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  1. Exactly this is what I'm trying to replicate, what happened that day, it seemed so easy to break all those clays that afternoon.
  2. Thanks your response..I'm not certain as to exactly what your implying here, but if you're name dropping why don't you go and find 'Gil Ash' of OSP shooting school, it's somewhere there that you will locate Gil's 'Three Bullet Drill'
  3. right handed shooter right eye dominant. Either way around this isn't directly pertinent to my topic.
  4. (Focal point is in fact the clay seen in my periferal vision)... I gather what your explaining is your clay seen directly ahead with your centre vision. As you would for example at an optician for eye check up. Maybe most people probobly when attending their opticians appointment as well as straight ahead vision also have a periferal check ? This is done looking through a (binocular?) unit whereby you close each eye in turn and told to look directly ahead at a red/green dot meanwhile in your periferal, small black images appear momentarily ..your asked to press a small button when you seen them, that's the periferal vision check, and is my main disscusional point here.
  5. Thanks for welcomes! Am I right in thinking my post about periferal vision is a grey area? I have spoken to other clay shooters who it seems don't understand what I'm talking about. After my experience 'post above' and googling the topic most professional clay shooters use this periferal vision!
  6. Shooting clays and quite by accident I found that I was using my periferal vision, how I managed this I'm still trying to figure it out, It seemed easier: ghost barrel appeared, at the same time, whereas I had more time it seemed to perfect my aim, even with a fast moving clay. At the present day, I'm unable to re-enact this periferal vision. Anyone advise you had similar issue?
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