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  1. I've had that thought also. I have 4 cctv cameras around my house / property and as far as I could find out this is all controlled by rules from the information commissioners office. These state's that you can record images from your own property but you cannot from anything at all from outside of your boundary. If you do you have to have a licence and there has to be a data controller in charge of the data. This data has to be kept for a period of time but anyone who wants to view it has to pay a set fee. Personally I don't have an issue with cctv but although plod wants to view footage most if not all is not admissible as evidence in any court case. Two things come into play with cctv footage. One is the quality and another is even if you have a crystal image of someone, who is that person and where do they come from.
  2. Blooming covid. I hope you have a good day. It will be interesting as to how you get on and how you tackle this one.
  3. We had a customer who used a chainsaw to cut a doorway through soft internal wall blocks.!!! He wondered why the chain was wrecked.*#!*&. What a muppet. I've never heard of using one on lead but it isn't abrasive and it's relatively soft. The only thought is that the chain sprocket area might not clear as it would do with wood.
  4. 4tons? robot counterweights.? That's lead.? Canon balls.? Bird in deep fryer. All very strange. Some sort of black art going on here. AND no socks.!!! is this in America.? How do you get the molten lead out of that pot without the whole lot going base over apex and frying your feet and legs.?
  5. The problem with the son in laws rifle stemmed from using a Winchester bullet which was a sort of big magnum bullet. I think that it was 42 grain. now what they had done was to make the tip a bit more round bull nosed jobby. ordinary 40grn tips of all sorts loaded ok but this particular tip caught up on the top of the action and quite often got either disformed / chopped about or completely jackknifed the bullet and case were at right angles. needless to say that this involved a penknife to flick the round out of the action. He was going to dump the brick but I bought them from him as the shot ok in my bolt. I'll update the type tomorrow. Nothing wrong with the bullet but the feed angle in th auto from the magazine to chamber was too steep.
  6. As in the song.. video killed the radio star, and digital killed the 35mm film camera. When digital first came out, I remember the owner of a camera shop in maidstone bought a simple one and tried it out over a weekend and he told me that it was the end of film cameras and camera shops. He wasn't far wrong.
  7. This problem must be down to the lead bullet dragging in the chamber / rifling. I use bolt action rifles and sometimes some makes of bullet feel completely different in clambering resistance. It could be that a blooming good phosphor bronze brushing of the chamber / rifling and, or a patch with Brasso. Give it a vigourous polish. Have you tried different makes to see if they get stuck.? It must be down to the lead bullet area. It could be that after a while of shooting it being a new gun it will wear in. One of the son in laws has a CZ auto and that doesn't like some rounds. The rounds go up at such a steep angle that the bullet nose clips the top of the action and can be damaged and even in the worst cases with a particular make the whole round can be jacknifed. It could be that the fired one's are gone/shot out of the chamber and it is only the live ones are extracted. Or attempted to be extracted. Edit. It might be that if you get a new round. Look at it under a magnifying lens, mesure It with a good micrometer or a vernier ... if you have access. Mark the round with a fine felt tip to tell which is the top Chamber the round and examine it after you get it back out. ? Maybe. ?
  8. When things like this happen the companies are only to quick to come and grab the evidence back into hand. Even though they have been made in another country they will still come under rules regarding the manufacture and sale of this product. It's not like it's a tin of beans or something. If the shooter hadn't noticed OR been aware of the fact that the wad was stuck in the choke there could have been a serious result. I myself had an incident where I fired at a clay with my 28G. There was an odd "bloomp" sound and I actually saw the lead fly through the air and smash the clay. Fortunately I looked through the tubes and noticed that one was blocked. Luckily I had taken a second gun. When I got home I attached a pair of mole grips to the petals of the wad and on to a spring balance. It got up to 40lbs pull when the petals tore off the base. Eventually I had to get a rod and beat the wad out with a hammer. If I been so keen to get shooting the next clay and not checked out the blockage the result could have been very expensive and even life changing. There is no way that I would be handing the faulty cartridges over just for a replacement offer considering the potential seriousness of this incident.
  9. This is such a serious incident and many don't seem to have realized how serious it is. Ok it would have potentially ruined a days shooting but if the shooter hadn't realized that there had been a faulty discharge and that a wad was stuck in the baŕrel it could have resulted in a barrel burst with the possible result of a wrecked gun or serious injury or death of the user or bystanders. Surely the product must be recalled and an investigation by the proof house as to where production has gone to and where any product is now. I would have thought that the column height of the rounds without powder would be incorrect thus resulting in a low dished crimp. A visual sign that something was different.
  10. You don't show what is out on the other sides of the field. What's right over the other side by those trees. It's difficult because we're not there but the pigeons probably are just overflying the field if its veg therefore are not decoyable and flying high and fast... IF... this is the case I'd try to get over by those trees under the linè, and just stand still, not bother with a hide and shoot at them like high birds. By doing this you'd be nowhere near the road and any shot fall out would be well within the field. What crop is it.? beans.? Cant tell.
  11. What load is the bar.? I spy with my little eye another loader. What is that one.?
  12. If you don't know what it is leave it alone. Don't forget curiosity killed the cat.
  13. Well another year of disruption and loss has come and gone. But I wish everyone well and a better time to come. We've had the jabs and taken the tests and we're off to one of the daughters for the day. It's about time that we started to get some payback from our kids so here we go merry Christmas everyone. And the Mrs can do the driving. Ho Ho Ho.
  14. When you cut these about and spend a ton of time cutting the fingers out Are they going to be springy.? Surely it would be simpler and a lot cheaper to get the 20 thou brass shim same as the Bowman ones and cut one out. You can buy a lot of shim for the price of one foot
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