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    Just got back into shooting after 15 years( wife let me at last !!!!)<br />so vermin control and target shooting, mountain biking and trying to control my 2 daughters !!

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  1. rec-baller

    The North face tent slippers

    SOLD Pending payment
  2. rec-baller

    The North face tent slippers

    Didn't use them because I did the south face 🤣😂
  3. rec-baller

    The North face tent slippers

    Size large, Brown , never worn , As new , bought them but never used them £20 + post
  4. rec-baller

    Magpul Hunter 700 stock and accessories

    Pity you're so far,, being cheeky what's you're best price as I'll buy it unseen Regards Shaun
  5. rec-baller

    Magpul Hunter 700 stock and accessories

    Preston in Lancashire!!
  6. rec-baller

    Magpul Hunter 700 stock and accessories

    Where are you based m8, I'm interested in the stock Shaun
  7. I bought my gen 7 04 plate Toyota celica 8 weeks ago, 3 weeks ago I went too get in it and the central locking wouldn't open the car, opened it with the car and found out the battery was flat, I jump started the car and all was ok for a few days till it happened again, so I put a new battery on the car, all was ok for a week till it happened again !!, so I put a new alternator on, all was ok till today and I've got another flat battery As soon as I put a booster pack on it starts first time , anybody any ideas ?? Shaun
  8. rec-baller

    Pulsar l808s ir

    SOLD. Paid4 & Posted
  9. rec-baller

    Nitemaster red pill

    Which nightmaster torches will this fit Shaun
  10. rec-baller

    Pulsar l808s ir

    I got this ir unit with a night vision scope i bought but i dont need it , it has been used but its still in good condition, its a weaver rail fixing, comes with the original bag & cleaning cloth, it uses 2 AA batteries wich i will include, 2 rechargeable batteries with a charger, The high-power Pulsar L-808S Laser IR Flashlight is designed to provide additional infrared (IR) illumination during observation with night vision devices in very low light conditions (no moon, heavy cloud etc.), including complete darkness. Laser IR Illuminator Pulsar L-808S complies with Class 1 laser safety. The IR Flashlights allow you to: Increase detection range Identify objects more accurately Get a more detailed image of the observed object Adjust beam from spot to flood Smoothly adjust power depending on viewing conditions. Specifications Lens diameter, mm 22 Power, mW 250 Laser class 1 (according to standard ) Range of power adjustment 125-250 Wavelength, nm 780 Range of beam divergence, degree 3.5 ... 15 Power Supply, V 3 (2xAA) Average operation time with one set of batteries, hour 14 Operating temperature -20 °? ...+40 °? Dimensions, mm/inch 140x45x52 / 5.5x1.8x2 Weight (without/with batteries), g/oz 160 / 210 £55 posted,
  11. rec-baller

    Samsung Tab a6 16gb tablet

    Now SOLD!,
  12. rec-baller

    Nightmaster 400-IR Kit NM400

    Is this still for sale ??
  13. rec-baller

    Tracer LEDRay IR torch...PRICE REDUCED

    Have you still got this ??
  14. rec-baller

    Samsung Tab a6 16gb tablet

    Not for a SIM card. But for an micro sd card for memory. It's not locked too any network. But you can have messenger etc on it too use for video calling Shaun
  15. rec-baller

    Samsung Tab a6 16gb tablet

    I agree . Only selling this as i,ve upgraded mine.