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  1. So how/where do you get a prescription to buy most of the stuff on there.?
  2. Any locking knife can be classed as an offensive weapon BUT the blade mustn't be more than 3" long,,,, BUT .... AND THIS IS THE IMPORTANT BIT. when locked the handle is added to the blade length. This effectively means that no locking knife is legal. I.E.. 1 inch blade รท 2inch handle =3inch knife. There was an old boy who went out for a picnic with his Mrs. In the glove box was an Opinel to cut the apples. They had a small RTA and the first place plod went was the glove box. Found the knife and the old boy was done for carrying an offensive weapon..!! The old boy told plod the reason.... N ahh. Your done matey. If it's for picnic it should be in the boot with the picnic stuff. No reason your booked.!!! Points make prizes !! Bad police PR. The next time plod needs information the old boy will look the other way. Own goal plod. Another silly one. Gunshop was selling some sort of cartridge knife. Bloke bought one and went into a town pub. Whilst there a couple of random blokes started fighting one another. Plod called,,, everyone searched. Knife found in mate's pocket. Your nicked .... certs revoked,, great.. The disturbance was nothing to do with this bloke who stopped in for a drink on the way home from buying the new knife in the gunshop, Plod could have exercise a bit of common in both cases. Both bloke got a record and plod scored 2 own goals.!!! Very clever. As written above ... The trick is not to put yourself in a position to be searched etc.
  3. Minky

    Card only sales.

    Yep. no cash = no fiddles. This is mostly what will kill cash. Cash is just a pain. There's far to many things against it. Security risks, fiddles, handling the stuff, losses through counterfeit money. ect, ect. About the only thing I pay with cash is my weekly rifle club subs. Since tap and go cash isn't used. Eventually you won't be able to say I'll shop elsewhere because you won't be able to find anywhere that takes cash for stuff that you want to buy. The cost of dealing with cash will be prohibitive. Who would have thought that supermarkets would have gone scan as you go,, no tills,, pay by tap and go. This means more checkouts in a given space and no staff needed on tills. The less belt checkouts = more floor space for stock. The fewer shops that take cash = the higher risk of being rolled over for the takings. Therefore if you've got a load of cash,, where did it come from.? theft, fiddles, drugs, money laundering.? And if you have got any random cash to spend, what are you going to do with it.?
  4. Minor problem in handing application form in Kent now.... there isn't anywhere to hand it in. They sold the headquarters in Maidstone off. Everything. . + 14 acres ?!! The last time I handed it in to some random bloke who said that they'd send it to firearms. There wasn't a reception or anything. I did get the certs eventually but the fac was written out completely wrong. Ammo wrong,, weapons wrong, silencers not on there, silencers that I didn't have put on there like ghost weapons. You could teach monkeys to write certs out better. It had to go back for re writing... Still it only needed one re write.!!! I did have a previous cert that had 3... yes 3 re writes to get correct. And they don't even seemed concerned by this chaos. It shouldn't be like this. And or precious orgs are doing their best for us. !!!! Edit.. I said to the Foe, ..."see you in 5 years time" he replied " Nahh, I won't be here in 5 years time". Good bye then. Perhaps they'll send a monkey round. Probably far better at the job.
  5. And what are orgs doing about this? Does anyone have any idea.? Probably selling the membership down the river...... pretty much as usual.
  6. One of my son in laws was on the plane that was in front of the plane that got shot down.!!! That was a near one.
  7. Minky


    How old is your lad.? 10x40......50 are big heavy units AND anything over 7x are hard to hold still. What will he be looking at and what sort of distance. ?
  8. Yep.. read through link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_II_bomb_disposal_in_Europe I'm sure that there is going to be someone asking about how long cartridges last.
  9. I bought one to put on the hotplate of the Rayburn, (which was very hot) the thing was useless. Yeah the fan was speeding round BUT it wouldn't even blow a bit of pigeon down away across the room. I took it back and got a refund. If you want a visual effect you could get one of those seaside rainbow windmill thingys. If it gets that cold we get a big fan and blow mass of air over the Rayburn.
  10. Very nicely presented. I'd love it but I've been told that I've got too many guns now. Both by the FOE and her inside. Take no notice.
  11. If you've got decoys, you've got decoys, until you've been out and tried them you aren't going to know how their seen by other pigeons. If the place is right and you can shoot, then the incoming shouldn't notice. people have used all sorts of stuff to make decoys out of. And they've worked.
  12. The same thing happened back when we all marched in London back when. Total waste of time the orgs. they may have but they won't when no one is taking membership because they can't shoot anywhere. For years I have been saying that basic was corrupt and a waste of space. Not fit for purpose. But I have been poo, pooed many times. How many people on here have said that they are in basic for the shooting insurance which can be gotten from numerous third parties for ยฃ30. Still they wouldn't get the quarterly basic mag........ which is mainly full of adverts.
  13. Yeah, yeah, yeah, but I don't think that a couple of tins of old wellie boot repair kits would have the same pulling power as those old "stubby" decoys. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜†
  14. That's what I find. These were a short life decoy that some people used but they sort of disappeared. A bit like one use airline plastic cutlery. it's what it is but all thrown away. Stuff like this becomes collectible because of it's short life. You never know someone might find one and take a picture of it for posterity because they were a killer decoy.
  15. Ok, There are those out there that have acknowledged that these did exist. But Where are the pictures. These decoys must be pretty rare now because they were flimsy when bought new donkeys ago. Sort of the inside bit of a box of chocolates flimsy. When my mate got them I laughed at them. It was sort of a gust of wind and they'd be gone off across the field with the leaves sort of thing, BUT how wrong I was. He had the last laugh on me when his flimsy decoys out decoyed mine, which worked very well until he put his out. Come on chaps hunt one out and post a load of pictures of one of the rare British extinct decoys. They could form a sort of progression of decoys from bottles rolled in ashes to the Wellington boot insoles that Archie Coates tried, to cardboard silhouettes with a printed pigeon picture glued on it, to bits of painted plastic guttering, To The lifelike rubber deeks, The sports plast ones, Cheap shells. Flocked ones. The other day a bloke had cut up a pair of old flip flops to make wings. Human ingenuity knows no bounds. Pictures people, Pictures
  16. We were talking about decoys and Back in the 80s a friend bought an amount of decoys made / sold by Fife shooting developments. They were really flimsy ABS plastics that were blunt shouldered, blunt headed, no beak, just flat grey with a black tail band and a white smear on the neck and wing. They decoy was mounted by a thin plastic triangle piece that went through a slot in the back on which the decoy moved. This plastic spear head was fitted onto a piece of 1/4 dowel. On first visual sight they were cheap flimsy rubbish. But when they were set out in pattern they looked totally realistic and the pigeon were drawn to that pattern more so than the realistic looking full bodied birds which I had. Fife shooting developments appear to be long gone and I can't find any mention online. So does anyone remember them or maybe have an example of these decoys to photograph.
  17. Minky

    Growler gate

    An ox tongue sandwich.! Oh how the other half live. For me it was going to be a bacon sandwich.
  18. With tongue in cheek. .. The #6 is effective but can be temporary. You know that shooting out of Windows or if the lead lands outside you ground is a non starter and would probably result in a visit. Another potential problem with sploging something as big as that is the possibility of it ending up in the valley. Now something that big is going to be a rotting mess with hundreds of blowflies around the house. Something that would be suitable for kwis. So you might get up there on a ladder but what happens when theres another one in a couple of days
  19. Dunno, put netting across the valley. Put some sort of dummy predator, ,, cat,,, snake,,, up in there. We just came back from Tenerife and everything where birds can perch or nest seemed to have sort of strips of anti bird spiking fitted. Similar to these. https://www.birdspikesonline.co.uk/
  20. I've come across that one. I replied "Yes, you're a grain of sand on the wind. Of no consequence whatsoever". They were a bit taken aback but still carried that arrogant I'm above all of you serfs attitude. !!!
  21. It reminds me of the joke about the first world war general who was touring a hospital to inspect wounded soldiers.: the general said to a soldier, "what are you in here for soldier" the soldier said that his legs had been blown off and that he had gangrene.! The general asked what treatment the soldier was getting. The matron replied.... Wire brush and detol. SIR.! The General said WIRE BRUSH AND DETOL??!! ??. The General then asked the soldier. "what's your ambition soldier.? The soldier spoke up and said "MY AMBITION IS TO GET BACK TO MY MATES AND FIGHT FOR KING AND COUNTRY... SIR"! Very good soldier. You are a brave man.! This went round the other wounded soldiers. One soldier said that he had a soldier's disease.! The General sort of asked and Matron said "WIRE BRUSH AND DETOL, sir..... The General then asked the last soldier in the ward what his ambition was... The soldier replied " MY AMBITION IS TO GET TO THE WIRE BRUSH AND DETOL BEFORE ALL OF THESE OTHER DIRTY FELLOWS". !!! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜ฒ......SIR.
  22. Borris has put a shot across their bowl in regard to revenue but it should have been the DG wheeled in and TOLD in no uncertain terms about HOW the BBC WILL BE RUN. Then they should have to justify the money that they do get. Examples.... why do they have two lots of weather forecast, one after the other by different teams.? Why then after the national news do we get programs about local news. Most of it isn't news at all and the rest is yesterday's news rehashed about how some granny got splashed by a lorry. Why do they need tv teams and radio teams going to some place abroad to cover the same thing. A lot of it is just stirring the pot and hyping it up for the sake of a story.
  23. I do have one or two somewhere out in the garage and betamax also but we haven't used them for years and I dont know if the tapes would work / stuck together / disintegrating.? Don't know. They all got relegated when human box was got. I know that they should have been disposed of but,,,,,, they sit out there waiting for a new life.????
  24. That link is to a list of stuff that .... on paper the Russians have available, BUT I saw a different version which paints a completely different picture. Half of that hardware is either NBG or obsolete and the red army is a very young army of conscripts. They do two years service which isn't long enough to train competent troops. The conditions are so bad that hardly any sign up for more years. The structure is very different to western army such as here where there are many long serving nco's. This is indicated by the large amount of high rank officers that have been killed near the front trying to drive the conscript army forward. The Russians just seem to have the idea of a sort of mass blitzkrieg mentality. It didn't work on the road to Kviv up against modern western arms and it probably won't work in the current battle. Unless the Ukrainian forces get overrun. StilI the news will get out in due course.
  25. Does anyone actually have a vhs tape machine these days.? There must be millions of random vis tapes out there. Some with family memories and passed people but most if not all of it will just dissapear as waste. A few years ago someone in America came across a few 9mm films which were shot around the hop gardens near Goudhurst in Kent and showed the old steam trains bringing the hop pickers and taking the hops away from Goudhurst station which doesn't exist anymore. These films were destined for the dump but someone saw the films and took time to track down a local film collector and they found their way back over here and are occasionally shown in village halls etc. I've never heard of this Fred Carter. I've heard of the Warrener. I believe some of his vhs tapes have been digitized and are on youtube.
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