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  1. I would like to order X2 please tell me how much and how to pay you cheers paul

  2. The 17 HMR is a fanatastic round, some great shooting mate. well done
  3. I dont see Torres going, now that Suarez has signed, from people who I consider that know there football,they are led to believe that Torres has asked for a transfer, through his agent, whilst he has been away from the club visiting Spain. Further to the story Torres has now sacked his agent and says he will remain at the club. make of it what you will.
  4. Micky look forward to seeing you all again, what day are you going
  5. Anyone going to the Show for more details look here http://www.shootingshow.co.uk/
  6. has your CZ has got a screw cut thread,of 1/2 UNF, if so then the dm80 will fit ok
  7. Well prepared for the job with longnets ,purse nets etc... Nice to see someone who does the job properly prepared.
  8. I suggest you get some practice in before you ever start charging to catch moles If you have never tried it or done it or you dont even have any traps LEAVE WELL ALONE you maybe running before you can walk
  9. Sorry mate,on realising the weight and transport situation,I will have to bow out,many thanks for your kind offer. But I dont have the transport thanks for your offer best wishes Jonevo
  10. Has it still got the sand in it and what weight is it do I need a wagon and fork lift was it off an astro turf pitch
  11. well I waited a few days but the wait was well worth it,Cant really say anything BAD against Sportsmans they do have more than 1 shop though so if one lines busy try another
  12. theres nowt as queer as folk A fool and his money are soon parted anyone wish to add any more lol
  13. countrymans is **** used to be good but same old **** full of ads there are no decent shooting hunting mags anymore, the companies behind them just think of £££££££ before content appeal shooting times sporting gun gun mag countrymans weekly sporting shooter :o the field :( very disapointing content mostly for the snobs wanting to buy berretas/purdeys for £30.000 + would be nice for a proper down to earth fieldsports monthly mag to come out,including working dogs/ferreting /snaring trap making/ shooting now that would be a sucess
  14. Many years of Goju Ryu before I met my marital artist, and then stopped now as MM says more fat chin and ufat beli
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