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  1. I put my Sp30’s down couldn’t remember exact months/years but I added a note saying they might not be 100% correct it’s difficult to remember something that happened over 40 yrs ago. Like some other posters have said they know what you have done in the past just put it down even if dates may be wrong you have had a go and made an attempt not trying too hide stuff
  2. It will be another extension matey when I spoke to the dept last week of July I was told just starting January expired licences and hope too have mine sorted by September
  3. Guess what I was correct 3rd ext being posted out too me takes me until end of October
  4. Where are you my mate is a leftie and looking for a trap or dtl
  5. Same here mine expired mid Jan and on my 2nd temp permit which expires end of this month so think will be getting a 3rd one back too original poster looks like he is under the west mids office as lives in south Birmingham so they may be a lot quicker and it’s only a replacement page
  6. If you need a hand on your farms give me a shout when sorted I have a 17hmr cracking bit of kit for pest control see my post above my renewals went in December still waiting so that may give you an idea time frame wise
  7. I’m on my 2nd extension with Staffs my licence exp last week of January spoke to licensing dept last week told me still finishing Novembers renewals so I’m expecting a 3rd renewal
  8. Give it a chance only been on 36 hrs not everyone looks on here every day I have not been on since Sunday afternoon so think you are being a bit impatient not everything sells in the 1st 24hrs give it time
  9. What’s the price how much would be helpful and pics of barrels etc
  10. I’m on my 2nd which exp’s end of July but after talking to the firearms dept y.day I may have a 3rd extension but hoping doesn’t get that far
  11. Well spoke too my firearms dept today explained on my 2nd extension as my licences ran out in January and was told still dealing with some November renewals so could be August/September time before sorted think I will be getting a 3rd extension at this rate
  12. So if you made £100 on them to get your money back plus £100 profit you sold them for £150 or was it £160 cant remember if for sale £50 or £60 some thicko`s about then when they can be bought new not s/h for £80
  13. Marka11

    Pop up hide

    guy on facebook got a bale hide not used under woodpigeon shooting sales paul turner might be worth looking at wants £70 posted think he is North east area
  14. well if that`s correct hope he doesn`t get what he wants for them
  15. If Newkid changes his mind I will take them
  16. Cannot wait too take my Grandson shooting he is nearly 2 really looking forward to it
  17. My old shoot you had basc ins as part of the membership fees but now I am rid of my old shoot joined another I can pick my own so it’s down to value for money I don’t want a glossy mag every few months but may do a family membership me and my son in law who was in same shoot and has now joined same new shoot as myself if price is right
  18. Mine is as above own but not purchase I’m with Staffs as well I got my 2nd ext for 3months and 1week strange only giving you 8 weeks have you got a mate you trust who would/could put it on his licence then transfer too you when sorted if seller won’t hold it
  19. Not really when you call them and the recorded voice message claims or says renewals taking 12 wks considering they had the paperwork in December okay minus Doctors paperwork which they had in 2nd wk of January
  20. Well just had my 2nd extension thru the post today current one expires on the 24th of April new one until 31st of July so 3months and 1week
  21. My 1st extension expires on 24th as well so they have sent me another extension until 31/7/22
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