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  1. Plastic boxes.? I've never bought a gun that came with a fancy PLASTIC CASE. Last one was an AyA #2 round action 28G .. came in factory cardboard sleeve box. By all accounts it must be a rare collectors item.!
  2. Ah. The old wire brush and Detol trick. 😊😊
  3. Anyone had dealings with importing a new rifle from the EU or anywhere..? If so what the form.
  4. Minky

    Big spider

    You're more than welcome to come and take my share.
  5. Minky

    Big spider

    Nahh. We have a UV insect killer to deal with those varmints . It's a marvellous tool . It slaughters all sorts of nasty insecct Without fear or favour. Kill them all ... Take no prisioners. I even leave it out on The top step of the landing at night time where it accounts for amounts of spiders and other nasties that must be wandering around. I started leaving it there after one night when the Mrs launched out of bed in a squawking fear . She had a LARGE SPIDER crawling across her.. like the one in the Bond film Dr No. It didn't do much for me also because I had just had on operation to repair a damaged rotor cuff tendon in my shoulder.
  6. Minky

    Big spider

    Take no prisioners.! Kill them all.!...... Kill them all.!!
  7. Minky

    Big spider

    I'd never heard of spiders biting in the uk until recent years. It must be reasonably common because I knòw two people who have been bitten by spiders. One person just had a red area the size of a smartly but the other persons arm got very swollen, black red and caused problems for many months. My daughters would just pick the spiders up and put them outside. Me I'd introduce any spider to a bat..l not the winged ones.
  8. One of the son in laws worked on returning the unwanted to ANOTHER place. Families had to have days of notice of their collection. Sometimes a team for the collection would a assemble at Gatwick and travell by air or coach all the way up to somewhere in Scotland . They would overnight in a Hotel somewhere and then go to collect the family... BUT when they got there the cupboard was bare and the family had melted into the community. The team would then all come back to Gatwick and go home. .... From this experiment we find that money doesn't exist. It's all posturing and show.
  9. I had,,, a policy with Lv.! Another two Bob outfit. I paid for EXTRA legal 24 hr assistance. when I had an issue with a neighbour and contacted their legal department. !!! I was advised to seek legal advise.!! WHAT.!! I told them that I'd played them for legal advise. They replied that I wasn't covered under the heads of cover.??? I had to take advise elsewhere which cost me a thousand pounds. Rogues and highway robbers the lot of them.
  10. Minky

    Home energy use.

    We've got underfloor heating and it does eat the electric as does anything that is powered up. Items on standby use almost as much as when on. Basically if you've got it switched on, it's going to cost you that's a lot of electric. Running a washing machine twice a day is a lot. If you use it you have to pay for it. Still the tax man like you to contribute.
  11. History repeats itself. Hitler annexing the Sudetenland. He attacked under the pretext of protecting German speakers in the area. ring any bells.? Stalin attacking Finland in the winter war. The Russians got a good beating but the west didn't support the Finns. Hopefully the Russian economy Will collapse and all of the gangsters get hooked out. Don't forget the nerve gas incident in Salisbury, The SCRIPALS... and the woman who got poisoned /killed. The sooner Putin and his mates are pushing up daisys the safer the world will be.
  12. I couldn't talk to a human even by the number issued to discuss (extra/unusual items ) EG (sporting hardware). I'm glad that I never got the code from my bank or else I would be insured with this two Bob outfit. God help the poor devils that have to make a claim. There shoild be a law against this type of residue. If you ole boys have vehicles insured and you have an incident you'd better be sure that you've got a pushbike out in the shed.
  13. That time is approaching and the renewal is in. Quite a jump from last year so went online. . Found a good price from Aviva... BUT I didn't get a one time pass code to be able to pay for it. Subsequently I tried many angles to SPEAK with a human. Even on their advised phone numbers. You just go round in circles to nowhere. Now if I had received the code I would now be insured with a non existent organisation. If it this difficult to pay for a service, god help anyone who has a serious incident like a major flood out or fire. They shouldn't be allowed to not operate like this. Looks like we will be paying the increased amount and staying with the current insurer which does employ humans to communicate with. As far as (hardware) is concerned Aviva don't cover that in the special items section. There is a number to ring to discuss that aspect the problem is that they don't answer the line it too goes in circles back out onto the pavement.
  14. There's some really crazy posts on here about how it's all the fault of the west. No one was packing invasion forces on the border with Russia. It was Russia that annexed Crimea and Chechnya and Georgia. Russia is being bleed dry by international sanctions. Any economy can only buy its own currency for so long. The Russian army has poorly maintained semi obsolete equipment and the troops which are mainly young conscripts have low moral and no interest in being where they are. Typically the french and italians are all for not giving putin a tuning. A big industry of white flag waving. Oh and putins claim was to hold nato off of its border. Well that worked out really well now that both Finland and Sweden have moved from neutrality to being active members of Nato. And of course its all the fault of the civilians that have been shelled and murdered in their own land. This stupid unnecessary war will put all of the russian population back into the dark years of stalin.
  15. Minky


    Be a good fellow and squeeze a note or two into the palms of the staff, doesn't have to be a fortune. They work long hours for not a lot. I tip the room maid , the security at the gate, The people that are in the background. If you drop the waiter a little favour they will get your dinner table ready and they will be there topping your glass up even before it's half empty. It's just a nice thing to do and they appreciate it.
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