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  1. John norris online. he is doing a seeland jacket cheap at mo. not tweed though.
  2. I really like the F black for clays, will second that.
  3. 20 Gauge = pigeons. Eley High Flyers 6 shot 28g. Cheapish and OK kill well. Pheasants and partridge. = Eley VIP 5 & 6 shot 28g expensive OK kill better at distance. 12 Gauge = pigeons. RC Romagnola 32g 6 shot. OK kill well. Pheasants and Partridge = RC SIPE 32g 5 & 6 shot (Great) or Hull High Pheasant Extreme. expensive not as good as the SIPE but i like them so if i can't find RC. As Above used to use Gamebore Clear pigeon for both years ago, for years and years in 12 bore. Don't like since changed. Ducks = Eley Evo 3 Bismuth 32g 4 shot ( Rubbish) or Gamebore IMT *
  4. JC holds a lot of stock, you can usually find something that fits the bill there, not the cheapest around though.
  5. Eley High Flyers cheap and OK nocks out pigeons if you shoot them in the right place Just fine. I have not shot the Rio's yet. My favorite is RC Sipe.
  6. I have shot a lot of Eley Blues they seem to be OK for practice. I have not used cheddite.
  7. It Pays to shop around if you have the time.
  8. I also own one of these in 32" barrel format. Weighs 7lb 3oz . semi pistol stock (pow). Would prefer it if they made a Sporter version like they distribute in the USA but without porting the barrels and 32", but we do not have it here yet and who knows as Browning UK customer service is the worst ever. The action is far better built and sturdier than the Caesar Geurini Essex Sporter 32" that i used to own with great customer service i might add. The Caesar Geurini out classed this Browning 725 for shooting either game or clays and in looks in MOP, but it does costs a little more. Also the Brow
  9. A friend of mine gave me 100 Black Gold game shells on a pheasant shoot couple of years ago they were not the storm,s though. personally i did not like them very much, they seemed to kill alright with not to many birds escaping. Next time out i was glad to get back on shooting RC Sipe a lot better and cheaper in my opinion.
  10. I shot 500 of em this year. seemed alright over decoys, was not so impressed with them on flight lines and long stuff though. But shot some 28 gram supreme game by express and they were great but the price was not.
  11. Interesting topic. I have just purchased a 20 gauge two weeks ago. Last 20 bore i had was ten years ago shot Eley VIP then. I would like to find a 28gm 6 shot that suits me and the barrel. So i am doing a little testing in the next few months on pattern plate and pigeons and going to try different makes etc. I hear Fiocchi make a 28gm which i would like to try. Anyone shot them please give me, your opinion. Thanks.
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