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  1. This is a PARD NV008P LRF.
  2. Decided to sell one of my two Pards. I propose buying an FAC rifle in future for target shooting so will need a good conventional scope. The Pard is as new and has an extra sunshade included.Price is £590 + postage 1st class Post office insured at £15Collection from Blackburn, Lancashire.
  3. Beagler

    New Pard 008

    Good glad your sorted.
  4. Beagler

    New Pard 008

    Just wondered how you got on.
  5. Beagler

    New Pard 008

    You can store up to 5 zeros A,B,C,D,E and use these for different pellets.
  6. Beagler

    New Pard 008

    Hi, have two of these and I really like them one on my HW100s. Two shims at the rear. Zero is ok if you fire a shot then put the crosshairs to where you were aiming and the selelect reticle in menu. Move the reticle to where the shot hit using x and y and then select style you can take another shot and adjust again select save when it's ok. some youtube vids online.
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