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  1. As time passes we as a community/sport must engage with the younger generation in order to maintain our sport/culture. With pressures from Government mounting and new bans/disruptive legislation coming into force (steel) the cost of shooting is only rising, at what point do we blink? 40-45p a clay, £220+ 1000 (lead, fibre, entry level cartridges), £80+ for beginner 1hr coaching (+ cartridges and clays) The sport feels somewhat reserved for those who can afford to pay the fees or for the few who are lucky to carry natural talent and become sponsored. I would like to ask what people's thoughts are on this matter and how they believe as a community we can make shooting more accessible? I personally belive it to be willfully ignorant of us to say "if you can't afford it don't shoot". Thank you in advance.
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