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  1. I would look at guntrader and gunstar prices which most are dealer prices find something close to your spec then go from there I sold my gun that way dealer price was £1700 so sold mine for £1500
  2. The guy was on his 3rd marriage why was that was it his exes got out quick or did this woman keep putting up with **** we will never know the truth, my missus used to work in the courts and I am an ex police officer and the amount of times we went to domestics arrested the husband for assault and next thing you have the wife having a go at us for doing it or saying he has done nothing wrong I hated going to them or the wife saying I love him so won’t give a statement, even thou covered in bruises and blooded.
  3. Conservative Labour which ever party don’t trust any of them only out to make money for themselves never see a poor politician
  4. Hopefully now the weight of running as such 2 forums will lift and you can get back to spending more time enjoying this sport/ hobby of ours
  5. Hi mate my missus wanted to come with me as well so we looked for something suitable as she is a short**** needed be light as such not too long in stock after looking around we came across a KOFS 20g 28”barrels she got on with it straight away brand new £500 but s/h seen them £300 price range absolutely cracking gun well recommended and I shoot it sometimes if she says the cartridges are faulty if she not hitting anything to prove nowt wrong with them she uses a 21g cart
  6. Looks a cracking place too shoot that does mate shame about the rain
  7. Technically if not working correctly it’s a fail as the steering is affected in the way it operates but why does it not work have you checked the feed to it the cause could be the Alternator as it’s electric seen it before cost my mate £70 to have his alternator sorted had same problem
  8. Hi mate what condition is it in please and what would you take for it 



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    2. Marka11


      £60 and can collect as above

    3. pigeonbasher1


      sun is fine m8, sorry im'e l8 responding, just arrived at the east coast for a couple of days

    4. Marka11


      Sweet you want a dep or ok pay you on Sunday this is my mob No if you need contact me 07597 726567 and you can send me your address so time too suit you but possibly earlier the better for me have a good few days away 


  9. Hi I’m in Stoke would like to look at this gun I am after a English gun for game shooting
  10. Replied back to you on the forum if you do buy one superb hunt around I got mine for £5800 most places wanting £6-6200

  11. I got the 30” barrel don’t think they do a 32” also they are quite straight in stock I’m right handed and my mate is left handed and he shot a 6out of 8 with it straight away only reason is I have seen a dealer put a premium on the l/h version so with it being a straight stock it should suit either handed gun. Mine has just come back from the gunsmith I have had it balanced and stock refinished like a London gun and the wood to metal finish isn’t that good but easy remedy by a good gunsmith
  12. Only thing I can say is buy the best you can afford I used to have a Beretta 690 but like you I decide I wanted something else and thought about going and buying a bit more expensive gun . So I went out and purchased a new Miroku mk 11 what a fantastic gun could not recommend one of these highly enough worth trying definitely upped my clayscores
  13. My mum does a cracking liver an onions so does the wife but needs thick gravy and chips bloody lovely
  14. Been several times as it only 20mins down road from me really good day out some really rare and unseen bikes there also you never know who you might walk past Sebastian Vettel there 1 year walked straight past him thought he looks familiar and it was him yeh so worth going subject to weather I will go Sunday
  15. Where are you in the country there is TR White Staffordshire by Oakedge shooting ground they do some cracking work they currently have my Miroku really friendly and superb work quality
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