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    Just got back into shooting after 15 years( wife let me at last !!!!)<br />so vermin control and target shooting, mountain biking and trying to control my 2 daughters !!

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  1. Has any body got a lathe that can make me an oversize cocking handle for a BSA superten ? Looking on the bay I cant find any, not bothered what it's made of stainless/ aluminium , I'll obviously pay for materials / time etc Regards Shaun
  2. Had to say goodbye to my best mate today , Kia, the Springer Spaniel We've had her for 12 years, I've loved , laughed , and walked miles with her, She went downhill very suddenly over 2 weeks, How to leave a hole in you're heart
  3. Price drop to £50 , After that it's going in the attic !! Price drop to £50 , After that it's going in the attic !!
  4. If they are the original metal ones , I'll take the 45mm one pls
  5. I nearly got done exactly the same way with 02, but the funniest thing was j had just transferred from EE thecday before!! How did they know I,d swapped providers ??
  6. Just read on a different forum that Nite site have gone bust , is it true ??
  7. No problem, I'll post them you just put some change in a charity box m8 Pm me you're address Shaun
  8. Just found 2 brand new Samsung s9 glass screen protectors, sold the phone so I don't need them So there free to anyone who wants them , i,ll even post them . Shaun
  9. Weekend price drop £60 + post Weekend price drop
  10. Just upgraded to a Solaris so this Venom is up for sale Everything is complete and still in the original box Just like the world's deadliest predator with the Venom Strike, you can decide on the most effective form of attack before you strike. Just load your choice of LED into the Venom Strike (either white, red, green or infrared). Adjust the beam using spot-to-flood focusing and select your level of brightness with the responsive rotary switch. If you need to adapt your attack by adjusting the brightness, you can do it quickly.Main FeaturesGlow in the dark switch: For quick activ
  11. Just having a clear out I bought this jacket a out 2 years ago and have probably worn it it twice in that time, so this jacket is basically " as new" condition I think I still have the tags and paperwork for it Heavyweight Waterproof fleece Designed for wildfowlers the Eider Jacket, in Max 4 or MDB, is packed with practical features - snap off hood, radial collar, weatherproof front zipper, mesh lined pockets, shirt tail hem, magnetized cargo pockets, chest handwarmer pockets, neoprene storm cuffs, forearm shell holders. £80 + postage
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