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    Just got back into shooting after 15 years( wife let me at last !!!!)<br />so vermin control and target shooting, mountain biking and trying to control my 2 daughters !!

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  1. rec-baller

    3 mobile,

    Looking for a new mobile phone ,and 3 have some good deals, Is anybody with them , What's the reception like + coverage, Shaun
  2. Just bought a Superten in .177 , but it only came with one magazine, any suggestions where I can get another one
  3. The boots were Dickies V12, s Deffo use them again !!
  4. I'm actually one of the main first aiders at work and dealt with a similar accident about 30 years ago, my mate only had trainers on and lost 2 toes , one being his big toe 😷🤢🤢 because he only had trainers on ,,
  5. Great start to the day, got my foot run over by a 4.5 tonne f,l,t. Stepped out to do a job at work and my work mate put the truck in reverse and ran my foot over, after 2 hours in casualty and a visit to a consultant I was amazed when I was told I hadn't broken a single bone in my foot !! I have to admit I was nearly in tears when the doctors were taking my boot and sock off, I honestly thought there were a few toes coming off with it 🤢 So it's now foot up for a couple of weeks with a "moon" boot on until the swelling and bruising go down. Only just back shooting as well 🦊🐇🐰
  6. Out at last on a little golf course I have permission on. Just shot my first 2 rabbits in weeks ,!!
  7. I've been furloughed for the past 6 weeks and have just gone back today. I'm a manager for a builders merchants and have had phone calls from plasteres about the availability of plaster at work , we've sold out and there is now a shortage across the U.K ,,but what we charge for multi finish plaster. £ 7.66 a bag has been turned into serious profiteering, just been on evil bay and seen the prices!! Anything up to £55 a bag !!!
  8. G shock, best ever, Cant bust em,, got about 12 of them !!!
  9. I'm lucky that we have a large hardwood section at work and could choose anything, idigbo was reccomend to me by the boss, It's been treated with tru oil which I use on all my stocks ,
  10. Strimmer_13, I'm lucky where I work we have a joiners shop so I cut the main shape on a band saw , but everything else has been a dremel and a small sander, I have a spare "blank " if you want it , its idigdo wood so it's a hard wood but light weight
  11. Problem is I'm 6-2" and I've got big hands, so I custom made it to fit my hands 🔫🔫🖐
  12. It's amazing what you can get done where you're bored, just made this stock for my Super 10, I got a piece of Idigbo from work before lockdown, lots of drilling, dremelling and sanding done, then 4 coats of Tru oil and job done !! dont think it's a bad job for my first attempt
  13. I believe it was sent through the post / courier, That is what I'm trying too find out if they are legal to post or not, obviously the company hasn't done any checks bar an age check on my nephew ( considering his problems)
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