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  1. Sako, I get it. And if someone is going todo it they will, if they can’t use a shotgun they will find another way. It’s just how it looks at coroners court. They have to be seen to do something. Sending a letter is a good starting point. The more they do, the less shotgun suicides there is, surely is less scrutiny on us. Which is only a good thing right? If shotgun suicides go up all that will happen is the coroner will start getting more stringent legislation around gun ownership and enforce even more hurdles. In my experience coroners tend to get what they want. I just don’t see it as a conspiracy against gun ownership. Doing the right thing. Maybe. **** covering. Probably. At the end of the day someone is trying todo something which I think is better than everyone doing nothing.
  2. I’m with gingercat on this one. It may be **** covering and they are going to focus on firearms owners… they are a firearms licensing department. But… They have to be seen to say something and offer some help… for the few that do kill themselves with a shotgun…as they are the ones that literally gave them the means to kill themselves. There has been a rise in suicides due to COVID. Rural, farming men particularly are in an at risk group and most of these people own a shotgun. Throughout my career I have gone to many suicides (by shotgun included) and had to inform family members. Mandatory mental health referrals go in every time. If there was anything ANYONE could of done to help that person their family would of wanted them to. In terms of licensing taking the guns off you when you tell them you are suicidal…damn right. Why shouldn't they. It is a privilege with conditions, like a driving licence not a right as so many assume. Police have a duty to preserve life and it would take a brave person not to make that decision. How would you feel if it was your relative that killed themselves and the police had done nothing. Damned if they do damned if they dont. But it may be a conspiracy, you never know.
  3. Normally it would be as per this. There is no legal power for police to enter your property to simply inspect your firearms/shotguns If you refuse courts can grant a warrant to allow police to effect this. If it gets to this stage though I doubt you would get to keep them as you are failing to co-operate. Police Officers do however have other powers of entry without warrant. Firstly common law ( to prevent a breach of the peace) and section 17 of the police and criminal evidence act (things like to effect an arrest or to save life and limb). There are other times/powers police have if entering any property, these are just common examples. You cannot refuse in these circumstances and if you do they will simply take the door off its hinges. These powers obviously aren’t specific to firearms licensing but could be used at anytime to recover firearms if you gave them a reason to such as committing an offence! Not saying anyone here would!
  4. Hi I am new to the sport having had a few lessons! I am currently awaiting my licence to come through (hopefully soon). As with any sport its better done with others. Lakeside is my closest ground. Is anyone local? Maybe another solo shooter that would be happy for me to tag along and add a social element too.
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