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  1. It's all a bit academic now but I would have sent a picture of it to the importer. They would probably have been grateful for the batch details on the box. To check the production. It could be just a rogue round but it could be a production problem. They might have sent you a credit note to get more in place of them.
  2. If you read through the posts in this thread there sems to be three modes. 1. Drive to the point. 2 use some sort of barrow/cart and 3 to carry the stuff. I always found that the place the pigeon wanted to feed and near a flight line was the other side of a thirty acre field that I couldn't drive to. I did consider making a single wheel pole cart but never got round to it. How the hell do you push or drag barrows through a standing crop.? My kit consisted a 20ltr plastic drum which doubled as a seat. This held two 6x4 nets, 4 hazel sticks for the net, a mechanical string operated flapper, 6 semi full bodied decoys which nested inside one another, a pack or about 8 half shells. That was carried by one hand. On my back I had a small rucksack which carried about 100 cartridges, a lightweight rain Mac, food for me and a bit for the dog, water for us and a small bowl for the dog, small first aid kit and a roll of sticky tape, (on two occasions I had to repair the dog! 1 ripped ear ,barbed wire and a skin tear on back leg.? Muttley impacted something that tore her leg open.) I generally took the 20 bore because it and the ammo were lighter. Some times I carried this in a slip on the shoulder but sometimes I carried it it the other hand. Several times I shot down a bird that flew from a tree or hedge as I went along one handed. This was good so that it could be put on the flapper as soon as I got to where I wanted to set up. I found that after fighting through standing crops along wheel tracks and bringing back any shot birds and any kit on a hot summers day I was well worn and slept well that night.
  3. Yeah but all of this is overlooking the fact that if pigeon want to feed on a particular field they will and if they've got other ideas you're wasting your time. Spending a load of money on gear won't make pigeon come in to your decoy pattern if they've got their mind on another field. I've set up on an area of fallen wheat with all the gear out there, only to have pigeon fly straight over to a field about a mile away out on the marsh.
  4. What's the group called.? How does he find this group.? Where on Facebook.?
  5. Surely the want for a load of decoy tech is a want rather than a necessity. If you are in the right place ( under a flight line or two) and at a place where the birds feel comfortable, you don't need any kit. I can't see a solar panel generating enough power to drive a rotary even on a sunny day. I was given a pigeon decoy kite. It had a silhouette body and rotary wings. Yes it did work but to get it up flying the wind had to be near storm force and if the wind dropped so did the decoy and once it hit the ground it wouldn't take off again. On the face of it a good idea that didn't pan out. Keep the decoy kit light and simple Unless you can drive a load carrying vehicle to the hide. or you have a team of porters to cart everything.
  6. sorry No one takes any notice of car or house alarms so who's going to intervien between a copper arresting someone.? It's difficult. this is about right and accounts for the stupid police response. unfortunately it's a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some year ago a woman delivery driver who frequently delivered to us was murdered in daylight whist she was parked up eating her lunch. As far as I know no one was every found to be responsible. She was a nice strong capable person who was in the wrong place. It doesn't have to be after dark and people just don't want to get involved in anything.
  7. The police statement shows the total lack of grip and understanding of a problem . That's why members of the public get Into situations where the police are heavy handed which has led to unfortunate consequences. Then the situation is whitewashed and swept under the carpet. And this has been repeated too many times. The good work of the many undermined by a few. Oh and a corrupt system.
  8. When you look back he was a bit weird. But it doesn't seem that long ago when he was top billing saturday evening viewing with stuff like " jim'll fix it" no one seemed to see him for what he was. There were police, royal marines and all sorts on the program. And if you also think back to the carry on days, all of the kind of effeminate characters were just considered as funny oddball character actors rather than full blown types. I remember Louis Theroux doing some sort of expose, trailling saville around and really getting under his skin. Saville got right annoyed with him and eventually saville wouldn't continue with the programme and it sort of stopped without following it up or pushing the point. An opportunity to out him before he keeled over. Probably protected by the organisation and legal threats.
  9. Love it. Sport and entertainment. I don't suppose that you'll be frequenting the conference then..😆😆😆😆
  10. I know a fellow who was brought up in South Africa. He quite often whistles to people and whilst beckoning them with a finger .. calls out... BOY,... YOU COME HERE. It's not very politically correct but he don't care. And ... IF YOU LOÒK AT ME LIKE THAT, I'LL HAVE YOU FLOGGED. ..... BOY.!! 😊😀😁😃😅😆 He Probably wouldn't be compatible with the Labour party.
  11. Isn't that idea from George Orwell's "Animal farm".?. Anyway I still haven't learnt what Father and my apprentice master told me. ..... Don't get involved in talking about Politics or religeon.! ...another couple of minutes wasted considering this labour nonsense. Still it's quite entertaining. I'd be more interested if they said that they'd subsidise sporting ammunition. Rather than about this nonsense.
  12. Father told me not to discuss politics or religion because you just go round in useless circles that go nowhere and only end up in wars. ...... But...... Totally unelectable. Len McCluskey On the box now spouting how good Corbin is/was and ripping Starmer a new one. Just right for a politician. There I go, I just wasted a couple of minutes. I didn't learn.
  13. I've never had any success on beans. I remember the first time on beans. We thought that we were in for a good day. Dry, light wind, sunny but not too hot. We were there early and set up in a place that had been good on a crossing of two lines. Well, after three hours we'd only seen a couple of birds on the horizon no where near the field so we pulled stumps and I went home and mowed the lawns. Far more use. Subsequent times were no better and the fields never drew any amount of birds because we kept a watch on them. Unlike spring barley.
  14. Hi everyone it's nice weather for decoying at the moment if they haven't cultivated the fields .
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