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  1. Thanks for your replies.

    I’ve looked at a couple of you tube videos and that’s where the confusion arises.

    they show two shims (excluding the metal plate that sits under the stock locking nut), that go between the receiver and the stock. My gun only had the one.

    Am I missing a shim, or have Benelli changed the way they do things.

  2. Hi, new to the forum, so please be gentle.

    I bought a new Benelli M2 field, with the comfortTech stock a couple of weeks ago and it was a factory order and had to wait six weeks for it.

    I changed the standard butt pad, for the 35mm, to get the LOP correct then changed the drop. While doing so, I was expecting to see two existing shims, at the receiver/stock joint, as per the exploded diagram in the manual, as well as various videos on the interweb.

    However, there was only one shim. It doesn’t appear to be anything other than a spacer. The other thing is that all the shims, including the original, have two lugs, and there isn’t one with corresponding holes (I think this is the cast shim, drawing 3, item 9, in the manual).

    Have Benelli changed the specs of the gun, but not updated the user guide? Has anyone else got a new Benelli M2, that can confirm a change?

    The other thing that’s not the same as the diagram, as far as I can tell, is that my gun doesn’t have a Limiter, underneath the magazine spring seal ring (I have a section 2 gun), rather, it has a crimp in the magazine tube itself.

    your help would be appreciated.

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