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  1. Any idea if this would fit a Remmington 700 s/a ??
  2. Selling a Night master venom ir torch, I've upgraded so I dont use this now, Comes with Torch + extender tube 3 batteries + twin charger Fig 8 clamp £65 posted
  3. Selling a Harris 13- 27 in swivel bipod, probably been use 6 times so in good condition, £90 posted
  4. Just looking to take my ham radio licence and want to set up a home base , but what make of power supply would people reccomend , or has anybody got one for sale ? Shaun
  5. I was shopping in my local tesco just before Xmas, queuing up to pay, the lady in front of my had her daughter with her, the daughter was about 14- 15 ,the lady was putting bottles of wkd on the conveyor belt when the cashier announced she couldn't sell it to her because the girl. "mite " drink it and she was under age !!!!
  6. Just watched a film titled Mosul, what a film , got subtitles but was easy to follow Also watched The midnight sky with George Clooney, that's 2 hrs I will never get back- absolutely garbage, Shaun
  7. Can I get some photos pls if not sold
  8. Just been to look at a 17plate VW Scirroco R-line today at a dealers , the car was priced at £15999 + £1500 for a 3 year RAC warranty, we have no part x change and are paying cash. When we had taken the car for a test drive I asked the sales guy what he would accept for the car , his reply was full price mate, there is no room to negotiate!!! Even after 10 minutes he wouldnt budge ! Swift exit and onto another dealer , one lost car sale
  9. I'm sure some one has mentioned a discount code on p- w for bush wear,
  10. Anybody know if there is a code for clothing - boots etc please 🙏
  11. Anybody know who's got any in stock pls ??
  12. Got mine from halfords, paid about £50 for it but it's been great, even started transit vans in the builders yard where I work ,
  13. Has any body got a lathe that can make me an oversize cocking handle for a BSA superten ? Looking on the bay I cant find any, not bothered what it's made of stainless/ aluminium , I'll obviously pay for materials / time etc Regards Shaun
  14. Had to say goodbye to my best mate today , Kia, the Springer Spaniel We've had her for 12 years, I've loved , laughed , and walked miles with her, She went downhill very suddenly over 2 weeks, How to leave a hole in you're heart
  15. Price drop to £50 , After that it's going in the attic !! Price drop to £50 , After that it's going in the attic !!
  16. If they are the original metal ones , I'll take the 45mm one pls
  17. I nearly got done exactly the same way with 02, but the funniest thing was j had just transferred from EE thecday before!! How did they know I,d swapped providers ??
  18. Just read on a different forum that Nite site have gone bust , is it true ??
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