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  1. No joking, they want us eating insects and lab grown meat and ******* rabbit food, and anyone who thinks they're gonna "stop at some point" well they are SORELY mistaken, this vegan communist generation of mentally damaged and very very dangerous radicalized humans WILL NOT STOP because they are convinced you and I are the enemy.. the only way this stops (like all the other **** thats being thrown at us) is when we say NO MORE and MEAN IT. I've heard it said in the whole lead ban debate many times that "fishing will be next" and they are CORRECT. "First they came for the jews" will not cut it for us this time, we have to stand together on this stuff regardless of our 'discipline' within shooting sports.
  2. I'm all for planting more trees, our beautiful country was once covered in forest and woodland.....but how about we plant it in the locations they're currently using to build horrible new housing estate after horrible new housing estate! Ever notice how these climate alarmist tits are almost all city dwellers who show no personal interest in BEING in nature, many have probably never had earth on their hands and certainly very few have ever been involved in real life conservation and land management. Something very suspicious has been going on for an awfully long time and finally the shooting and farming communities have started to slowly realize they're being shafted and set up for destruction. Hopefully its not too late for us to turn things around but we MUST be united on these issues. Rant over
  3. Kind of just popped into my nog as a username, welding in space would also be really cool because you wouldnt need any inert gases....and you could scream like a lunatic and nobody would know This makes me genuinely sad, I cannot imagine being unable to weld! Even worse, like most people, my eyes are also not getting better over time 😞 yikes Thanks for the compliment sir.
  4. Thanks everyone for the encouragement, if there us enough interest I will design a version of this that's more refined and produce a batch, I would have to sell them tho as time is monkey.....or something.....
  5. I wonder if its worth asking your local clay range for empties? Rummage around for the higher end cases for reloading...
  6. Unfortunately they were both claimed WAY faster than I expected, nice to see theres so many of these older beretta's out there, never sell one! Its also vaguely possible i will make more of these at some point. Thanks for the kind words, I know that if people are going to scroll through an entire post of my shenanigans I need to make it entertaining enough to get people through to the end! Cheers
  7. Begs the question how American manufacturers are able to use real brass, better quality cases and still charge less than we pay! (especially as of march this year what the bloody hell!)
  8. This is my very worn and very trusty old lady beretta A301, a true warrior of reliability and as soulful as it is utilitarian. There is, however, one thing the Italians got wrong......and that is the dainty little charge handle on this gun. I am not a large handed chap, nor am I fussy with this sort of thing, but outside of the ideal warm summers day clay shoot, this charge handle leaves alot to be desired, and so, for those cold winter shoots with gloves covering numb and clumsy fingers, I decided to set about knocking up a SpaceWelder custom alternative! First ill need some suitable 300 series stainless steel knick knacks to knock on: This should do just fine (the wife is at work shhhhhhh everythings fine don't say things) needs.....more chopping.... I had some 304 stainless tube in the odds and **** bin, if you dont have any just use some noodles or hoola hoops (plain salted only or you'll cock up the weld) Welded together little inside big. The aim was to keep everything lightweight so the end result isnt much heavier than the original since the gas ports and recoil spring combination on guns like this are set with the overall weight of the bolt assembly in mind. Zip them together with my cutlery bits... Spit on them and rub them against jeans vigorously..... TADAAAA! Like magic.....except in total, when counting **** scratching and generally getting distracted every five minutes like a gold fish after too much sugar, this took....most of my damn day SO here is my beloved a301 with the original boring and dainty charge handle. And here she is with new shoes and red lipstick! (ok a bit dramatic, here she is with her nails done....) Much better! And as a bonus it doesn't try to pinch and slice my fingers against the receiver like the original did! I hope you enjoyed this spur of the moment 'Ive got a day off and im bored' project, if people like this sort of thing ill make a point of posting similar projects for your entertainment! Oh and yes I can hear you "WHY DID YOU MAKE THREEEEEEE OF THEM!?".....the answer to that is basically because there was enough knife..... Incidentally, anyone out there with an A300/A301/A302/A303 or any other compatible Beretta who would like one of these spare two bolt handles, I would happily oblige you for the price of postage alone since I havent the need for 3 of the bloody things. Thanks for reading, keep that trigger itch fed! SpaceWelder.
  9. Good info, I was going to say I bet they're ok to reload once without a problem, but reloading them multiple times might just be asking for trouble. Thanks! I shall one day delve into the big boy gauges but unfortunately I've already had to dismantle 2 of my guns just to fit them all in the safe. I've a talent for buying absolute BARGAIN guns (at least, that's what my wife thinks) but unfortunately i'll never make a good salesman so they just keep building up.....poor me whatever will i do
  10. Nice share! I was given a lee loadall 2 about 6 years ago by a good friend of mine and Im yet to use it, not for lack of desire tho, it seems that every time i sit down and try to find cheap enough components i end up getting angry and swearing alot before forgetting about the whole idea of reloading for another 6months lol I wonder if theres a way to easily tell which type of cartridge is which? Cheers!
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