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  1. Lot more extended than the original winchoke in the top barrel
  2. Just arrived from Mandel. They look superb. 
  3. Ordered my chokes from Mandel today and my Isis Green recoil pad arrived back to me as well. Looking forward to testing them all out hopefully next week. Just need a good cleaning kit now for barrels and some gun oil.
  4. That's good to hear. Their customer service is superb. Teague, Teal and some others taking days and weeks to reply. So extended Mandel's it is. To port or not to port, that is the question? They do look nice ported though
  5. Has anyone ever dealt with a company called Mandel chokes? Their response time is superb but does anyone know of their chokes are any good? Also is their any benefit to ported chokes? http://www.shotgunchokes.co.uk/index.php
  6. Guys, can anyone confirm if the Browning Invector extended chokes will fit the 101 XTR? Sportsman gun centre said they do but I wanna make sure before I order
  7. Thanks for the tips and replies gents. Was due to go shooting last weekend and this week but I now have covid so I'm going nowhere. Will get the stock sanded and polished off while I'm at home
  8. I'm gonna do that tomorrow. Will open up the safe and try to take butt plate off, hopefully the screws play nice!
  9. I'm now doubting myself loool. I will try and take the plate off and have a proper look.
  10. Yes curved like this one and screw at top is pretty high up
  11. They look great. How did you put the green pad on as the butt is curved which, when I spoke to Dave at Isis, he said it would need to be straightened to fit the green pad which again, is something I can't do!
  12. Thanks for replies gents. I prefer this Winchester to my dad's Lincoln pair and those are superb but just something about this gun I love. I wasn't aware I could shoot the steel shots as it isn't stamped for that. I know I defo can't shoot high velocity shots with it.
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