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  1. Morning all So yesterday I did a round of 100 with my clay gun and then I took the AYA out for a play using the 28g 7.5 Eley Olympic Blues and I must say it was much nicer in the shoulder with these. As the clay ground I most commonly go to and pick cartridges up from is Eley stockist I think I’ll try the Grand Prix first. I don’t shoot lots so the cost isn’t a big consideration at the moment. I’m working away all week and next weekend so it’s going to be a while till I get out again now. I will report back when I shoot a few though 👍🏻
  2. Hi All Ive just picked up an AYA Yeoman for a bit of fun and to try a SxS out for a change. I tried it with some Pigeon HV 32g 6’s that I had and it definitely pushed back more than my O/U! Could anyone recommend a nice cartridge to put through it? Mainly for a bit of walked up pest control type shooting. Cheers Andy
  3. Congratulations I already have!
  4. There’s no play at all in the action, just the forend wood as it opens and closes.
  5. Hi chaps I’ve just picked one of these up to have a play with and I’ve noticed the forend seems to have a little play in it as I close the action. Can this be fixed? Is it something I can do? Is it normal? Having never shot a side by side I don’t know anything about them so thought I would reach out to you guys.
  6. Clonking the end is definitely within my capabilities!
  7. Hi I have just bought a new Maxus 2 and noticed it comes with a standard flush 1/2 choke and a 50mm extended 1/2 choke. Is there a specific reason for this? Will it make a difference in certain conditions? Cheers Andy
  8. Ok cheers guys. Food for thought. I’ll get another slab of cartridges and have another go!
  9. Hi all i shot over decoys from a hide on Monday and whilst I dropped plenty stone dead 30-50 yards I found I struggled with the ones close in landing on the decoys. Any tips for a beginner where I’m sure I was making an obvious mistake.
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