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  1. I’ve got a Springer and a not sure spaniel, possibly Brittany. Both now on raw they both are much better dogs on it all round. The Brittany or what ever he is doesn’t have an undercoat to speak of and in summer was getting bothered by something pollen or grass and is much better on raw. Temperament of them both is better too. Bulmers complete is the one we’ve settled on. It’s easy enough to feed and available locally.
  2. Drill some shallow holes in it for candles and have it as a table center?
  3. Just be sure to buy a good uj. Not an eBay special. I’ve seen awful last a few weeks and without grease nipples A Hardy Spicer or a Gkn Even better bet pop Into your local Independant they’ll have them on the shelf. Not sure where you are in the world but Norfolk has Jsf which are a good bunch of boys Nice to find it early as said before can be right mess if they let go
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