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  1. Something very similar my eldest step son was gifted his grandfathers guns (****** me off as I was promised one and I had deal with the paperwork as he just sat there twiddling his thumbs) if he has has used them a dozen times in 6/7 years that be pushing it anyway he only had a licence with no guns on them one late afternoon firearms Bobby rocks up all geared up sidearm etc asking too see the gun my missus said 1 gun there is 2 and also in my cabinet my area could not even match addresses up would have saved an officer an hrs wait for me to get home he was not a happy bunny and even he put in a complaint against his own firearms dept as he said for time wasting
  2. Why would they advise you to move your guns just in case ? I take it they mean store them at a rfd why they can give you an extension like i and many others have to retain them
  3. Went back 14yrs for me and a comment I knew nothing about and cannot remember going the GP’s for the issue
  4. Have you thought of stick on tyre weights beretta did them few years ago only difference is they had beretta logo on them just an idea admittedly they were grey/black in colour but a spray can before fitting would sort that
  5. Ok fair one we will conclude this conversation you have your thoughts I have mine shame the O P didn’t make things clearer re his post have you noted he has not replied anyway keep enjoying our hobby and sport
  6. My firearms dept 1 week it was only open to calls 10-11am then next week it was 11am-2pm total pita but only give you 2hrs a day to answer enquiries is poor
  7. That’s why I said possible, that and maybe very similar wording and meaning as in your Maybe adverb possibly much the same also she could have a licence as i posted after someone said Why does she have too have one if not a shooter read what I said my missus had licence but didn’t have a gun you don’t need a gun have a licence
  8. Mental health forms does he not mean medical form we now have to now fill out why have you come to a possible conclusion the guys wife has mental health problems what is your basis of that she may have a licence Probably like my missus she didn’t have a gun but when we had our Xmas shoot (my old game shoot) me and a mate used too have a couple of drinks so my wife picked us up and took control of the guns the guy could do it for a similar reason you don’t need own a gun to have a licence
  9. Try this No 01656 869244 South Wales firearms dept all firearms licensing No’s are given on the Firearms licensing contacts website
  10. Thanks matey you are probably right it says one off on one date only over 13yrs ago nothing since no medication given scary thing is you don’t know what a doc may put about you 👍👍
  11. I will be honest I can’t even remember it or going to the docs it may have just been a phone call or I would have put it down got admit I can’t remember every visit or phone call made to my doc
  12. Just been too collect my report from the Docs £20 not bad only negative was a stress related marker in July 2008 that’s all no medication given or prescribed to me well I was going thru a divorce, my dad had been given 6months to live and I had a job I hated don’t think a one off incident should be a problem over 13years ago.
  13. Also you need to do a CAA online test to get a CAA No before allowed to fly I automatically get mine as I have my BMFA pilots licence this all got bought in because of muppets who have endangered aircraft and what happened down London way couple of years ago where all commercial flights got grounded
  14. Yes Happy New Year too all on here hope 22 is going too be better for one and all
  15. Spoke to my firearms dept this morning got admit the guy I spoke too seemed switched on and answered all my questions no problems said they have now put the medical form req on their website well last Thursday they did after I had submitted my paperwork and they had received it and had another letter this morning off them enclosed was extension forms 111 and 112 until April 22 the letter stating due too current circumstances it could be a while so at least I get too keep what I have all nice and safe instead of taking them to a RFD for safe keeping.
  16. They sent my reminder I sent it off then they sent another letter saying they need form now as well, still not even on their website this form needs filling in
  17. The Met one I’m using is basically the same page1 very similar rest of the form identical Sorry didn’t put it correctly should have said only a couple of forces seem to have a form that can be down loaded I know mine doesn’t that I can see that’s why I went for a generic one from the Met
  18. Don’t watch it anymore used too enjoy it years ago but gave up when they started having that Tom Heap on there he is so anti shooting probably one of the worst tv presenters out there, he is also one of those who probably think clay pigeon shooting is cruel once met someone who actually thought clay pigeons were real birds so then spent next 30mins educating them
  19. Right fills out my SGC and Firearm coterminous paper work send it off and they have received them, then today I get a letter reminding me about my renewals but also enclosed was another piece of paper saying I now had too send a medical information form in too my GP for them to fill out and send that. When I had my original renewal reminder there was nothing about that at all so i re looked at the County firearms dept website I’m under and nothing on there at all about this form it still the same as before, so then had to find this form that’s now required and all I can find is a couple of forces with it so I have gone for a generic Met police one anyone else had same issue filling it all out then getting a letter like mine. Also when I look at my licences I actually lost a couple of months at last renewal has this ever happened to anyone or should it have been given too the original exp date.
  20. I would look at guntrader and gunstar prices which most are dealer prices find something close to your spec then go from there I sold my gun that way dealer price was £1700 so sold mine for £1500
  21. The guy was on his 3rd marriage why was that was it his exes got out quick or did this woman keep putting up with **** we will never know the truth, my missus used to work in the courts and I am an ex police officer and the amount of times we went to domestics arrested the husband for assault and next thing you have the wife having a go at us for doing it or saying he has done nothing wrong I hated going to them or the wife saying I love him so won’t give a statement, even thou covered in bruises and blooded.
  22. Conservative Labour which ever party don’t trust any of them only out to make money for themselves never see a poor politician
  23. Hopefully now the weight of running as such 2 forums will lift and you can get back to spending more time enjoying this sport/ hobby of ours
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