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    Just got back into shooting after 15 years( wife let me at last !!!!)<br />so vermin control and target shooting, mountain biking and trying to control my 2 daughters !!

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  1. Cheers, So do I m8. ,,,,
  2. I'll be on a Mexican beach for three weeks when It hits ,, sorry chaps 😎😎
  3. I take it the Aussies dont know about Tony Martin then ?!
  4. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=514938792595977&id=251320805262087 Just seen this about an anti breaking into a rabbit farm,,
  5. Powder dribbler posted..
  6. I've just sold my .243 so its clearout time Rcbs neck die set # 11402 ( boxed ) £35 Hornady 6mm vmax 75gr # 22420 heads, brand new box of 100. 2 boxes £24 each box Hornady 6mm interlock 100 gr heads # 2450 heads, Part box 39 in it. £ 10 Hornady 6mm SST 95 GR heads # 24532 part box 76 in it £ 20 Speer 6mm 80gr Spitzer heads 79 in the box £20 Lyman powder dribbler 7832201 £10 I will need to check postage costs tommorow if posting If you collect I have some primed cases you can have, Also have some brass for sale, I just need to sort out how many of what brand I have I'm based nest chorley in Lancashire, would prefer collection
  7. 2nd dibs pls if Walker 570 doesn't have it.. Shaun
  8. Any body know where I can get a set of car air horns from ?? Been on the bay and j cant believe the price of them these days !! Shaun
  9. I'll take some photos tommorow, I'd got a SXS exactly the same as that one, but mines got a slight bulge in one barrel and too " afraid" too shoot it !!!
  10. Let's stop the argument chaps.. I'll buy it !!!😎
  11. If you want to sell the adjustable mount pls let me know , I'm interested in it Shaun
  12. Any chance of some pics pls,, Shaun
  13. Ive just looked on Aims web site and it says that the 40 is the smallest bag that they make so I think it will . it's an original Aim product so I think it fits the smallest of the drag bags . Shaun
  14. Having a clear out!! Bought this tactical sling for my Colt M4 but I didn't end up using it , Its brand new ,never been used, brand new in the box, it's black , £25 posted
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