun making heritage for much less than a new mass produced OU it’s a no- brainer for me
  5. This thread has actually led me to joining this forum… I may only be 22 but all I use is side by sides! I have 3 at the moment… an AYA No.3 that’s my wet weather/ fowling gun, a 1948 Webley & Scott Mod. 700 that’s my main gun for clays and game, and an 1885 Trulock & Harris hammer gun that’s an heirloom used for special occasions! I’ve found a 28” barrelled side by side is perfect for me, with 21g 7.5’s for clays and 28g 6’s for game doing the job in most situations I’ve found. I’ve attached photos of the Webley & AYA as best as I can! 1948 Webley & Scott Mod. 700 AYA No. 3
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